May 15, 2009

New group takes first step toward 'eating right'

By Paula Rowland

On Thursday evening Eat Right Racine held an informational meeting at Hopes Center at 507 6th Street. This was the first meeting for the group. Approximately 25 people gathered to show their support and learn more about the plans for the organization. (Read our interview with the organizers of ERR here.)

The meeting began with introductions where people described what they hoped ERR might offer the Racine Community. Several attendees were interested in learning about healthy eating, how to shop for healthy food, how to feed their children and how to change the way the community thinks about food.

Heidi Fannin presented some facts about the state of health in the United States, such as the rise of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. She further explained the importance of reducing food miles, which means looking at ways that people in Racine can eat food that grows in Racine County and other surrounding communities.

Amanda DeSonia then discussed Food Policy Councils and how they can help link important community stake holders, and to facilitate keeping locally grown food in Racine County.

Future directions for EER will focus on developing a Food Policy Council; creating cooking classes that demonstrate quick, healthy meals; classes that teach about ingredients in packaged food, reading labels and grocery shopping; as well as showing movies that explore the relationship between food, health and the community.

The public is invited to attend the next meeting on May 27th, at 6:30pm at DP Wigley. A documentary film will be shown and further discussion to follow. Please RSVP by emailing your name to:

Want to get a jump on healthy eating? Check out our report from this year's first West Racine Farmer's Market, and learn how to buy directly from local farmers.


  1. Eat less cheese.

  2. Good luck ladies, I think this is a fantastic opportunity in Racine. It won't be easy, but nothing worth doing usually is.

  3. My sister, running a day care, basically put all her kids on the Feingold diet, completely altering the behavior of several "problem" children (to the good) simply by dietary change. Maybe there is a very simple reason why kids act the way they do. All parents should know about this...

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