February 18, 2010

Wheaton transfers two top executives out of Racine;
Dissident doctors had demanded execs' removal

Following a public revolt by 50 of its doctors, Wheaton Franciscan Health Care has reassigned two top executives at All Saints in Racine.

Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group CEO Dr. Loren Meyer and Senior Vice President Robert De Vita have been transferred out of Wheaton's "South Region," according to Wheaton Spokesperson Anne Ballentine.

Wheaton Franciscan All Saints CEO Ken Buser will take over leadership of Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in Racine, Ballentine said.

The decision was announced Wednesday night.

A group of 50 dissident doctors considering a split from Wheaton demanded Meyer and De Vita be removed. Billing problems, low morale among employees and general mismanagement built the groundswell for Meyer's and De Vita's removal, doctors said.

"They ran things into the ground," one doctor said. "We basically told them last week if they had any chance of keeping us, then Loren Meyer has to go."

Here's the memo from Wheaton President and CEO John Oliverio announcing the changes:
At last week’s physician meeting in Racine, I listened intently to a number of concerns and made a commitment to work to resolve the issues that were identified. As a first step, I charged Ken Buser with working with the doctors to propose an appropriate leadership structure moving forward. Some of you are aware that Ken met with an informal group of physicians last night and made good progress in beginning to address concerns.

As a result of feedback from that and a number of other discussions, it has become clear that one of the primary concerns is the need for more consistent operational leadership for the medical group on the ground in Racine. Therefore, I have asked Ken to now oversee medical group operations in Racine in addition to his leadership of the All Saints hospital campuses.

As part of this leadership change, Carrie Duda, Vice President of Operations for WFMG in Racine, will now report to Ken. The initial phase of this transition plan is effective immediately and other changes will be forthcoming as details are developed. Dr. Loren Meyer and Bob De Vita will now focus their leadership primarily on the continued development of the north and central medical group operations in Southeast Wisconsin.

I am confident this change will be a positive step in rebuilding our relationship with physicians in Racine. As we work through these challenges, I know we are all committed to the common goal of providing the very best care possible for our patients in service to the community. And for WFMG physicians and associates in both Milwaukee and Racine, thank you for your ongoing dedication to our Mission. We value all of you and appreciate the work you do with patients and family members every day.


  1. How much are Mr. Buser and Wheaton donating to Dickert's fundraiser to keep Racine a one hospital town?

  2. and by doing this.... will change what?????

  3. I don't see how things are going to improve as long as they keep Ken Buser.

  4. This is what the Catholics do with their pedo priests - just shuffle them around. If these two execs are so bad, why are they being foisted on someone else? W-F is seriously broken, and we're feeling the pain.

  5. Who is going to fix their patient billing system? The people they have in charge and those answering patient telephone calls do not know what they are doing. You get nothing but a "run around" when you call about a problem. They need to hire someone who knows what they are doing and has some customer service skills. If Buser in not competent enough to fix the problem get someone who is. I am going to Milwaukee for my current health care needs , but still have a billing mess at WFH from previous service.

  6. How do they know they actually transferred the people who were causing the problems? Messy business.

  7. Buser has to go. It is unreal that he is attending this fundraiser tonight with the Racine elite on behalf of the curiously silent John Dickert.

    Money for votes. With this much corruption, I wouldn't be surprised if the Journal Times was there covering the event.

    They would probably have a headline like:

    Wheaton Management announces end to world hunger and peace in the Middle East. Ken Buser to accept key to the city from Mayor Dickert.

  8. When the Journal Times finally steals this story from the Racine Post, I wonder what the headline will be?

  9. Ken BUSER , when are you going to meet with Women and Infants regarding their concerns. See, you really dont care about us. You just want to make sure the doctors are happy. Just take a look at all these blogs! Can there be peace? It doesn't look good for you or your hospital. It definately isnt part of the mission, vission or value statement.When are you going to sit down with us? We need CHANGE too!

  10. I thought this Wheaton thing was such good theater it would keep Randy off the Post site for at least another week. Boy was I wrong!

