February 16, 2010

RacinePost sets record audience numbers

Big thanks to RacinePost readers for making this our best week ever for page views and unique visitors. If this was your first visit to RacinePost, please come back and bring a friend. Together we'll build a truly local place for news, advertising, entertainment and community.

Gratefully, Dustin and Pete


  1. Dickert scams are good for the news business, too bad the same can't be said about the City of Racine Racine

  2. Anon 8:00 - what scams? Are you not familar with the way govt works? I did not know a recycling cart was a scam?

  3. The CAR 25 try, The City PIO Officer both scams IMHO.
    The recycling cart is just yet another Tax sorry fee for something we do not need. We do not need this Mayor either

  4. RacinePost also exposes the lack of quality journalism at the Journal Times. I don't think that can be overstated. The Journal Times made out the Wheaton story to be a non-issue and left out most of the facts. That alone should alarm everyone in Racine. The JT has become dangerously inept.

  5. Good work guys. The old line media is dead, they just haven't been buried yet. As with all things dead, but not buried, it just stinks the place up until it is buried.

    The JT is just in that stinks the place up stage.

  6. No surprise here, you have scooped the JT on many stories for quite a long time. Great Job.

  7. The JT smear campaign is in full gear. Here are two headlines on their site:

    Racine doctor suing Wheaton was paid $2.46 million in fiscal year 2008.

    More nurses, less doctors for anesthesia worries Wheaton surgeons even though its common nationally.

    Do you think there is bias in this reporting? It sure as hell sounds like it with these suggestive headlines. These are subtle tactics but worth noting because the wording for headlines is carefully chosen.

    The message being sent here is that the doctors are greedy and their concerns unfounded. Again, it is very subtle but combined with their first article that there was a "cordial" meeting between the doctors and management leads one to believe the Journal Times has an agenda here. This is the story within the story.

    If I were a contributor to the JT on their stories, I would be very concerned about confidentiality given their apparent stance.

    This is really shocking. The newspaper should be protecting the people of Racine and not covering up for Wheaton managers that don't even live here with corporate spin. This is pretty scary people. Your newspaper is essentially working against you. The question that needs to be demanded is why! Why are they protecting Wheaton management and demonizing physicians and staff?

    I've ragged on the JT before but they have taken things to a very dangerous level, and I really mean that. We are very lucky that the RacinePost even exists.

  8. The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation because she never cackles until after the egg has been laid.

  9. I agree....the JT laid an egg. Well said.

  10. Just wondering where the Post's coverage on last night's meeting is?

  11. Was there a meeting? I'm not sure because it looked like a show for the public. Hand-picking people (many of which have been trashed by name on the comments here) to represent the people?

    This wasn't a meeting, it was a CYA and public relations stunt by management.

  12. You have to remember that Buser and management are business people, so when analyzing this you have to think like business people. That's #1

    #2 - It is clear the Journal Times is working with Buser and Wheaton managment to snuff this out. Right from the start the JT has downplayed this mess. Read the post above about the headlines. See a pattern here?

    So that brings us to this meeting. Did you notice that there was a JT reporter in the room? They have pictures from the meeting. Now I ask you, as business people, do you really think that Wheaton management is stupid enough to invite press to a meeting that they cannot control? Hell no! What they did was stage this meeting to show that the issue has blown over and everything is fine.

    They hand picked some physicians that are sympathetic to their cause. There was NO way they would allow physicians that are serious about these problems to show up to the meeting and have their voices heard because it would conflict with their public image damage control. This was all a staged setup for show.

    And guess who was there to photograph and print this all...their friends the Journal Times.

    The second part of what these Wheaton business people wanted to accomplish is alienating the doctors that have been speaking out. By pointing to physicians that they hand picked for this meeting to say things are going to improve, they put these other doctors into a corner because they know they cannot come out of anonymity for fear of retribution. This puts pressure on the physicians speaking out to either come forward or back down.

    Wake up people. This was carefully planned strategy by clever business people with the sole purpose of getting Racine to look the other way and move on.

    In other words, a PR stunt to do damage control and stamp down the outrage. The problem is that we're not stupid.

  13. The Journal Times should be ashamed of themselves. They took a position on this right from the start and their reporting and choice of words prove it.

    I bet Buser is friends with the editor or something.

  14. So with all of this turmoil going on, the Journal Times Editorial Board has decided to weigh in on.....phone bills. Yep, phone bills.

    50 doctors are threatening to leave our major hospital and the Journal Times dedicates their time to phone bills.

    I guess on some level I can understand that. I mean, judging from their "reporting" on the Wheaton saga, we already know their opinion.

