May 14, 2009

LiberTEA Racine erects its blog outpost

The tea-baggers are not going away.

Just as other local political groups have taken to the Internet, the conservatives who were led by Jody Harding in the recent mayoral primary and election, have created a new blog, promised a website and are planning more political action.

Their manifesto was posted Thursday night on a new blog called LiberTEA Racine. The power behind the blog identifies himself as Downtown Brown, who was one of Harding's staunchest supporters during the mayoral race. And, yes, we know who he is... but if he wants to maintain the fiction of a nom de plume, well that's his business. His profile on Blogger provides only one clue to his identity: his favorite book is Atlas Shrugged. Blogger says 58,000 list the Ayn Rand classic among their favorites. (I preferred The Fountainhead and Anthem, but that's just me.)

Downtown Brown begins:
"It is the goal of all us at LiberTEA Racine to raise awareness to the disease that is killing freedom everyday in Racine, America and around the world. Our liberties are being attacked one by one as the government grows at all levels."
Some of the examples he cites:
  • The Common Council rejecting a small liquor store and pantry that wanted to open on Sixth Street. "A vacant building is better?"
  • The state of Wisconsin imposing a smoking ban, "crushing the liberty of a business to decide whether its customers should have the freedom to smoke or not smoke."
  • President Obama firing the president of GM "while turning the majority stock holdings to the unions that created the demise of Chrysler."
LiberTEA Racine "doesn't believe we can stop all of the fights against government and nanny state intervention, but we can be a forum for discussion and a group that advocates change," Downtown Brown writes. "LiberTEA Racine is a group of concerned Racine area citizens dedicated to preserving and recovering our liberties from the near constant encroachment by government. We are an issue driven, active and non-partisan organization focusing on local issues that concern our liberties."

Downtown Brown thanks the "tea party" tax protest at City Hall on April 18 for his inspiration, but promises that LiberTEA Racine will not be "a 'Rent-a-Mob' that shows up around a statue every week shouting Jesse Jackson chants. But we do believe our voices are being ignored, and maybe it's our own fault. To change that we will have about every two weeks an 'Action Call.' No, you don't have to ride on horseback thru the city at night... but instead we'll post the issue, and the appropriate contact people....It is our goal to make it so easy you can 'Do Something' in five minutes... you don't even have to get out of your jammies!! A phone call or a quick e-mail."

Downtown writes that six regular contributors have been lined up for the blog. Five of LiberTEA Racine's members will participate on a podcast by Blog Talk Radio Storm Racine on Saturday from 8:30 to 10 a.m., on the State of the City.


Postscript: So far, this is the third local blog / web presence we've seen spring up in reaction to recent political events. The most active website and organization belongs to Yes We Can Racine, run by Community for Change, the remnants of the Obama presidential campaign. And on May 2, the day after the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee crafted its KRM compromise-that-pleases-nobody, a blog called Recall Lehman appeared. Its purpose is self-evident, but it has had no activity since one inital rant and two quick comments.


  1. Give me a friggen break. What a bunch of losers.

  2. Pete - I read your newspaper every day and you are now well aware that the term "tea-baggers" is insulting, otherwise you would not use it in the first line of your story. I remember learning that the word "paddy" directed toward an Irishman - especially from an Englishman" - is horribly insulting; this is quite under the wire for those who don't know the lingo. "Tea-baggers" has been outed - any other funny kinky sexual reference to this group should now be employed until everyone gets those too.

  3. What a joke this is.

  4. Pete, LiberTEA Racine is an effort to preserve or recover liberties threatened or lost. Our fledgling oprganization, in our one and only meeting, stressed the importance of being non-partisan. We will focus on issues, hopefully, that will attract support from people all along the political spectrum - well, probably not communists or anarchists.

    Your opening insult is helpful insofar as it tells us what we are up against. But, if you are the least bit open minded - not likely, given your opening shot - why not wait and see what we attempt to do.

    Recently, an alderman proposed changing their terms from two years to three. I think this is an issue that we, LiberTEA Racine, should take on. If anything, the city council should be encouraging more public participation, not less. Racine residents should have the liberty to elect their representatives as frequesntly as we do presently.

    Pete, we wish to carve out a niche as a group interested in protecting liberties. If you wish to be the guy who is against personal liberties, be my guest.

  5. Anon 7:44 and Denis 9:44: No disrespect was meant or implied. Words CAN have more than one meaning, and I certainly am not the one who called these modern-day tea parties tea bag parties: the party organizers did. Frankly, I refuse to smirk from now on whenever anyone makes a cup of tea. As the great philosopher, Groucho Marx, once said: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

    As far as I'm concerned -- me, personally -- you're not up against anything; I'm as strong an advocate for personal liberties as you can find. My little post merely quoted from yours; check your sensitivity shield.

