October 2, 2009

Anti-Lehman PAC fined $500; 'pathetic' wrist slap?

A political organization fined $5.2 million by Ohio in 2008 for "laundering" contributions was fined $500 today by Wisconsin, for a mailing it made here opposing John Lehman's bid for the state Senate in 2006.

All Children Matter, a state PAC, sent a mailing with the statement, "There are over $12 BILLION reasons to vote against John Lehman" before becoming a registered committee in Wisconsin. The money it used for the mailing came from a Milwaukee corporation, Alliance for Choices in Education, via a Virginia PAC, also illegal.

The settlement agreement between All Children Matter and the state Government Accountability Board is here.

One Wisconsin Now calls the settlement a "pathetic" wrist slap.


  1. Not surprising. But both sides are guilty of those stupid mailings. The voters are caught in the middle.

  2. Quoting that brazenly non-partisan One Wisconsin Now.


  3. Is it safe to assume there will be the same fines for the stuff that was launched on Mac too? My mistake of course not. Only Lehman can be a victim.

  4. Anon 8:38. First. Organizations are fined when they break the rules -- Like this conservative PAC did. Don't break the rules, don't get fined. That's easy, right?

    Second. WOW a $500 fine! I'm pretty sure any PAC breaking state election law would gladly pay that pathetic fine as the sole penance for their crime.

    I'm sure they'll really miss the $500 when each project can be a million dollar endeavour.

    You partisans are really disgusting. Put aside your foolish ideology for a second and acknowledge that this group broke the rules of Wisconsin elections and they got away with a ridiculously small penalty. If this were ACORN you would have steam shooting out of your ears.

  5. They should get a medal, not a fine...this story is pathetic

  6. If they were Acorn, they would have used taxpayer money for their mailers