  11. How will this change the terrible billing system and lack of patient service at WF?

  12. I am a physician employed by Wheaton in Racine. I, along with numerous other physicians, recently signed a petition asking for Thad Johnson to be rehired to run our medical group. Have John Oliverio and Ken Buser decided to ignore our request? What happened to this petition? Is this just another example of Wheaton refusing to acknowledge what is so clearly in the best interest of our patients, our employees, and our medical group?

  13. Aw...how conciliatory of Oliverio to send out a memo..."for WFMG physicians and associates in both Milwaukee and Racine, thank you for your ongoing dedication to our Mission. We value all of you and appreciate the work you do with patients and family members every day." That doesn't fix the mess! But good for Racine that Meyer and DeVita will be gone; just too bad for the North WFHC region.
    The docs should still leave and form a new medical group. And take as many good local employees with them as they can support. It will be competition that will finally force WFHC to toe the line

  14. Thought Buser has always been All Saints CEO. And this Thad was his second administrator until he was termed?

  15. Sounds like Buser has passed the buck! If I were a physician I would be concerned because I bet this guy is out for blood. Now he has the power to smoke out these physicians and cover this up.

    He must go.

  16. I see the JT finally got around to posting this article. I guess they had nothing to do after spending hours writing up their opinion piece on the NFL salary cap (because that has much more impact on Racine).

    Why hasn't the Journal Times editorial board weighed in on this issue? Could it be because they support management and don't want to get flamed? Why were they the only media outlet allowed to cover the meeting?

    Pretty cozy relationship the Journal Times has with Wheaton management I'd say. Must be nice to have a media arm like that at your disposal.

  17. Wake up doctors....the promise is more of the same under Ken Buser. Who's been in charge for all this time? It's been Ken, not Loren Meyer. They are just throwing lambs to the wolves - not fixing the problems of billing and mis-management. I am one of the people who lost their job while Ken Buser and his team took bonuses. There are so many fabulous doctors in the Medical Group who deserve a lot more than being asked to take pay cuts while Ken takes his bonus to the bank. Medical Group Docs - Do the smart thing and leave. If you have the opportunity to work with Thad Johnson, he'll make you successful. When the system worked, it was while Thad was at All Saints. John Oliverio and Ken Buser have abused your trust and confidence.

  18. The last thing one needs is the so called editorial board of the Racine Journal to think that their opinion holds water with the community. Plain and simple, they have no credibility.

    I believe the physicians should push ahead and form their own group. This is the ONLY way this nonsense is going to end with WF. They can affiliate with WF and Aurora Hospital, Burlington, etc. It will work. Placating the situation is only a temporary hold to diffuse this situation.

    They have known for years that the billing department is inept. Hell, the community sure has known the billing department people can't talk correctly, speaks with marbles and food in their mouth, push all they can on the insurance company such as call them -they have the problem not us. Our insurance company hates dealing with the staff at WF billing. One of our reps called them totally useless. How's that for efficiency.

    I am still steamed that the Journal Times blasted a good surgeon and his salary and when they saw that the community was BEHIND THE PHYSICIAN, they couldn't move the story down to the south pasture online fast enough.

    This isn't over by a long shot.

  19. 1:23 - are they going to have hospital privileges in Kenosha and Burlington? Because they sure as hell won't have them at WFH.

  20. Yes that is so crazy how women and infants signed a petition to get rid of Margaret the executive director and she still somehow seems to show her face around the unit! We agree with the previous written comment add her to
    the list of names because it's been a long time coming! Please do not try to make that cold hearted woman seem so nice and helpful because she isn't. Her mouth has more swear words than any of the comments on here. She plays with employees mind, " so what do you mean by that" she is out for blood just like Ken, Mary q. And John olivero! Is anyone even listening to us on mom baby? Huh? We need a miracle

  21. The Journal Times lookin like a fool with yo pants on the ground!

  22. I personally think you are hammering on Ken too much. Ken although the CEO of All Saints hasn’t had control of anything for a long time. It is the Gestapo in Milwaukee that rules the roost. Ken is just a puppet for them and will perhaps end up being a scapegoat as well.