  6. I read the blog, not so original with lots of words like "kill" "crush" "disease". Being associated with actual tea-bagging might be the most alluring aspect of these killjoys!

  7. Right on, this city council doesn't trust us to do anything right. They would like to babysit us in every way. Why should I trust them? Thanks for starting a group that will further scrutinize the nannies.

  8. For the negative bloggers in the world, would you feel better if you didn't know what we were up to? Do you feel better not knowing what is going on in government? If so, please don't participate in something you know nothing about and have no desire to broaden your very narrow world view. How can anyone stop us now? Please tell your friends what we're doing.

  9. I didn't know you could teabag in your jammies.

  10. Paddy Loves Tea5/15/2009 12:48 PM

    Hinterland: I would feel MUCH better if I didn't know what you were up to.

  11. Protecting your liberty to smoke and your freedom to buy booze! Hating on the unions for destroying the auto industry!

    Fighting the "Disease" that's Killing Freedom...

    jeez, the out of control hyperbole is what's killing me!

  12. Restoring blog at a time?

    LiberTea - when you care just enough to type a paragraph.

  13. Jody Harding supporters?

    Can we call this new group Hate Club?

    The first rule of hate club is that you have to hate hate club.

    They can raise money by making soap made up of Racine's despair and stupid workforce.

    Despair by Harding. If you can manage to get out of bed, then wash with Despair.

  14. Are teabags free with membership? Free the tea and let the tea be free. LiberTea.

    Btw, is there such a thing as teapacking?

  15. Yes, it's called concealed and carry.

  16. CommuniTEA AuthoriTEA5/15/2009 8:26 PM

    From their blog:

    "Had Chrysler had the Liberty to actually make cars that their market research said the people wanted to buy, Chrysler today wouldn't be turning into a Govt. Agency!

    I can't quite describe the correct word for this logic, but I'll try:

    oh yeah, and seniliTEA!

  17. Vanilla Ice TEA. Someone hand LiberTEA a Slapaccino.

    Vanilla, Vanilla, tea baggers baby. Too cold, too cold.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. I don't understand the Chrysler liberty comment about what cars they could sell. The last time I checked the marketing and R&D departments weren't run by the unions.

    I'll admit that labor costs might have been high, but Chrysler didn't go bankrupt due to lack of liberty of what they could sell.

    I'm all in favor of people getting more active in the community but I'm not quite sure what the real message is here.

  20. TaxedTooMuch5/16/2009 7:58 AM

    Let's see..., a grassroots organization that wants to watchdog our liberal left city council and mayor to protect our rights, liberties and wallets; and so many of you object to it. Sounds like this group is REALLY needed.

    As far as Chrysler is concerned, think back: They get $24 billion in the initial bail out to keep people working and within a couple weeks afterward they lay-off 3,200 employees. Then recently they get another $18 billion and want to use funds from it to move a plant from Kenosha to Mexico. Now, through the "reorganization" procedure a foreign company (Fiat) will own 35% of the company, the U.S. government will own 5%, the Canadian government will own 5%, and the auto union will own 55% of it. What is bad about all this? Everything! Fiat will wind up doing to Chrysler what they're doing to CNH, bleeding it dry and destroying it; when governments "own" businesses that is socialism; and doesn't anyone see the inherent conflict of interest of the auto union owning and controlling the vast majority of a business. How can a union own a business and do what is "best for the business" AND represent the workers and do "what's best for them" without conflicting priorities. I can just see the union sitting down and negotiating with itself for contracts or voting to strike against itself over a contract dispute. Not to mention representing an employee threatened with being fired by a union foreman.

    Yes, we need organizations just like LiberTEA Racine to fight these types of socialist agendas, all the way from our city council to the oval office.

  21. A Little More CiviliTEa5/16/2009 11:00 AM

    Complete with code words and a love of Ayn Rand, the "Liberty" in LiberTEA represents Libertarianism.

    A fringe group of extremists who hate government, taxes and regulation of any kind. They favor sucession and lean to anarchist activities. They are not a non-partisan group.

    How they came to love the teabagging, no one knows but they consider themselves to be ultimate patriots and they have no sense of humor.

    Stay away.

  22. Wow I can't believe I crawled out my Cave and shaved for this!!

    Actually I expected the usual drive-by comments by Anon and all of his assorted names, but no Storm trooper comments today??
    Interesting all of the attempts by Anon to marginalize Us or any group that doesn't buy into the Statist govt. will solve everything, vs. any attempt to take on the establishment, or provide a watchdog. But if were gonna be active we'll need thicker skin.

