December 3, 2009

Costumer's son scores on other side of the footlights

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ... or so they say. Still, in the theater, sometimes it falls on the other side of the stage

Racine seamstress and costumer-to-the-stars Kitty Schweitzer sent out a link this afternoon to a Chicago Tribune review of Redmoon Theater's Winter Pageant 2009, a production that reminded the reviewer of "a hipster clown show or a Dr. Seuss drawing brought to life."

But that wasn't what got Kitty excited; rather it was the one performer singled out for praise: Her 22-year-old son, Alexander M. Knapp: "...he of the luxuriant dreadlocks is an especially funny and effective co-conspirator."

You can read the whole review here (although that's all it had to say about Alex) ... and be sure to stop in at Kitty's Seams Unlimited shop on Main Street to give the proud mama congratulations for a chip off the old block, even if he's on the "wrong" side of the footlights.


  1. Both Mother and son a very great folks!

  2. The shows in Racine are great. We have talented people on both sides of the curtain for sure.