December 2, 2009

Corinne Reid-Owens Tribute Committee to meet tonight; Illegal meeting?

Update 2: The meeting was canceled.

Tonight's meeting may be illegal. The City Council approved the committee at its meeting last night, which started at 7 p.m. That makes it impossible for the city properly notice the meeting, which is at 6 p.m. tonight. State law requires meetings to be noticed 24 hours before their start times. We received notice of this meeting from the mayor's office today at 11:49 a.m. Exceptions can be granted for emergencies "good cause," but it's unlikely they would apply in this instance.

Original: A committee organized to honor Racine's Civil Rights leader Corinne Reid-Owens will meet for the first time tonight.

Members of the committee include: Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II, Alderman Jeff Coe, Alderman David Maack, Pastor Charlene Mills, Pastor Melvin Hargrove, Marie Black, Ron Thomas and Vincent Esqueda.

The agenda for the first meeting says the committee will discuss the what the committee will do, how it will do it and possible meeting times.

The committee was created after a housing development named after Owens failed to get city approval. Maack suggested the committee, and Mayor John Dickert created it.

Shakoor will chair the committee.


  1. This sounds like a peaceful solution that will yield the best results. Good thinking and good luck team.

  2. They should at least name a street after her. Maybe change Center Street or Villa????

  3. I thought the idea to dedicate the Sunday hours at RPL, was a great idea. Much longer impact then a street or a park. Put a painting with a short biography and users for years will know the impact that this great lady had in the world.
    I so fear grandstanding by this committee as some run for office.

  4. Brent K. Oglesby12/02/2009 3:08 PM

    I will be there.

  5. If the leadership in Racine put half as much time into creating new jobs as they do honoring radical activists, we would be in a much better position as a community. Only in Racine...

  6. "Tonight's meeting may be illegal. ... State law requires meetings to be noticed 24 hours before their start times."

    I remember not too long ago Pete Karas raising this point. And here we are once again with a mayoral joke and his little ducks in a row flipping the bird at the rules and regulations. But let one of us private citizen do it and they're all over us like flies on crap.

    This joke of a mayor and city council are so arrogant and stupid that they need to go. Completely clean house in the next couple of elections and let's get some common sense and fiscal responsibility in the city hall.

  7. I would ask Mrs. Owens what are her favorite/most memorable memories of Racine. It may give an idea to help determine a fitting tribute to this great lady.

  8. She already has a COP house named after her doesn't she??? Why is the city so fixated on this??

  9. The meeting notice was probably late because the city staff is not sure if this meeting even falls under open meeting laws. The group appears to be a working group not an offial body that can take official action. The group has a few elected officials so that is why it was even posted in the first place. The group appears to be advisory so likely isn't even covered under the open meeting laws.

    Likely more hype on this one than a real issue. The goal is noble, let them do their work.

  10. Why do people with obvious access to computers write stupid stuff and not check out any facts a head of time?

    Ms. Owens doesn't have a COP house named after her, it is easy enough to check. Duh!

    And she's not a radical, simple tools.

  11. Nice try from the Dickert apologist. A citizen's advisory group appointed by the mayor is a governmental body and is covered by the open meetings law.

    The Mayor and his man secretary need to learn how to follow the rules.

    It is a real issue if the Mayor doesn't even understand the basic rules he has to follow in office. Makes you wonder what other rules he isn't following...

  12. At least a 24-hour notice of a meeting is required; however, if 24 hours is impossible or impractical for good cause, a shorter notice may be given, but in no case may the notice be less than 2 hours. §19.84(3).

  13. Same ole' thang.......with diff faces B......

  14. It's the Thelma Orr COP house, she's a different African American Woman.

  15. Dustin, who, specifically, told you that "good cause" is "unlikely to apply"? Without attribution, such statements mean nothing. More evidence Racine Post and professional journalism have nothing to do with each other.

  16. What is it with Racine naming things after radical activists that caused nothing but problems in this city?

    We have Julian Thomas School that I am still in disbelief over. How could the city even think of renaming a school that was named after a President of this country. Instead they choose some idiot protestor from Racine to name it after?

    Thelma Orr and Corinne Reid are just more of the same...