January 8, 2010

'Green' brick plant's grand opening is on Monday

A new plant in Caledonia that manufactures bricks out of coal fly ash from the We Energies power plant will hold a grand opening on Monday.

Calstar Products is opening its new plant at 2825 Four Mile Road in Racine. The California-based company is producing the first commercially available fly-ash bricks in the country.

The new plant, in the former Young Radiator Building, will employ 15 people to start and up to 25 once orders come in.

Sen. Russ Feingold is scheduled to speak at the company's grand opening on Monday.


  1. Good thing it wasn't opened in Racine. I'm sure there's a connection to Becker's cronies. The free handouts must have been better in Caledonia. If we're lucky all the businesses will close up and move somewhere to leach.

  2. "Fly ash" bricks are dangerous. Use in construction has caused an increase in radon exposure in the buildings they are used in. Moisture seeps into the walls and radon, as well as other toxic materials such as lead and mercury, are released.

  3. Anon 1:09
    Please try to subtantiate your claims with legitimate published research. Just because YOU babble it does not make it correct.

  4. http://www.worldofcoalash.org/2009/ashpdf/a140-liu2009.pdf

  5. A short quote from Pizzaman's reference: "(4) Fly ash bricks do emit radon gas, but only at 50% of that emitted by concrete. It is safe to use fly ash bricks whenever and wherever it is safe to use concrete in construction."

  6. Andreasen? Henke? WHERE WERE YOU? Why did Caledonia get this plant and not Mount Pleasant?

  7. Isn't the coal being utilized in Caledonia? Doesn't it make sense that this company who is using their waste also be nearby? Why waste more money to transport the ash from Caledonia to anywhere else?

    Also, does it matter if there is a connection to Becker's cronies? It's a green alternative that we are utilizing, bringing jobs in to the area, and cutting down on our carbon footprint...

    I like how so many bloggers just focus on the negatives without looking (or giving credit) to the positives.