    For you people in the Women and Infants area I can only say stick with it, Margaret really needs to be removed. Not just from the position but from the entire property. She is a detriment to the operations that for which you are responsible. You need to continue to pursue this through every avenue possible.

    Billing, is certainly a sore point with anyone who has ever had to deal with the WF billing system. It is rather unfortunate that all your frustrations are being taken out on the poor person on the phone attempting to help you out. Yes, these people are most times unprepared to handle the subject at hand, but is it really their fault. Maybe if the system wasn’t such a pile of manure it would work properly. I have been using All Saints as a healthcare provider for many many decades. I have been through many arguments over billing with them and it has always been the same old s(*&(*t.

    It is my notion that the billing system is a very poorly developed system from the stand point of computer systems. Can you imagine say Penney’s or Sears or the Gas & Electric company billing you like this? Each and every different system has its oddities but what WF has is much more than oddities it is pure and simple a very poor system with a foundation that is crumbling.

  23. "Ken although the CEO of All Saints hasn’t had control of anything for a long time."

    Great...so the CEO has no control of anything. Sounds like we don't need him then. Fired.

  24. send the million dollar a year doctors out of town,work will set them

  25. I have been a WFHC employee for many years.I support the surgeons I work with 100 percent.2 Executives out, many more changes need to be made. Our Doctors just want to do their job without being micro-managed as do I. Too many executive decisions in how to care for patients were made (through the years)without talking with the physicians.STOP HIRING CONSULTING GROUPS, JUST LISTEN TO THE PHYSICIANS AND MAYBE WFHC'S DOORS WILL STILL BE OPEN FOR THE WONDERFUL COMMUNITY OF RACINE

  26. Anon 11:53 - Doctor

    From earlier posts about Wheaton, it was deemed Thad Johnson a "womanizer". So why do you want him back? Might be good for the dollar, but bad for other employees of All Saints, especially women.

    Smells of contradiction.

    As for Ken Buser, he is now CEO of all All Saints, not just the hospital. The doctors were taken from him some years ago. Maybe 4 - 6 years ago. Give things time. Now that he is back in charge, I am sure he can fix it relationships with doctors.

    Billing will take time I am sure. WFHC really screwed it up.

    As for the women and infants/children, ask to visit with Ken. Probably best bet.

    Anon 10:22 a.m.

    If the doctors did not trust their own, changes needed to be made. That is why these two were tansferred/fired/redirected or whatever else you call it. Most obviously trust Ken to some point to ask for him to be at the helm.

  27. Before anyone questions me, Anon 6:46, YES, I am a Wheaton employee. Work for a doctor. he trusts Ken. And if he does, and I trust my doctor, that s good for me. He knows him much beeter than I do.

  28. Ken Buser IS the of CEO of All Saints. For him to let this happen under his watch is a fireable offense! Where is the Wheaton board of directors? Many bloggers have written that Ken is not at fault as he was reassigned to Milwaukee. However he still has the title! Either he is the reason for the current situation, has not done his job or is stupid. A blogger said that Buser is probably as appalled as the rest of us about the current situation. HUH? HE'S IN CHARGE! I say he could care less about what happens in Racine. If he truly cared but, as other have said, his hands were tied by John Oliverio, then he should have had a conscious and resigned!

  29. Buser should resign and so should someone at the Journal Times.

  30. Anon 7:07

    Do you like everything about your job??? Do you like all the decisions your boss makes??? If the answer is no - RESIGN! If you answered yes, then you are either the boss or a liar. If you are the boss, then I bet your employees don't like everything about you. If you are a liar - SHUT UP!

    Give the man a chance. It is in the best interest of all of us. I do not want the doors to close. My house would be worth nothing. As would yours.

  31. Anon 7:29

    horrible analogy. Buser is the Chief Executive Officer, which by definition puts him responsible. the problem at All Saints are not isolated, insular events. These are over 2 years in the making, which he either had a direct hand in, or was ignorant/incompetent to change. The ENTIRE executive team is responsible for not correcting the relationship with Wheaton. Buser was also HUGELY responsible for the transition with Wheaton.

