September 30, 2009

Gateway erects wind turbine at CATI

Gateway Technical College erected a windmill Wednesday.

Well, the correct terminology is "vertical axis wind power appliance – a Mariah Power Windspire," and it was installed at CATI, the Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation in Sturtevant. The Windspire will become a learning tool for students, as well as a way for the college to reduce the amount of electricity it buys. It cost $9,390.

The 30-foot wind vertical wind turbine was erected to the north of CATI, 2320 Renaissance Blvd., and will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of energy monitoring and management. Instructors and students will use computer software to monitor the unit, which has applications in some engineering programs, and will also serve as a test station for Gateway’s wind torque program. The turbine will generate an estimated 2,550 kilowatt hours annually, based on the region's estimated wind speeds.

“Gateway is committed to link training programs with ‘green’ technologies,” said Gateway president Bryan Albrecht. “Wind training and energy management are areas the Windspire will add real-world experiences for our students."

The Windspire generates electricity with vertical airfoils which rotate around a center shaft. The vertical design allows it to operate silently in changing wind speeds and directions.

At left, Sam Hampton and Josh Strueding of Electrical Systems and Services, Sturtevant, installing the wind turbine.


  1. It seems like Gateway has alot of money to waste. I wish Gateway wasted its own money on this crap.

  2. Green Racine9/30/2009 7:42 PM

    A great thing to have done! Someone should call RCEDC and ask why did they not go to Wind Power 09 and perhaps been able to have Mariah Power come to Racine WI instead of Michigan?

  3. Hey 7:42, I know why. That's because RCEDC do not do much for our community. Look at the Uptown Artist Project. Oh, what about West Racine's corner lot?

  4. One of the more positive things I have seen done around here in some time and all you people have to do is come up with something negative about it. Get a life. These things will help us a lot in the coming years because petroleum is starting to decline in available new production world wide. Just look up the term "Peak Oil" in Google and educate yourself on this. Then "maybe" you might be well enough informed to make a more responsible comment here.

  5. Heather in Caledonia10/01/2009 11:41 AM

    Any estimates on how much they will save a year on electricity?

  6. Heather: I asked Gateway that question and was told no figures were available.

    However, I just found this on the 'net: ...a listing of cost/kw hour state by state.

    Using the average figure for Wisconsin, 9.45 cents per kw hour, times the 2,550 kilowatt hours the wind turbine is expected to produce, gives a total dollar value of $240.

    If anyone can come up with a more exact figjure, or a different way of calculating, have at it!

  7. Urban Pioneer10/01/2009 2:10 PM

    If I do the math correctly this thing will pay for itself in 39 YEARS. These ridiculous wind turbines and solar panels are just way out of whack for the results they claim. We could produce more energy using the Gilligan's island system of Ginger and Marianne on bicycles!!

  8. Last I heard wind has a 50 - 75 year payback. It should be intersting to see how many years one of these lasts because I am guessing it isn't 50 + years.

    It is a feel good we are doing something effort. Nothing more.

  9. People are complaining about the capabilities of wind? Seriously? Think about the capabilities of computers in the 1960s. Airplanes in the early 1900s. Communication in the 1800s. Transportation. Medicine. I could go on. The 'T' in CATI is for TECHNOLOGY people. These things don't happen overnight.

    Keep at it Gateway!

  10. Ok... so tell me, if you were to go build an oil refinery and dig oil wells just to put gas in your car, how many years would it take for you to get a ROI on that? Don't kid yourself folks, the savings are real, it's just that some people are too shortsighted to see it.

  11. Green Racine10/02/2009 6:41 PM

    The training this may proved folks looking to find work in the Billion + Wind is well wortth the effort.
    My early carping was for RCEDC who passed by the chance to go to the world's larges event on Wind Power, must be that getting one company that ran away from The Milwaukee area to cut wages and another simply to stay is where the new jobs are.

  12. lead me to the building10/06/2009 9:18 AM

    That thing is spinning out of control today. $10K covered the installation which becomes pricey with converting DC to AC voltage. Schools have tossed money around however this idea, beat out the statue of Bret Bielema by 5 votes and Brett Favre by 1 vote.


    Here is something that RCEDC should be going to to promote this area. Hoping they do thinking they will not come on guys prove me wrong.