January 6, 2010

Help send Caron Butler to the All-Star Game

I'm not a sports fanatic, and haven't the foggiest idea how NBA All-Star teams are chosen. But I am a fan of Caron Butler, the Washington Wizards forward and two-time All-Star who frequently shows up back in his hometown of Racine to do good things -- like sponsor an essay contest for kids, provide 500 needy kids with free bicycles, donate enough food to the Racine County Food Bank and HALO to feed more than 1,000 a Thanksgiving dinner, give hundreds of sweatshirts to Cops 'n Kids, star in our annual Juneteenth Day celebration, and lots more beneath the radar.

Now we have the following press release from Swanson Communications, a Washington, DC, public relations outfit, telling how Racinians can help Butler make it to the All-Star game again. And all who vote for him become eligible to meet the star at a special event. Here, read it for yourself! (Caveat: Voting requires online registration with something called NBA 2K10 sponsored by T-Mobile; a few lucky fans will also win NBA tickets.)

Voting for the 2010 NBA All-Star team is in full swing, especially in the city of Racine. The hometown of Washington Wizard two-time All-Star forward Caron Butler is making big strides to send the Racine native to Dallas for the Feb. 14 meeting of the NBA's most elite players. The only forward nominated from the state of Wisconsin, Butler is receiving widespread support from fans across the state. With a vote of confidence from the mayor of Racine, there is an all-around groundswell of support for Butler that shows no signs of stopping.

"The City of Racine is proud to have our hometown hero be a candidate for the 2010 NBA All-Star game," said Racine Mayor John Dickert. "If it is a test of his athletic skills he is assured a place in the balloting. If it is a measure of his character, he would be number one in the balloting."

In return and due to the overwhelming support by his hometown fans, Butler has agreed to host a special meet and greet appearance this summer at a yet to be announced location in Racine, where he will show his appreciation to fans who vote for him. Each person can print out proof of their vote and bring it to the event for free entry and a chance to meet the superstar.

"I want nothing more than to go back to the All-Star game and I appreciate the backing from Mayor Dickert and my hometown fans that are helping me get there," Butler said. "Everyday I am grateful for the support I get from the fans in Racine and throughout the state, and I think it is important to thank them for that support by hosting the meet and greet this summer."

As Racine does its part in sending Butler to the All-Star game, he continues to exhibit solid play on the court. Adjusting to a new offense this year, Butler remains one of the most consistent players on the Wizards squad, excelling in both offense and defense. The heart of the Wizards team, Butler is known throughout the league as leader on and off the court.

"We are behind Caron 110% and ask everyone to vote for him," Mayor Dickert continued. "He is a great player and a great mentor to young men and women."

To vote for the 2010 All-Star Team online click HERE. Voting ends Jan. 18.


  1. How about a link that works?!?!?!? thanks!

  2. my bad, it works! stupid computer, or user probably more like it!!! sorry bout' that!

  3. "We are behind Caron 110% and ask everyone to vote for him," Mayor Dickert continued. "He is a great player and a great mentor to young men and women."

    If he was a great mentor, he would disavow his gang ties. Ask the local Police about our hometown "Hero".

  4. No wonder All-Star games are such a joke. There was a time when players were selected for being the best at what they do. Now it's OK to select some guy whose talents, while good, are not exceptional. Why? Because he's a good guy, who has "turned his life around" amd gives bikes to poor kids? Sheesh!

  5. I'll pass, better playes out there.