  32. Anon 7:29

    Although I do not agree with your Shut Up comment, I do agree with you give the man a chance comment. If the doctors are willing to give Ken Buser a chance, and they are behind the scenes and know a lot more about this than us the public, then we should as well.

    I am suer a number of doctors are hell bent and will leave regardless of what happens. Major chip on their shoulder. But from Anon 6:46, sounds like their doctor is willing togive it a chance.

    These doctors want the best for their patients. Do you think they are the only ones in this suituation. Give THEM ALL A CHANCE. I think we all get it. Billing SUCKS. Let them figure thins out and we - the public - should work to support both sides. Then we all win. It's called good health care.

  33. Penney’s or Sears would not let you leave the store without paying and the Gas & Electric company would turn your service off if you didn't pay. Maybe you should pay up front for your services then you don't have to worry about "billing" or maybe if you don't pay for your services Wheaton says sorry your cut off.... how would you all like that. Then no one would have to worry about the "billing" department.

  34. I'm just a patient at WF so I don't know much re: the doctor's complaints or about the issues w/ administration. But I did made some simple observations re: the dept. I was recently in: the doctor's offices had very nice carpet and what appeared to be leather furniture, where as, the "lowly patient" waiting area, had duct tape holding the carpet together in two separate places (God as my witness). At the reception desk, there was one lone woman trying to register patients, reschedule patients and answer a constantly ringing phone...w/ a line of patients waiting for her assistance, while she soldiered on...so what exactly are the doctors complaining about??? Certainly not about the conditions of the patient or the ordinary worker!
    Re: billing, "ditto", it has been covered ad infinitum.

  35. Anon 7:39

    Actually, the other had a pretty good example. Sounds like from earlier posts this John Oliveria guy is really calling the shots from the big Wheaton corporation. Looks like Ken oversees this area.

    Of what I can tell from all the stories, the hosptial and doctors are two separate groups under the big Wheaton Corporation. Different leadership. Now, they both fall under Ken.

    If Ken is guilty of anything, it would be the billing. But since that was centralized, again with Wheaton Corporation, this is not even his fault.

    Maybe Ken did oversee the merger. Was he fed lines? Promises? A better tomorrow for health care in Racine? I don't know do you?

    Maybe he was looking out for us. Maybe we should all go after someone much higher than him.

  36. Anon 7:49


  37. Anon 7:49

    Good Post. Good way to sum this up.

  38. OK. I'm confused. Racine is the only Wheaton Franciscan System that is having these problems? Oliverio runs all and Milwaukee is content? Their docs and hospitals and groups didn't get these cuts(staff & salary)? They did get these cuts and are ok with them? No billing problems if you go to a Wheaton facility in Milwaukee?

  39. Loren Meyer sold one clinic worth of staff dowm the river, now he's done with an entire medical group. He belongs on Milwaukee

  40. Dr. Meyer and Devito do a good job and they care about physicians, however, they also understand that the organization has to make money in order to pay people. It will make Milwaukee better and Buser can deal with the "needy" physicians of Racine. Doctors you are in Racine, WI not Hollywood, CA.

  41. The last person in adminstration I remember trusting and thought was genuine was Hal Gable...can someone give him a call and ask if he wants to come back??

  42. Ok, the great Wheaton shuffle has occurred. Dr. Loren Meyer and company have been moved. So, what does this communicate?

    1. Loren Meyer is still employed by Wheaton.
    2. If Loren Meyer was recognized as being responsible for problems at All Saints, why would they merely move him to another area?

    Does this say anything about how decisions are made at Wheaton? Of course it does. From the big picture point of view it changes absolutely nothing. Until Loren Meyer is fired and held responsible for his actions instead of merely being given another area to mess up, things can not, by definition, be improved. You know darn well Buser is only a phone call away from Loren Meyer's input. Who is to prevent it?

    Doctors of Racine, trust your instincts. Leave Wheaton and do what you know is the right thing to do. Create some much needed competition in this area.