    Pete thanks for highlighting the blog, 2 quick points. To my knowledge the "TEA Partiers" didn't refer to themselves as TEA-baggers, that derogatory name was added by the critics like Rachael Maddow, and the hostess from Air America, and others, (especially those hosts on MSNBC). Add Paul Krugmans term of "Astro Turf Roots". The parties this year were NOT organized by the Republican Party, Fox News, or the Libertarians, but were in reaction to the sudden uncontrolled spending, and Govt. expansion that has happened over the last 8 months. Many people had their own reasons to join the Parties..and were welcome.
    Secondly, Most people have figured out who I am as Downtown Brown..My intention is to separate my "Activism" from my business. But I do appreciate the slight anonymity. Thanks.

    Quickly on Chrysler, over the 70's right up thru last year the Govt. has dictated to the Auto makers CAFE standards, and other obligations that Car companies WERE required to include. Thus the death of the Station Wagon, at one time the near death experience of the convertible vehicles. When the Big 3 made the cars with better Fuel economy..they either couldn't sell enough of them because the foreign cars of similar size were better values. The US companies have been doing great selling Van's, SUV's and Big cars, but the profits form those were not enough to offset the loser fleet they were required to make and sell. My point was that the Govt. imposed unnatural market factors on the US car companies on the one hand..and the Unions were strangling the bottom line on the other hand. The Stock-holders/ owners were not able to sell the products that would best satisfy their Return on investment. (i.e. Loss of Liberty). Chryslers Bankruptcy was a direct result of loss of that LIBERTY.

    Under the new "post BK" Chrysler will be primarily Union owned company the Bond holders who helped/ invested, to carry the company thru trying times and should be first in line to have their debts paid off, but will be moved back in line, a loss of the Liberty of those investors.

    Make no mistake, Neither I nor any initial member of this group "Hates" Racine..if we hated it we'd just leave..we are people of enough means to leave. We raise issues because we believe in Liberty, and want Racine to be beautiful bastion of Liberty on the Shores of Lake Michigan. A Low tax, business and Freedom friendly City to grow, where every American can thrive.

    Well I guess it's back to Out-house and the Sears catalogue. I'm going this afternoon to be fitted in a new line of Tie Dyed wardrobe..Look for me soon on Monument Square!!
    Round wire rim glasses....where did I leave those...Hmmmmm

  23. Despite the attempts to make the tea bagging “movement” appear organic, the principle organizers of the local events were actually the lobbyist-run think tanks Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works.

    There is nothing grassroots about them hence the aptly coined "astroturf roots" movement.

    They are in their own way sadly brilliant because the more they fail to achieve their goals the more proof they have that the imperialist government has been corrupted.

    I have no respect for someone who starts a "movement" and calls out public figures and won't use his or her own name.

    Sofa King lame.

  24. It is sad that we as a country have come to the point alternative views from those in power are no longer respected let alone not heard. Many recent polls out are clearly stating the change we are getting isn't what the people wanted or expected when they voted in November.

    Not listening now will result in some interesting results in 2010 elections. Maybe even time for some true moderates to step forward. Neither party has interest in moderate views only hard left or right.

  25. TaxedTooMuch5/16/2009 3:46 PM

    A Little More CiviliTEa is an excellent example of someone shooting off his mouth without the slightest bit of knowledge about the topic. I sat in on the very first meeting of organizers for LiberTEA Racine and there was only one person there that had anything to do with the TEA Parties (and that person was invited to come, not one of the organizers). All the rest were just plain citizens of Racine concerned about what's happening in our community.

    This imbicile ASSUMES that Liberty is in reference to the Libertarian Party. I guess we should rewrite the dictionary so that any term employing the word "liberty" now refers to the Libertarian Party. Give me a break!

    A Little More CiviliTEa does not know who attended the first meeting, was not privy to any of the conversation and can have NO IDEA what the organization stands for because he wasn't there. Talk about a leftist intentionally trying to stir up trouble, here it is.

    It would appear that the liberals who write these negative comments before knowing the facts are running scared. And that's good! I hope we've got you worried. It could mean that your leftist, socialist ways are on the way out.

  26. So what are LiberTEA's plans to deal with the Union that will own Chrysler? Blog about it? How inspirational.

    What about Liberty from inept business leaders that ran that American icon into the ground with stupid decisions and made off with millions and golden parachutes while the workers were left holding the bag?

    Maybe you should embrace their "liberty".

