May 14, 2009

City considers jet ski, kayak rentals on North Beach

Pier 29's offices at Pugh Marina. Photo/Dustin Block

A year after he floated the idea, Brett Kaydo is ready to start renting jet skis and kayaks on North Beach.

Kaydo, who owns a lawn service and landscaping company, appeared before the city's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Board Wednesday to present his plans for Pier 29 Water Sports Rentals. He proposed the idea last year, but hadn't worked out many details on the business. This year he returned with a detailed plan and signs of progress.

His business already has an office at Pugh Marina, equipment to rent and $1 million in insurance.

"There were a lot of 'what-ifs' last year," Kaydo said in an interview Thursday. "This year everything is set and ready to go."

Kaydo now just needs city permission to rent the equipment on North Beach. He's working with the City Attorney's office to establish guidelines for the business, which would operate away from the beach's main swimming area, Kaydo said. He then needs approval from the parks board and the full City Council.

Prices are still be worked out, but Kaydo estimated jet skis would rent for $90 per hour and kayaks for $25-$30 per hour. Only people 18 and over would be allowed to drive the jet skis, but children could ride with an adult, Kaydo said.

Day, half-day and half-hour rentals also will be available, he said.

Pier 29 would add another fun, family activity to North Beach, Kaydo said. With no comparable businesses in southeastern Wisconsin, Kaydo said he hopes people travel from Milwaukee and northern Illinois to hang out on North Beach and rent the equipment.

"It's another way to utilize North Beach," Kaydo said. "(The beach) is a great asset to the community."

The business itself is set up at Pugh Marina, but Kaydo and his employees would rent the equipment from a tent on North Beach, likely on the north end away from the main crowds. A wireless credit card reader would take payment on site. He estimated it would take 10 minutes for people to pay and be in the water.

If all goes well, Kaydo said he hopes to add equipment over time. He's already looking into renting small boats and other types of water recreation vehicles.

"This is trial-and-error year," Kaydo said. "We're open to any ideas."


  1. On the bark river you can rent canoes, that are delivered to the launch and then picked up down river, for like $40 for all day. I think his prices are going to be a real set back for him.
    However, I'm glad to see someone utilizing the lake front for something like this. If you can't afford to rent them, they're still fun to watch....

  2. Actually his rates for Rental are very comparable..Much more in Luxury areas. Good luck with new venture!!1 And Hey City Hall, Alderfolk..try not to mess up this business!!!

  3. All Right!!! Finally some fun things for adults to do. Thanks.

  4. All Right!!! Finally some fun things for adults to do. Thanks.

  5. The prices seem high for this area and especially in these economic times - but I think it's a great idea. Lake Michigan is a great asset to us - let's use it.

  6. The owner said they plan to offer discounts on the price. So $90 may be the base rate, but coupons will be available to bring down the price.

    Also, he said the price wasn't set in stone yet.

  7. Bahaha....This is a great idea, but $90 an hour?!? No way dude! Try $30-40 and this just may work! I'll bet ya $90 bucks this venture flops before mid-summer with those prices...We're not in Florida and this is definatly not the ocean! Good luck though

  8. More jet skis on North Beach? They are already a noisy distraction from an otherwise peaceful experiance. Unlike Harleys jet skis don't just go in one direction but back and forth and back and forth again. annoying.

  9. NO NO NO to jet skis (or PWCs) - they're noisy and annoying.

  10. Jet ski's are just as annoying as Harley's, but at least the Harley's move on. We do not need that noise polution down at the lake.

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  12. Noise pollution? Have you heard newer jet skis? They get quieter every new model. And they will be away from the swimming area. What is wrong with you people that you want to critize someone actually trying to start a buisness and generate interest in one of the main attractions to Racine, the beach, for visitors? And if you don't like Harleys, move.

  13. Beware of PIER29 WATERSPORT Rental in RACINE!!!
    My credit card was just card almost $12,000 for returning 08 Kawasaki jet ski in the same shape I rented it in. They claimed I had a high speed collision with another one of there jet ski which never happened. Funny that the staff didn't point out $12,000 worth of damage before we left the beach. I will definitely dispute this in court. If this is the way they run their business I'd advise anyone not to rent there. Anyone in doing a story? I got paperwork to prove it.

  14. Anonymous@6/20/09

    Better than us moving: if you want to ruin the enjoyment of hundreds of people so you can make a quick, greedy buck, maybe you should move - say to Crap Creek USA, where you likely come from.