February 19, 2010

Hope, a puppy truly rescued -- if she finds a family

Look closely at this picture of Hope, an eight-week old female posed ever-so-carefully near a "Be Mine" Valentine by Maggie Skovera of the Countryside Humane Society.

Can you really resist?

Hope is a pit bull mix brought to Countryside after being found three weeks ago along the roadside. She was very cold and so starved she could not hold her head up.

Countryside warmed up towels and wrapped her up, held her for a long time. She rewarmed slowly and stood on wobbly legs to eat. Since then, she has been played with, petted, fed good food and given lots of love. Although she is still a thin puppy she is full of puppy bounce.

Hope will grow up to be a strong dog both mentally and physically so she will need an owner committed to begin training right away and maintain her training through out her lifetime. As Maggie reminds us, "A happy dog is a dog who has something to think about and something to do."

Are you the right family to see Hope blossom into the beauty she has the potential to be? Visit Hope at Countryside Humane Society, 2706 Chicory Road, or call (262) 554-6699.

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