May 11, 2009

Rollover accident damages alderman's car during committee meeting

A young man walked away from a rollover accident outside of City Hall Monday after he plowed into Alderman Aron Wisneski's parked car.

Wisneski, who was chairing a Public Safety and Licensing Committee at the time of the accident, was called out of the meeting to see his massively damaged Honda Civic.

The accident apparently occurred after the driver crossed the center line while driving west on Sixth Street and crashed into Wisneski's car, which was parked on the south side of Sixth Street facing east.

Paramedics were checking the driver out at the scene, but initial reports were he was uninjured.

Here are photos from the accidents:

The driver sits on the curb beside his overturned car.

Wisneski's car in the foreground and the overturned car in the background.

Wineski shortly after walking out of his committee meeting.

Alderman QA Shakoor II looks over his car shortly after the accident. Shakoor said he'd parked in Wisneski's spot, but then backed into the space behind it. His car was unscathed.

Paramedics at the scene.

The driver was OK.

A parking meter knocked to the ground in the crash.


  1. Must have been a slow evening for RPD if they have 5 officers just standing around watching one guy.

  2. What we need is an ordinance requiring all motorized vehicles to remain at least five feet from all other motorized vehicles.

  3. Also, vehicle owners should be prepared to prove to the city council that their vehicle will have no economic or side impact on other vehicles.

  4. anon, 10.14+

    that is hilarious!

  5. Accidents like this require many more police officers to review and investigate. Please someone, call for the donuts and coffee!

  6. He should have parked in the parking lot.

  7. notice his meter was not plugged

  8. I think city council passed a new ordinance stipulating that you don't have to plug the meter if your car is upside down. It was tucked into the question/answer session on local historic properties and TIFs.

  9. You have to be going pretty fast to roll over on a relatively flat pavement. It would be nice to see better enforcement of speed limits in Racine.

  10. "It would be nice to see better enforcement of speed limits in Racine."

    .......but only if they did the speed limit and followed road rules too....... RPD sets realy crappy examples with blowing signals, signs, speeding, and no signal lane changing.