January 9, 2010

Support RacinePost advertisers

One RacinePost's major goals is to create an affordable, effective advertising vehicle for local businesses. We strongly believe in "buying local" and strongly encourage our readers to think Racine first when shopping for goods and services. (Dollars spent locally stay in the community and support local businesses and jobs.)

We're fortunate at RacinePost to have a number of local advertisers that believe in what we're doing, both as a news provider in Racine and as a way to tell the community about their businesses and services. We'd like to take a minute and thank them for their support.

Our newest advertisers are Piranha Gaming at 234 Main St. in Downtown Racine and the LGBT Center of Southeast Wisconsin.

Piranha Gaming is a great video game store specializing in console repairs and sales, and selling new and used video games. They're off to a great start and have big plans to expand in 2010.

The LGBT Center is holding its "Great Gay Yard Sale" this weekend at the center, located at 1456 Junction Ave. in Racine. Stop by from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and 2-5 p.m. on Sunday.

We're also lucky to have an ad from Educator's Credit Union, which is featuring a 3.49% APR Home Equity Line of Credit. Please visit their website to learn more about their financial services.

Hop To It at DP Wigley is a long-time supporter of RacinePost and the heart of a burgeoning homebrew movement in Racine. Homebrewers swear by their supplies and they have full winemaking kits, as well.

is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month as one of southeastern Wisconsin's top restaurants. Plan a special night out to enjoy a decade of gourmet food and fine dining in a beautiful farm house setting. (And check out owner Scott Sebastian's great food blog, Salty's Kitchen.)

Merchants Moving & Storage Company is another long-time, and greatly appreciated, RacinePost supporter. This local company was founded in 1922 and is one of the few independent professional moving companies in the country. They're a great Racine company that really cares about the city.

Big thanks also go out to the Racine Theatre Guild (see Alice in Wonderland this weekend!), the Insider News, Lakeview Pharmacy, Racine on the Lake Tobacco Free Coalition and Ad Vantage Promotions for their advertising and support.

If you're interested in advertising on RacinePost, contact Pete or Dustin at: racinepost@gmail.com


  1. As soon as you report actual facts and not biases in here, I will support these businesses. Until then, forget it. Let's tighten articles up in here and don't let your emotions and who you are friends put a damper on your credibility as "journalists". It's getting old.

  2. Dear 5:18 - I'm guessing you shop at Wal-Mart?

  3. Dear 5:51 - I'm guessing your lobotomy went terribly wrong?

  4. I agree %1000 with anon blogger 5:18. Anyone can run an opinionated blog, but when you are trying to operate as a legit news source, then operate as a legit news source.

    It's always pretty easy for me to spot who the friends (and enemies) are of the Racine Post.

    So no, I don't plan to run out and sponsor any of the advertisers here, and no, I don't shop at WalMart either.

  5. Anon 5:18. You talk about credibility yet fail to sign your name. You also make demands on what amounts to a free service, and threaten to punish people unrelated to this free service until you are happy. I can tell you this: you will never be happy. not with the post, the jt, wrjn, wtmj, the j-s or anyone else for that matter. It's opinions like yours that are getting old. It's time for you to come up with something different to share.

  6. Ah yes, I remember the "review" of Sebastians that Dustin posted awhile back. He set it up like a legit news story or restaurant review. In what amounted to free advertising he neglected to mention Sebastians was an advertiser. This "review" appeared shortly after Scott Sebastian posted some very interesting comments (shortly thereafter deleted to help Scott out) regarding the demise of the Bank of Elmwood at this site.

    Furthermore, the "review" (or legitimate news story if Dustin chooses to portray it that way) was closed to comments.

  7. L8man - actually I find the JS to be pretty decent. The JT is questionable, but at least they are not obviously biased like the racinepost.

    I don't have any demands on a free service, however if the service is trying to be a real news source and asking for advertising money, then they should operate like a real news source.

  8. Thanks to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the right, the No. 1 media criticism for the past 10 years has been "bias." The implication is always that there is some sort of "non-biased" way to report news. But this isn't true. Every newspaper, magazine, TV show and website in the world has "bias" because they make decisions about what to write about and how to write it. RacinePost is no different. We have stories we like (positive, pro-Racine stories) and stories we don't (crime, negative business). This is our "bias."

    We actually believe Racine is a nice place to live, and we try to write stories that reflect that "bias." But we also open most of our website up to commenters who can add their "bias" into the mix. We hope RacinePost offers a voice to everyone who cares about this community, even when we're the subject of the attacks!

    Thank you all for your comments. You're welcome to question our decisions and stories any time you'd like. But also know we're pretty happy with the direction this little website has taken and we'll probably continue on roughly the same course for awhile. If you don't like it, there are other fine news sources to read about Racine and there's always room for someone to start another. Or you can keep coming here and offering your "bias" about our "bias." We're very happy to have you.

    Thanks much, Dustin

  9. You are 100% correct Dustin. Without Fox News and Rush Limbaugh the unwashed masses would be too stupid and uninformed to spot bias. They just don't have the intellectual acumen. If such "hateful and mean-spirited" demagogues weren't continually stirring up these feckless rubes, enlightened and superior icons, whether they be global or local, could publish anything they want totally unquestioned. Then we could all live happily ever-after in utopian bliss.

  10. Err, Dustin, your bias goes to a much personal level than say, Fox 6 News. If you were strictly left or right leaning (though it's obvious you are far left), that's one thing, but the racine post gets right down to individual people they like/dislike and politics have nothing to do with it.

    Racinepost deletes blogger comments they don't like, not based on any set rules, but it just depends on how well they like the person in question.

    Obviously comments written by bloggers ARE biased and opinionated and they always will be. But the news they are blogging about is supposed to be neutral and based on facts, not personal likes/dislikes of the racinepost duo.

    To be a real news source, report the news, and leave the opinions to the bloggers.

  11. Remember back in the old days when they began running ads in newspapers disguised to look like a real news story?

    Now every newspaper that runs such an ad must clearly label it as an advertisement.

    Such a policy would be a welcome addition at the Racine Post.

  12. Can I support other local companies?