October 1, 2009

Rotary Clubs seek high school foreign exchange students

The three Racine Area Rotary Clubs are looking for high school students who would like to spend 11 months overseas as a Rotary International High School Exchange Student.

This would mean spending 11 months in any one of more than 30 countries around the world. The student would live with a Rotary family while overseas. The hosting foreign Rotary Clubs will provide the student with all school tuition and $75 per month in spending money.

The student will pay for roundtrip airfare, additional spending money, fees for three orientation meetings, and health insurance while overseas. The student must be a current high school student.

The student should have an outgoing personality and exhibit adaptability. Students who wish to apply, and their parent(s), will be interviewed to determine eligibility for the program. No money is required at time of application. To obtain more information contact Timothy P. Crawford at (262) 886-1636. An orientation meeting will be held October 6.

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