  27. Another Father for Liberty5/16/2009 4:57 PM

    Jody Harding for Alderwoman! Restore common sense to the city council. Put an end to the good ol' boys and and end to overregulation.

  28. Great idea. Let's let Racine go completely unregulated and totally tax free.

    This is like the AIG theory of economic prosperity. Executives prosper and we all pay the price.

    Good luck with that.

  29. Jody for Alderman? Good luck with that. The incumbent, Wisneski won re-election in 08 against a well-funded opponent who ran a vigorous campaign and had signs up all over the city. Wisneski's margin (499) was higher than the total amount of votes Jody pulled in the May 5 election (417).

    His vote total (871) was more than Jody pulled in the primary, when her name was actually on the ballot (658).

    To put it another way, if she runs for Alderman - she will be crushed.

  30. My "plan" to deal with the Chrysler union is to not buy cars made or built by Chrysler or GM, EVER again. I will recommend to anyone that asks, that Ford, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai are all better alternatives, because they don't "feed the Pig". Since I have nearly always bought American made cars, from American owned companies. I will continue to purchase Ford products most of the time. Ford DIDN'T take bail-out money, and the Union and management at Ford put the company first. It would also be a great LIBERTY if the US Congress backed off on the CAFE standards so that Ford, it's Union and Salary workers could put together a great product and compete in the US. Force the the 2 "welfare" companies to abide by the Govt. standards. (BTW FORD is already competing very well in Europe and other country's, where the playing field is more level). In the 5 months since the GM and Chrys Bail-out GM 's Stock has plummeted and Ford has risen 400%. (Chrysler is not currently traded).

    Since we have turned Chrysler and GMC into Soviet Style auto companies, I will happy to watch them die a Government "stimulated" Death.

  31. I think we should start referring to the Obama supporters as "D-Baggers" because Obama is the biggest douche bag to ever be elected president.

  32. TaxedTooMuch5/17/2009 7:41 AM

    Stupidity runs rampant again with Anon 6:17 and 8:32; no one is suggesting that there be NO taxes or NO regulations. Why do these idiot liberals have to go to the Nth degree to try and make their point? Jody NEVER said there should be NO taxes or NO regulation. She stands for cutting waste from a pork filled inflated budget and easing some of the stupid "business un-friendly" and unnecessary OVER-regulation that keeps new companies from moving here and forces other businesses out.

    As far as the amount of votes she pulled in the election, based on the pathetic voter turn-out in the primary, she did pretty good: she came within 200 votes pulled by Pete Karas, pulled right at 30% of the number of votes Dickert received, and near 40% of what turner got. Not too shabby for someone with no name recognition, almost no funding, and only 2 months to launch a campaign. She'll have my vote in 2011 after Racine sees the mess Dickert's going to make of things.

  33. Downtown Brown

    Ford has said that they might need to tap into bailout funds if Chrysler and GM went bankrupt, due to supplier side fallout.

    Would you then totally change course on Ford and boycott their products too? Ford isn't exactly rolling in the money.

  34. I love how TaxedTooMuch supports Harding and talks about Liberty. Yet this is the same candidate that wanted to take away your right to vote if you receive any type of government money, including student loans.

    Great endorsement for the Liberty you are seeking. And you have the nerve to call other people socialists and communists?

  35. another Father for Liberty5/17/2009 9:53 AM

    You cannot compare Jody's showing in the mayors race with her race for alderman. There were 11 candidates, Jody had little name recognition, and the voters were confused. She'd give Wisneski a run for his money and would be a stark contrast to a tax and spend liberal.

  36. Anon 8:00 If Ford declares BK and the Union employees are handed control of the stock, I would not purchase another Ford either. As for tapping a small amount of the Bail-out/ or TARP money, I might wait until they pay it all back, before I purchase it. But of course the purpose of the Blog and the discussion isn't about Ford, Chrysler, etc. It's about Liberty, and freedom to produce and compete..and even fail. and the primary focus of LiberTEA Racine will be about issues at the City, village and county level. Perhaps if we can demonstrate right here in Racine that Less Government not more allows the creative, competitive spirit to soar and we can finally change the unemployment situation in our City. Let's face it, MORE govt. isn't working....

  37. i don't know Downtown...... It sounds like you are advocating for unlimited corporate greed. That is part of why we are in this mess. Regulation is necessary to protect citizens from outright corruption like what was witnessed with the banks and investment firms.

