January 4, 2010

New anesthesiology provider at All Saints starting Jan. 11

A Florida-based company will take over All Saints' anesthesiology department next week, according to a corporate press release.

Anesthetix Management LLC
, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., signed an exclusive service agreement with All Saints to replace SEAC, the current anesthesia group at All Saints. Anesthetix will start Jan. 11, the release said.

All Saints described the change as an "expansion" that will improve local service and create a "state of the art" unit in Racine. Among the benefits: Anesthetix will provide 'walking epidurals' to women in labor.

The press release said Anesthetix will use new anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists and current employees to create the new department.

Here is the full press release from All Saints:
All Saints Selects New Anesthesiology Services Partner

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare–All Saints announced today it is expanding its anesthesia services. The transition is to an exclusive service agreement with a leading national provider, Anesthetix Management LLC (Anesthetix), effective January 11, 2010. This expansion of anesthesia services builds upon the good work of SEAC, the current anesthesia group at All Saints. All Saints, SEAC, and Anesthetix are working collaboratively over the next several weeks to ensure that the high quality surgical service that our patients have come to expect continues and the transition for our patients, surgeons, and staff is seamless.

Beginning January 11, 2010, Anesthetix will coordinate and provide all anesthesiology services at All Saints. The new practice group, to be known as Racine Anesthesiology Services, PLLC, will be comprised of new anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), and members of the current anesthesiology group, SEAC. They will work together to give the Racine community increased access to sophisticated medical care and improved service for All Saints patients and medical staff.

“In addition to implementing a variety of efficiencies, Anesthetix will be adding a new level of care and anesthesia options for our patients undergoing certain types of diagnostic testing,” said Dr. Nicholas Omdahl, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints. “We are very pleased with the initiative they have already taken in working with us to better approach the needs of our patients and medical staff.”

Beyond forming a new state-of-the-art anesthesia department, Anesthetix is also expanding coverage for obstetric patients, ensuring that any laboring mother will have immediate access to the latest standards of labor pain management, including ‘walking epidurals’.

"We have found All Saints’ administration, hospital staff and physicians to be wonderful people who are highly committed to providing the best medical care possible for their patients and we are honored by their confidence and trust in Anesthetix to deliver on this commitment,” said Steven M. Gottlieb, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Anesthetix. "We look forward to working with them and establishing a new, higher standard of anesthesia care for the patients in the greater Racine area."


  1. What portion of the WF professional staff is not on their payroll?
    i.e. What other provider specialists are outsourced?
    What determines if WF (or Aurora) outsources a profession (an independent) or puts the person on the payroll?

  2. Radiologists, Neonatologists and Emergency physicians are also independent contractors. FJood Services, Environmental Services and Clinical Engineering are also outsourced. There may be others.

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