October 3, 2009

Art takes center stage during Sixth Street's Art Walk

Carol Klein demonstrated the art of glass bead-making

Sixth Street's Art Walk brought culture from the galleries to the pavement Saturday, with demonstrations, hands-on opportunites and arts and crafts sales.

Although the reconstruction of Sixth isn't done yet -- the two-year process should be completed some time in November -- the street was in better shape than we expected. Much of the new brick sidewalk is done and most of the galleries were accessible. But the real attraction was the tents in the roadway, with crafts and demonstrations, and the two stages with music and performers.

All in all, two major events in one Downtown today.

Sixth Street Art Walk as seen from the top of the Ferris Wheel

Greg Danowski's painting takes shape

Addison James-Perkins, 5, paints a t-shirt as mom watches

Murals were painted at All Saints' booth

Sherry Martin carves with a chainsaw

The Rev. Tony Larsen braved the dunk booth for Cup of Hopes...

Alderman Jeff Coe made sure he got wet (before taking his own turn)

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