  43. Why do people make comments about a situation they know little to nothing about. Blows my mind, but I suppose it shouldn't surprise me. We have a President now that knows little to nothing about the things he comments on. I LOVED his comment about Scott Brown not understanding how military tribunals work, not knowing Scott Brown is military lawyer. Duh...

  44. I see the Journal Times is at it again. This is seriously laughable, and sadly predictable.

    They have an article that states that Nurse Anethesiets endorse the idea that Nurse Anethesiets are safe.

    Wow, what a revelelation! Nurses saying they are qualified to do the work. What, did they stay at a holiday in last night or something? Look, I understand that this organization would say they are really awesome. So did Toyota.

    I guess nobody should ever go to school to become an anesthesiologist MD. It is meaningless.

    You don't run an article asking the organization in question whether or not their work is good and safe! What the hell did you think they were going to say? We suck? The doctors are right, kick us out!

    Does the Journal Times think we are a bunch of morons?

  45. "Does the Journal Times think we are a bunch of morons?"

    Yes. That has been obvious from the start.

    Remember that online readers are a very, very small slice of the audience. Most people in Racine do not see these blogs. The print edition of the Journal Times is their main source of local news.

    The Journal Times lies, and we die, but the important thing is that Lee Enterprises makes money.

  46. If you think the top level management is bad, you should get a sniff of the middle to low level managers. The place is run by idiots.
    How do people get promoted there?

  47. For the person who commented about paying up front instead of dealing with the billing dept. You can't. The people up front have no clue and no way of getting a clue as to what anything costs. Everything is tied up in some what secret codes.
    And, if they did know the cost and told you, you would probably walk out (which is what a lot of people should do).
    Our health care system is just stupid and as consumer unfriendly as it gets.

  48. The whole medical field in Racine is F up. Both the Dr.'s and the hospital. I am going to look for help in Milwaukee. I hope with a bigger pool to pick from that there is at least one decent physician out there. The Dr.'s in this community should be ashamed of themselves. They are useless. They cannot diagnose crap.

  49. Holy crap, Orbs - another JT article. This one says:

    Electronic Records Systems similar at Wheaton, area hospitals.


    Nurse anesthetists: Wheaton anesthesiology model safe

    In other words, don't worry about the systems, they are fine. Don't worry about nurses from Florida doing your anesthesia, they say they are good at it so it must be true. Billing has been addressed because management said so. The doctor meetings are cordial. The angry doctors are greedy. And look, we have a picture of the whole thing. Look how great it is going!

    Nothing to see here, Racine. Your health care is the best in the nation.

    This continues the narrative that the Journal Times wants to build. Let's sum up their coverage so far:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Wheaton and the doctors that spoke out are liars that make too much money.

    The Journal Times reporters have sided with executive Wheaton management and have been on a rampage trying to discredit physicians in this town that are trying to make the system better for us.

    I guess since they were called out for their corrupt and disgusting reporting, they decided to go all in. Wheaton had their photo op with damage control, and these articles are nothing more than JT damage control of their own.

    They've been on the wrong side of this issue from the start. This isn't journalism.

    All of these stories lately were actually supplied to them by Wheaton management. Check the articles, they actually reference it. Wheaton is feeding the Journal Times material and they are blindly running with it - unashamed.

    Here's a quote from the electronic records piece:

    "But according to officials at Wheaton...."

    Quote from the nurses piece:

    "...but All-Saints officials as well as nurse anethesist groups say the new model is safe..."

    Hello Racine - the Journal Times is working with Wheaton management to generate these propaganda stories. They are supplying all of the material and sources for the story.

  50. Now Wheaton has the JT backing their failed electronic record system. Just because other hospitals and medical firms use the software doesn't make it good software. Remember that was the arguement for the State using specific voting software. In the end the State selected software was so bad Wisconsin was the only state left trying to make it work.

    The JT apparently will eat whatever Wheaton is feeding them. I guess the Wheaton PR machine is the only thing, besides the medical people, working well over there. Good PR doesn't mean that operation is working well it just means they are paying someone well to make it look good for the JT.

