January 8, 2010

Lumpkin bows out of alderman race

Kenneth Lumpkin, who recently retired as publisher of the Insider News and had planned to be a candidate for Fourth District alderman and Racine Fourth District County Board Supervisor, says he will purposely miss today's 5pm deadline at City Hall to turn in his economic interests paperwork, which will get him kicked off the ballot.

If Lumpkin was not willing to pull out of the three-way contest in the fourth District Alderman race, the city would hold a Feb. 16 runoff election between incumbent Jim Kaplan, Lumpkin, and a newcomer Sherrie Lawson.

If Lumpkin does not turn in his economic interests statements, he cannot be certified and his name will not appear on the city ballot for Alderman, according to Janice Johnson-Martin, Racine city clerk.

Lumpkin did file his paperwork Thursday with the County and will challenge Kaplan for his Racine County Supervisor position.

Lumpkin said that the needs in the city and County are too vast for one individual to tackle.

"I feel that I can best serve the constituents of the Fourth District by being on the County Board where I have gathered my most experience," he said.

Lumpkin served eight years Racine County Board supervisor until he was defeated in 2008 by one vote.


  1. Right move Ken. Just focus on one job. Those that do both city/county aren't giving enough focus to either position. I hope this will be a good example for other that do both jobs.

    Also, thank you for your years of service with Insider News.

  2. Ken must mean that this is his round about way of saying that Q.A. Shakoor can't do a good job at alderman and supervisor. Q.A. can do both and Kaplan is retired so he can do both too. What is Ken really saying? I thought the article just said he is the former Insider News Media mogal. Wouldn't that mean he is retired?

  3. Ken is a good and decent guy.

  4. Damn! I wanted Keplen to get some heat this time. Stay in Kenny!

  5. FourthDistrictResident1/09/2010 10:48 AM

    Ken is a liar and Kaplan is arrogant! Bring back Lorna George. Party on festive 4th.

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  7. Kaplan on the 4th of July?? He must think he owns the entire block on that day for sure. I know for a fact that his own neighbors don't even care for him....wink, wink.