  15. Congratulations to the Racine Post.

    For a brief few moments, I actually thought that the Journal Times was going to do the right thing and report the truth to the citizens of Racine. Ha-ha, what a fool I was. Of course, the advertising dollars that go to Lee Enterprises, just like W-F's administrators' salaries, are more important than the lives of Racine residents. And all these pigs sleep with lying John. Oink, oink.

  16. It sounds like Wheaton not only hand picked the doctors for this meeting, but they also hand picked the media covering it.

    I'm going out on a limb here but I'm guessing the RacinePost wasn't invited to this "meeting".

    Hmmm....wonder why!

    Can you smell the stink yet?

  17. Click on 'doctors and administration agree to work together' and you get the RJT article? I don't get it.

  18. If any physicians decide to relocate, please let the Racine Post know OR better yet, place an ad with these guys. We are tired of finding out that a certain physician has gone MIA from WF and no one will say where they went.

  19. I'm guessing, if the Post wasn't invited, it may be because it's just a blog, right? It's not a true, local trusted news source that's been around for 150 years...

    Oh, and just because Dustin says it is so, does it make it so? Who is to say he or Pete are always telling the truth? They could be the blind leading the blind.

    Let my bashing commence.

  20. 1:16 works for the JT.

  21. 1:16

    Dustin didn't say so, doctors and workers at Wheaton said so and in their own words.

    The Journal Times on the other hand is the PR arm of Wheaton. They were there for the photo op at the meeting yesterday and made it sound like everything is now great.

    The Journal Times has lost the public trust. They sold out to their largest source of ad revenue. Wheaton basically bought the news and paid for the story.

    Thank God for the Racine Post.

  22. I used to be a paper boy (long time ago). Although, technically, I wasn't an employee of the Journal.

    I'm just trying to be an unbiased opinion in this. Neither JT or the Post do I lean.

    Everyone here seems to bash the JT. I figured why not think about things.

  23. "a true, local trusted news source that's been around for 150 years..."
    Put up the crack pipe.

  24. RACINE POST - You should be extraordinarily proud of yourself!!!

    I am not going to point to any particular story - this is an accomplish you have earned over time. It speaks volumes about what you do and what your competition has failed to do.

    You deserve this success and I want to express my appreciation for what you do. I believe it was Ben Franklin that said a democracy cannot survive without a free press.

    In numerous, numerous stories, the Racine Post has brought all of its reads objective reporting and reporting of news events that previously where buried by its competition.

    I am so happy to see the Racine Post succeeding by doing what they do. It really brings hope to all of us. By doing what they do right, more and more are recognizing this. I hope nothing more for you than it bring you more and more new readers which brings you more and more advertisers. Wishing you nothing but successful continuing down this path!!! I really cannot tell you how very happy I am to see someone winning by doing nothing but the right thing. Great job guys!!

  25. So, you're now thanking the same readers that only last week you said should "go" and that you wouldnt miss them?

  26. Schadenfreude - satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

    Dustin/Pete. Re: the link on Lee's losses. Does it make you feel good that your friends' could lose their jobs?

    All you people do is complain about this company bringing 'only' 10 jobs or that company bringing 'only' bringing 80 jobs.

    How about supporting a company that already has 150 jobs? Imagine 150 people out of work.

    I thought this was the happy/good/let's support Racine news site? Or, is it your schadenfreude buddism beliefs showing up?

    Put your money where your mouth is, or let's just call a spade a spade.

  27. Was the Shoreline Leader a threat to the Journal Times? The weekly was a nice addition to Racine's media.

    I think Racinepost has created a modern version of the Shoreline Leader -- Great stories, great pictures and I hope they get enough public support to keep going!

    If the Journal -Times fails it will be their own fault for loosing touch with their readers.

  28. Buddhist Schadenfreude?

    That's like Jewish Nazis.

    Buddhist mudita, "empathy, sympathetic job," or "happiness in another's good fortune" is the opposite of Schadenfreude.

    You really can't have Buddhist Schadenfreude.

  29. Anon 833pm

    JT=New Shoreline Leader

    Their request on the JT website for parties involved in the hospital discussion to contact them spoke volumes about the catchup they were playing after what was already written about it on The Post.

  30. 150 people selling out the misery of 80,000 - what's the term for that?

    Party on!


    Looks like the same story line here.

    American classic --

    Racinepost -- The media for the average people.

    Lee's --Journalville Times --

    When Lee want's to buy you out -- don't do it. You have friends and when you have friends you have everything.

  32. Dustin and Pete,
    Thank you for Racine Post! I enjoy your articles. Its nice to check out whats going on around Racine. It feels like you guys are definitely for the good of Racine.

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