December 2, 2009

JT lays off accounting employees

The Journal Times laid off members of its financial services department, according to sources.

Lee Enterprises, the JT's parent company, has consolidated its billing department in La Crosse. That allowed Racine's newspaper to eliminate accounting positions. It also means bills for ads in the JT will be sent from La Crosse.

The somewhat good news is Lee seems to be trying to protect newsroom jobs throughout the state by consolidating its accounting departments. The bad news is they cut a few more jobs in the heart of a tough economy.

It'll be interesting to see if the paper writes anything about the changes.


  1. They should lay off the computer people who put their on-line site together!

  2. Quick lets give the J-T some city money too. After all they do a great job in protecting the City by IMHONOT reporting the news. There is no crime there is no good old boy network.....

  3. ...It'll be interesting to see if the paper writes anything about the changes...

    Really? You think it will be interesting? I think it will be meaningless. Hardly worth a snipe.

  4. Hopefully the Post will lay off a couple of employees as well.

  5. Doesn't the post only have 2?