September 28, 2009

Ryan accepting service academny applications

Want to attend a U.S Service Academy, like West Point?

1st District Congressman Paul Ryan encouraged students and eligible military personnel in his district who seek a nomination to the U.S. Air Force, Military, Naval, or Merchant Marine Academies to submit their applications to his Janesville office, to the attention of Chad Herbert. Completed applications must be received by Nov. 1.

Students applying for an appointment to a U.S. Service Academy must have a nomination from an authorized nominating source. Members of Congress are authorized to nominate candidates. Students seeking a nomination from Ryan should contact the office by calling 1-888-909-7926. Nomination forms are available through the congressional website.

Applicants must be citizens of the United States and residents of the First Congressional District of Wisconsin; at least 17 years of age and not older than 23; unmarried with no legal obligation to support children or other dependents.

The address of Ryan's office is:
Janesville Constituent Services Center
20 S. Main Street, Suite 10
Janesville, WI 53545


  1. Who'd want to attend those hellish training facilities for high-end cannon fodder? Back in the sixties, our anti-war groups would serenade the applicants with a song: Here come the slaves/ heading for graves/ because the rich want/ resources across the waves./ Our soldiers fight/ because the right/ wingers want loot piles/ that rise out of sight. Let's be honest. Poor and working class people are snookered into fighting and dying for the benefit of multinational corporations and the crass criminals who own them. I hope the day comes when West Point and other evil places of its ilk close their doors forever.

  2. Unfortunately, with the cost of higher education soaring into the stratosphere, Ryan will have plenty of poor, desperate applicants. If we were like the Western Europeans, whose governments provide free to low-cost college educations for all qualified citizens, the service academies would soon run out of prospective cadets.

  3. My advice to would-be applicants: Do not die/ for some richman's lie.

  4. You three slackers are entitled to your opinion but you are all wrong-

    It's a honor to attend one of the service academies and shame more of the "best and brighest" in this country don't cosider it an option like in the past..