January 5, 2010

Sign exemption questioned for Uptown car dealer

The City Council will vote tonight on whether to allow a used car dealer in Uptown to use a sign that doesn't fit with the area's design guidelines.

Servantez Automotive Inc., 1407 S. Memorial Drive, is seeking permission for a changeable sign to advertise cars and prices, and for inspirational messages. At least one alderman is planning to object to the exemption.

Alderman Greg Helding contends the city should follow the design guidelines created for special districts. Otherwise, he asks, what's the point?

But his objections stand against a city committee charged with reviewing the Uptown design guidelines. The Access Corridor Development Review Committee agreed to grant Servantez Automotive the sign exemption at its Dec. 17 meeting.

Helding said the city had already made an exemption to allow the used car dealer to open in an historic building in Uptown. It shouldn't allow another exemption, even if it is just for a sign.

The council is set to vote on the Servantez sign exemption tonight.

Update: The exemption passed the City Council Tuesday night. Helding voted against the exemption, but didn't raise much debate on the issue.


  1. Knock it off Helding, your as good as gone once election time comes!

  2. Helding why do we bother with all the resections I thought we wanted businesses in Racine, but I guess not.
    You and the Mayor must love the high unemployment rate, the high foreclosure rate and the high infant mortality rate. Racine must look just right for all the rich white buyers going to the increasingly empty downtown.
    Interesting been watching life after people on the History channel, soon some can do a show called life after people Racine for more and more are leaving the dump where Lap dogs must control everything.

  3. Ha that's funny...i think you nailed it! If you listen to Helding and the mayor, they'll tell how great this place is and how many great things are happining here! WHAT A JOKE! We can't bounce these clowns out fast enough!

  4. We have read these threats before and yet Helding is still there. Here's a hint - if you want to beat an incumbent, you need someone to run against them.

  5. Helding's argument is moronic. We shouldn't give him two exemptions only one. What kind of argument is that? Seriously. A second grader could do that job.

  6. Helding isn't in favor of either exemption.

  7. You know I am so glad that Helding is trying to do something to control all the business trying to come into Racine. Just today in the Uptown I saw for miles all the cars from Chicago fighting for a place to park.
    Thank You Helding for helping to stop the huge numbers of jobs coming to Racine.

  8. For all of you keeping score, it looks as though Alderman Coe is keeping 40,000.00 close eyes on Mayor Dickert and Friedel

  9. Tim the Shrubber1/06/2010 8:17 AM

    Yeah, all you anon posters are right. We should let people build whatever they want anywhere they want. Strip club next to an elementary school, no problem so long as it creates jobs, right? {sarcasm}

    Do you all really want Racine just to be one be ol' free for all? Or is this new found libertarianism/anarchism just a knee-jerk blanket opposition to the current political climate? Seems to me that it is really just the later.

  10. I don't hsve problems with some restrictions in prominent shopping or business areas, but Memorial Drive? Who gives a rats ass.

  11. Explain why a strip club by a school be a bad idea? The law prevent someone under 21 from going inside, I would hope that the staff would not be drinking on the job. So come on tell me.
    Tell me why how your at it is it so hard to open a simple business in this city? Unless of course you have a in with the Mayor then get your free land your rent paid what ever you need. Mayor John "More Money" can make it happen

  12. Anon 4:14/8:50, even though I agree with most of your sentiments, your RUSD education is showing. You might want to do a little research and discover what grammar and spell checkers are for and how to use them..

    And your idiotic question about why it's a bad idea to have a strip club next to a school shows that some major part of your brain is not functioning, or that you have exceedingly low moral standards. Common sense dictates that children should not be unduly exposed to the atmosphere that surrounds those types of adult entertainment industries or within close proximity to the types of people that frequent them (i.e. sex starved adults, drug users/dealers, pedophiles, drunks, LGBT recruiters, etc.).

    As far as the sign exemption issue is concerned, here is just another example of over-regulation on behalf of the city. This is still America and a business owner should have the freedom of erecting any kind of sign he wants, as long as it is allowed by the building owner, doesn't impede another businesses advertising and is up and out of the way of public traffic.

  13. Kenosha has route 50 that brings in many businesses. Racine doesn't have a similar avenue. We need to loosen restrictions somewhere. Just about every chain business you can name is somewhere on route 50. Is it quaint? No. But we need jobs and funding for this city.

  14. Graham

    A bar in Racine following the law should not have any of those issues.
    Bums hanging around call the police trashy Unit steps it. Drugs and the like again the police. LGBT recruiters,well we have a Center for them. To the bar point the only bar I seen protested by anyone was the Korean bar that had yet to open, going to cause all kinds of trouble.
    Since then and now Porters has closed Big Fish Bash is dead. I think signage had little to do with that.
    Should folks like Greg Helding have his way I think be a very long time before anything other then a bar mores into the old Porters IMHO

  15. Yeah, I'm with Anon 6:40... "What?" I think Anon 2:51 has been smoking some whacky-weed or something. Your comments don't make sense.

    To begin with, no one is challenging any bar's right to have LEGAL machines in them, only the places that are using them illegally.

    Second, you said, "Bums hanging around call the police trashy Unit steps it." Um, your RUSD education is showing here. Can you translate that into a some sort of coherent meaning.

    Third, the LGBT Center is not where they do their recruiting. It's where they take the new recruits to "learn the ropes," so to speak.

    Fourth, the "Korean bar" was not a bar. The Chen's did not want to open a bar. They wanted to open a downtown food store that sold packaged beer and wine.

    Fifth, you said, "Since then and now Porters has closed Big Fish Bash is dead." Are you on the same planet with the rest of us? When you string a series of words together they are supposed to have meaning. Again, please translate.

    Sixth, your last point about Greg Helding shows that you can get something right once in a while, even though you seem to have very difficult time expressing it.