  51. The other point of the Journal Times coverage is to attempt to make the Racine Post look bad.

    They are desparate to prove that they are right and there is no issue at Wheaton and that the Racine Post and doctors made a big deal out of nothing.

    The Journal Times has let ego and their ties to Wheaton management cloud their reporting. They are now in the revenge business instead of protecting the people.


  52. I'm not a JT's fan, but I'm not sure I understand all the trashing. They have covered this story on the front page all week. I think they have explained the story and have taken a neutral position. The two young ladies writing the articles have nothing to gain by doing anything other than this.

  53. Neutral? Are you kidding me? Neutral?

    These reporters haven't written anything. The stories have been fed to them. They allowed themselves to be used because of ad revenue and personal relationships.

    All of the stories are sourced from Wheaton management and in case you missed it, they are the subject of the problem. You can't write a story about corruption when the people doing the corrupting are giving you all of the information.

  54. Anon 3:50

    Either you are the JT editor's wife or mother. I'm not sure which yet, but since you used the phrase "young ladies" to describe the reporters, I assume you are the mother. Honestly, do you really believe JT is being neutral? Are you reading the same articles that the rest of us are? You are certainly have a right to your opinion, but come on!

  55. you know the funny part part about this whole thing is everybody's pointing fingers and nothings getting resolved. I truely believe that the docs deserve their money, but in retospect so do all the employees that work short staffed and long hours to please the impossible. management still recieved their bonuses while the little people had to prove they were worthy of thiers. How does this say "We appreciate you're hard work" Many departments are frustrated with the managment staff and for good reason, why doesn't anybody ASK US??? We are the people who deal with day to day operations and know what works and what doesn't. Instead lets get an outside company in here to tell us how to cut costs. NOBODY listens and everybody's too afraid to say anything because of retaliation even the docs were afraid to come forward for that same reason. Obviously there is a problem if you have to fear being retalliated against. What happened to the freedom to speak??? It's actually ABOUT TIME someone put's the managment staff in the position to answer some long sought out questions. Make them squirm a bit.

  56. Thad's a complete moron, He spent a bunch of money on the docs - which is why a select few want him back. He loved being the big shot on everyone else's nickel.

    Loren is an honorable man doing a very tough job, Frankly, you moron's don't deserve him.

    I hope you do get Thad - you deserve him.


  57. Obviously, some of you are not patient care givers or corporation owners. You either can't see the big picture or you are naive. If Aurora built a hospital here it wouldn't work because Aurora does not want the poor, indigent or T19 patients. So a large population of Racine would not be able to go there. And there are not enough paying customers to support an Aurora hospital. All Saints (AS) sees these patients and so loses millions of dollars each year. AS wants more of the paying/insurance paying customers but there aren't many to go around for 1. the poor economy and high unemployment now and 2. Racine has lost most of their good paying/good benefit jobs the last 30 years. Did you know that over 80% of our Racine school children are at or below poverty level? From what I understand, AS was doing okay up until Wheaton started calling the shots 4 years ago. And Wheaton has been taking money from All Saints to give to their other (troubled) hospitals! So how will All Saints fix their problems if patients don't pay their bills, and the medicare/medicaid/T19 does not pay their full amount, and Wheaton is taking all the money? Not very well! The MDs should be commended to agree to keep practicing at AS after they lost their raises. But how many blows do you expect them to take? 1. They are forced to take on more patients than they can comfortably handle (which causes stress, which can cause less than perfect patient care) 2. they had to give some of their wages back to Wheaton besides losing their raises 3. nobody is happy with the electronic health record system 4. billing is a disgrace and its getting worse and the MDs keep hearing about it from their patients 5. their concerns are not being taken seriously.
    It is NOT Ken Buser. He was fine before Wheaton took over. Address your concerns and send your letters to Wheaton headquarters in Illinois. I suspect the Sisters there are not aware of the seriousness of these problems. I also suspect Oliverio white washes all of this in his reports.
    The reason you do not see the Urinal Times (JT) reporting accurately on this matter is because they get a lot of advertising money from All Saints. The reason Margaret is still director of Women and Infants is because she had illicit meetings with certain male executives and is using it as blackmail to keep her job. The reason De Vita and Meyer still have jobs is because Wheaton likes them, whether the MDs do or do not. The reason Wheaton hasn't listened to your complaints is that they have financial problems and can't fix them anyway. It's easier to say "if you don't like it, then leave".

