November 30, 2009

City may cut season pass golf rates for county residents

The company that sells season golf passes to city golf courses wants the City Council to consider eliminating a residency requirement to buy the pass.

Scott Schuit, president of Public Golf Associates, said in a letter to Parks and Recreation Donnie Snow that the city can make more money on its golf courses by eliminating the higher rate for people who live outside of Racine, but in Racine County.

Last season Schuit's company sold 31 adult season passes to city residents for $715 and nine adult passes to non-residents for $1,040. Eliminating the higher fee for county residents would cut revenue by $2,925, Schuit wrote. But the lower price would attract more golfers - many from Mount Pleasant, Caledonia and Sturtevant - to more than offset the difference, he said.

"We have had several requests from customers over the past several years regarding this change in policy," Schuit wrote. "We strongly believe this change would help boost customer satisfaction, thereby increasing overall golf course revenues."

The proposal will be introduced to the City Council Tuesday night. It's slated to be referred to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Board and the Finance and Personnel Committee.


  1. But what about the pour who can't afford a season pass (or clubs).
    We really should be giving away free clubs and passes (oh yea - lessons too)for the underpriviledged.

  2. I think this is a good idea. Golf courses in counties surrounding Racine have have eliminate the "non resident" rate and have seen increased play and revenue.

  3. Hey Mr. Snow, ya better be careful. If you remove this requirement for the golf passes won't you have to remove it for the season boat launch passes or the daily for that matter. Oh wait, I guess with your new kiosk there will be no way of determing if a boater is a city resident or not. GOOD LUCK with this kiosk

  4. If you would like to increase revenue how about offering a twilight rate like other courses do. Johnson's is nearly empty on a late sat or sun.

  5. city courses suck. They push you to play way to fast. thumbs down. shoop is a joke

  6. Petrifying Springs Golf Course in Kenosha County is close to the City of Racine and is a far nicer course than any of our city courses. They eliminated non resident rates a year or so ago.

    The course is in excellent shape, fun to play and well managed. The staff are very customer friendly and really know the game of golf. They have a great golf instructor who give pointers and advice regarding the course.

  7. I agree with the previous post, Petrifying Springs is a much nicer course than anything the City of Racine has. It is kept in great shape and the staff are very helpful and friendly. I think the pros' name is Chris. He has helped my game tremendously.