May 12, 2009

It's the economy, stupid!

Why must everything turn into partisanship?

The worldwide economy has tanked; the U.S. economy has tanked; the state's economy has tanked -- but Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, blames Gov. Jim Doyle.

Doyle, not coincidentally, is a Democrat.

As the Legislative Fiscal Bureau yesterday issued its latest dire prediction of future state revenue -- another drop of $1.45 billion over the next three years -- Vos wasted no time issuing the following statement:
“We heard last week that the increased deficit would be bad and today the Legislative Fiscal Bureau has confirmed that it is even worse than we had originally thought. This incredible revenue decline and subsequent major increase in the deficit should finally signal to taxpayers that Governor Doyle has been overreaching in his claims that our budget woes are solely due to the national economy. There are very few states in the country facing a worse fiscal situation than Wisconsin.

“Because most small business owners file their business taxes as individuals, the decline in individual income tax collections indicates that employers throughout Wisconsin are suffering the tremendous burden of Governor Doyle’s reckless tax-and-spend policies instituted over the last six years. The only thing Democrats can do to improve this terrible hardship on employers and families is stop taxing people to death and start cutting the size of government.”
Aw, c'mon, Robin. Give Doyle a break. He didn't cause the economy to tank. Whatever his "reckless tax-and-spend policies" may have done on the state level, they're incidental to what's happened to our 401k's, the stock market, and the millions of jobs nationally that have disappeared. Working together through this mess would be more beneficial than lobbing more knee-jerk partisan attacks.

Then, after we're all back at work, let the political games begin again.


  1. "Why must everything turn into partisanship?"

    A question commly asked about Racine Post.

  2. Anon 10:11 -- You know, I expected a response like yours: misspelling, ignoring the real issue. Thanks.

  3. We are the responsible party. We took advantage of easy credit, over priced mortgages, thinking it can only get better. Didn't anyone think 'this cannot last'? Yes 'they' dangled the carrot, but WE ate it. Has everybody realized now 'fairy tales do not come true'.

  4. Doyle has been in charge for 7 years and he accepts no responsiblity for his ponzi schemes and stealing from this fund and that to "balance" the budget.

    Number of posts attacking Vos - too many to count

    Number of posts attacking Doyle - O

    Number of times Pete admits his partisanship - 0

  5. StopthemadnessNOW5/12/2009 11:14 AM

    Rep. Vos simply can't help himself. As one of the faces of the GOP, he has to turn absolutely everything into a political commentary.

    Trouble is, he isn't going to quit doing this as long as somebody will forward and/or reprint his tired, old crapola.

  6. The Translator5/12/2009 11:42 AM

    Mr Vos is correct. It is Doyle's fault. You see, Liberals want to blame the head man in charge. The US economy is Bush's fault according to liberals, therefore Wisconsin's economy is in the tank because of Doyle, if you play by the liberal's rulebook. It also dosent hurt that Wisconsin is a tax hell.

  7. Pete - I agree. We're way beyond these stupid, and quite frankly, old arguments.

    If this continues, then both sides need to be replaced. We cannot continue pointless bickering while there is a job to do.

    We all get hurt by this economy so let's start working together to fix it. There will be plenty of time for elections later.

    Vos is being a politician and positioning himself for something bigger. Democrats do the same thing. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we don't need right now. We need open minds and ideas on the table, even if it means discarding or altering long standing philosophies (on both sides).

    You can't just say cut taxes. That is insane. I might as well just say snap fingers. Where exactly is all of that money supposed to come from? What is he willing to cut to offset revenue? Where is his detailed plan to get us out of this mess?

    I have no problem with people speaking up, but back it up with something. Don't come crying to me about what someone else is doing. Do something yourself!

    We need to shift from a party-based voting to a results-based voting block. People over politics. Expect more. Expect results.

  8. Vos is one of those classroom whiners, always grasping for some sort of opportunity, never much of a problem solver. Really, when has he evern come up with a workable solution, never, not once. It is easy to play Monday morning quarter back.

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  10. The results of Reagan deficits
    The results of Bush Sr. Incompetence
    The results of Clintons Illussions
    The results of Bush jr. Aberrations

    28 years of non-sense Capitalism, and greed Culture

    Yes, the trickle down theory works, look at what it has done to the States. All the states are in dire stress, you can't blame Doyle, all govenors, republican and democrate are having problems.

  11. Yes not like Doyle has not been Governor for 7 years help drive out business increased tax after tax wants to increasing spending with what now 6 BILLION in the red, why not BHO is doing trillions in the red.
    Hell it's only money. Start the presses boys!
    Doyle is so gone the GOP starts the march back in 2010. With luck BHO can get himself impeached before we have even more Marxism.
    Pete feel free to attack my spelling and framer. Just think soon 24/7 Colt TV

  12. "You know, I expected a response like yours: misspelling, ignoring the real issue. Thanks."

    1. Ah, yes, because focusing on a typo is the real issue.

    2. Is it ignoring the real issue? It is a bit hypocritical for this blog to bash Vos for being partisan when you have a partisan vendetta against Vos yourself. The very question of "Why must everything turn into partisanship?" can be asked of you as much as Vos.

  13. Parties aside, Doyle needs to take responsibility. He was the leader and we are doing far worse than other states. It can not be business as usual anymore. He didn't change his tactics when everything get worse. The taxes are bleeding us dry. Why live in Wisconsin? The unions are driving the businesses away. I think they went for the gusto and well now the companies are deciding to take business elsewhere.

  14. Rees Roberts5/13/2009 1:04 PM

    I believe the experiment where people are given the opportunity to "responsibly" provide feedback has failed. The use of "Anonymous said..." merely allows people to say anything without any consequences. Or at least they think there are no consequences.

    In my opinion, this is simply not journalism. I personally am for returning to real journalism where you purchase the news you feel has value to you.

    Remember, this system is free but the cost is becoming high when you allow people to be irresponsible in their matter which side of the fence you are on.

    Tell me just how much is gained by people on both sides of an issue just bash each other? What constructive outcome can come from it?

    Just because our elected officials do it does not mean it is the right thing to do. I really believe it is tearing this country apart. Is that what we want? Give me a break. What kind of country are we trying to give to our kids anyway? What are we teaching our kids when this is done?

    Please think about it and let us start to collectively be more constructive in our comments.

    Thank you.

  15. Rees

    Your right myself I am going to fight for Doyle's recall and Walker's election. Action is far better the carping on the Post