  58. I think there should be an article on what kind of education and background experience ALL upper and middle management have. I hear most of the management there have obtained their positions by "moving up the ladder". That's great if people are qualified! But they should not be placed in management positions if they do not have the experience/eduaction. Learning on the job should not be acceptable in as large of organization as this. If there are not qualfied people within the organization, look outside of the organization! I'm sure there are many qualified people out there! I'm sure Wheaton/All Saints uses "head hunters" for MDs. Why don't they use them for management?

  59. Bravo!!!! Well said. Ask All Saints what happened to the 50 million the government gave to them for the community of Racine. It was used to build the Franklin hospital when it should have been used for All Saints.

  60. Reading a letter to the editor from Anne Bertling about fear in the work place along with comments about middle management and management education go together. Education is so important. On managing, dealing with workers, and knowing the work in the department. Micro managers and fear and intimadation need not be in the work place.
    Employees opinion survey is coming be honest and let it come from the heart. Together We Stand

  61. 9:13 AM

    Cronyism: "Favoritism shown to old friends without regard for their qualifications."


    Crone: "a withered, witchlike old woman" (Middle English); "old ewe, dead body" (Old Dutch); "carrion" (Old French)
    American Heritage Dictionary.

    Let's see...is this a part of the problem with management???

  62. I am a current employee of WF. Have been for 2 years now. And all I have seen since I finished my training has been employee moral going down the tubes, and salary/staff being cut. We're so worried about higher management, maybe they should also take a look at the lower management. I want to know how these people get promoted? Do they just pull a name out of a hat? Because I'd like my name pulled one time. The lower end employees would have a voice finally. Instead we're told "Things will get better. Good change is on the horizon." Where is this good change? Instead pay is docked, mandatory OT is implemented, and staff is walked out the door. Sure there has been changes. Nurses are forced to do Dr and Registration jobs, Registration is forced to do Billing and Financial Counselor jobs, and Supervisors get to go to "meetings" all day and be the puppets for whom? Give the designated jobs to the people that applied for them. Let the DRs do their job, Nurses theirs, Registration theirs, and Financial Counselors theirs. Yes, we have a Billing problem... but that should fall on the shoulders of those IN Billing. You applied for that job, don't like it... GET OUT. Wonder why most that work there hate it, you decrease our pay raises, and increase our work load. How about we hire more people? Oh no, you'd rather sign on a team to "help tell us what is wrong with WF". How about you just ask the employees? We could give a list a mile and a half long. My biggest pet peeve... Moral. We treat our patients with upmost respect and compassion, yet treat eachother like dog crap. This needs to change!!

  63. Thad Johnson? What a joke. I was an employee who lost their job during the merging of Wheaton w/All Saints. I worked with Thad Johnson and Ken Buser. They oftentimes took trips together to recruit doctors. And guess where they stayed on our dime? Four Seasons. Where else?

  64. The philosphy of the All Saints Emergency Department in regards to their urgent care center is "to get them in and get them out." If this isn't urgen care I don't know what is. My question is why don't they classify it like that to the insurance companies so we don't get billed for an ER copay which is much higher than an urgent care copay?

  65. All Saints is a holdover term used to refer to what is now Wheaton Franciscan HealthCare and Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group. The Medical Group is where the problems are... Ken Buser is in charge of Wheaton Franciscan HealthCare in Racine.

  66. To : who's in charge/was in charge by anonymous @ 830 pm. Weren't Buser and Johnson in charge when things happened that led to those changes and later were uncovered?

  67. things arent like they were when the good nuns of st marys were here. they took wonderful care of the patients and didnt think of the almighty dollar. now all saints is just a business trying to get more money for the big shots.