December 1, 2009

Glass artists' sale will benefit slain officers' families

UPDATE 2, 2/22: Doug Chaussee sent us a final update on the fund drive in which Hot Shop Glass participated in December, to aid the families of four slain Lakewood, WA, police officers. The Lakewood Police Independent Guild reported this week: On Feb. 2, the LPIG Charitable Fund deposited $2,129,968.42 into the Lakewood Fallen Four Officers Children’s Trust Fund. That fund is now closed; future donations will go into a fund to help the families of future slain or injured officers.

UPDATE, 12/07:
This fund-raiser brought in $1,810 to benefit the families of the four police officers killed in Washington state last weekend. Amanda Paffrath told us today that Doug Chaussee would mail off the donation made by Hot Shop Glass and its customers to the families' fund on Tuesday.

Original post:

Hot Shop Glass is holding a sale this weekend to benefit the families of four police officers killed Sunday while doing paperwork in a Lakewood, WA, coffee shop. (Seattle police killed the suspect this morning.)

Doug Chaussee, Amanda Paffrath and Liz Gabriel, owners of Hot Shop Glass, pledged to donate 100% of sales of paperweights and ornaments from their downtown gallery this weekend to benefit the surviving families -- and nine children -- of the slain officers.

"We are deeply saddened by the outrageous act of violence against the four officers in Washington State and want to contribute to their families," said Hot Shop's owners. Chaussee, who retired as a Mt. Pleasant police detective after 27 years' in policing, is the driving force behind the local contribution.

"Christmas holidays are normally stressful for police officers. Adding this to the whole mix is the straw that broke the camel's back," he said.

Hot Shop Glass is located at 239 Wisconsin Ave. Gallery Hours are Friday from 2-9 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday from 10-2. The ornaments and paperweights are $25 each.

Contributions can also be made directly to the families through the Lakewood Police Department Union website.


  1. Sounds a little P.C. to me. What about the local officers and their families? Do 4 of them have to die to have a local benefit?

  2. 1:01 - Dustin, think about closing comments on this story. It just amazes me how certain individuals can be so crtical of everything. This is a horrible event and any support we can provide, I'm sure would be appreciated.

  3. This is amazing. What generous inspirational hearts these business leaders have.

  4. Thank you for thinking of this and being so generous. We will be ther to buy and then continue to buy from you. Pay it forward, THanks!!

  5. Notice that these folks are giving ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of sales to the families, not some percentage that is meant to drive more traffic to their store. This is indeed generous!

  6. Thanks to the business and the patrons for this generous gift.

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  8. This is great, but don't cities have life insurance policies on the Police and Fire Persons? If I were a Fire or Police person I'd have a personal policy.