  38. TaxedTooMuch5/17/2009 2:33 PM

    Anon 8:09AM, Jody never said that anyone getting a student loan, or on legitimate disabilty, or on a government pensions, etc. should not be allowed to vote. What she was citing was those who have made welfare a career, who refuse to look for work and give back to the society that they are freeloading off of, and that they should not be allowed to have a say in how much they get from the taxpayers or vote for those who advocate giving them more. It is the same thing as having the fox guard the hen house. She also stipulated that, though appealing, it was totally impractical because it would be too difficult to weed those welfare suckers out without hurting the innocent.

    But, you sound to me like the type of person that would agree with our politicians who are no longer looking at our returning veterans as American soldiers coming home, but rather as potential terrorists.

    And to Anon 8:00AM: I, for one, have always been an advocate of buying American cars over foreign to keep our people working. But now that the car companies are taking taxpayer dollars and continuing to lay people off and ship jobs out of the country, I agree with Downtown Brown; I will no longer buy a GM "welfare company" car or a Chrysler product (which has been nothing but junk since the late '70s anyway). Ford is the only one I would consider, unless they too turn their business over to the fed and the unions by taking bailout money. Then I too will go Japanese.

  39. I'm confused. Is Jody Harding leading this LiberTEA thing?

    I also don't understand this car thing either. Not buying American cars because they shipped some jobs overseas? If you use that logic, you wouldn't be able to purchase hardly anything these days.

    Are you not going to get a loan from a bank that accepted bailout money too?

    I'm surprised LiberTEA isn't applauding the new factory in Mexico for Chrysler. They have the liberty to locate jobs wherever they want, with the cheapest cost. That seems consistent with LiberTEA type thinking. Why would you want to impose a regulation (which you hate) to have Chrysler keep the Kenosha plant open?

    You're words and actions just don't seem consistent.

  40. Anon 4:44, good questions. Let me try to clear things up. Jody Harding was one of a dozen or so people who attended the first and only meeting, thus far, of LiberTEA Racine. No leaders have been chosen at this point. What was decided, somewhat tentatively it seems, is a mission statement. More or less, it goes like this: We are a group dedicated to protecting or recovering liberties. We intend be issue oriented, non-partisan and active in our pursuits.

    So what does this mean exactly? Well, obviously, some things will still need to be ironed out, but I will try to explain as best I can. Issue oriented means we will take on issues. What it also means is that our purpose is not to elect anyone. We will be non-partisan, though we may work with, depending on the issue, any individual or group that shares our belief in liberty. We will be partisan or biased in favor of liberty. And we will be active. We don't intend to just talk. We want to identify issue, have goals, and achieve them. Not yet decided are the issues, though I think the preference of many in the group is to focus primarily if not exclusively on local issues.

    I should note that the blog may well have a disclaimer attached in the future suggesting that the views expressed are not necessarily held by all members and that they do not necessarily reflect any position held by LiberTEA Racine. I would be very surprised if LiberTEA Racine were to formulate any action plans associated with issues surrounding the auto industry. That is not to say that individual members, like Downtown Brown, shouldn't express their views on the subject.

    A Web site, presently under construction, will be a more formal source of information, inluding a mission statement, goals etc... agreed to by the members of LiberTEA Racine.

    I hope this clears things up a bit. Thanks for your interest.

  41. I think the name choice didn't do you any favors. The crowd at the Racine Tea Party was largely conservative by my estimation. Certainly not all, but probably the majority.

    I don't think your message really goes hand in hand with what transpired that day, IMHO.

    And you have to admit, the parallels with the Libertarian ideals are enough for someone to take notice. You might not want to be Libertarians, but you sure sound like them. Plus the name....

    That's fine, don't get me wrong....I'm just not sure why you're running from it so much.

    And about regulations....the funny thing about regulations is that they are usually there because someone screwed up and others complained. To be anti-regulation is curious given that the complaints usually come from the citizens in the community. In some respect you are then defying the wishes of the community are you not?

    I don't know how you possibly plan to distinguish, in a consistent way, between regulations that are necessary and ones that you feel are not. The issues are always more complicated than they outwardly appear, which is why things get done the way they do.

    I think you're possibly over-simplifying things in a way that might not be productive. Regulations aren't there because someone just felt like it.

    If you're going to be a legit organization and truly non-partisan then you must not only oppose regulation, but seek to understand why it was there in the first place. Then, I think people could take you and your message more seriously. Hiding behind a word like Liberty just seems you could say whatever you want so long as it is in the name of Liberty it is ok.

    It reminds me of how the word patriot was misused in the past. If you didn't follow the herd you weren't a patriot and hated the country. Likewise, if I disagree with you then I hate Liberty. That is usually followed by words like socialist and communist.

    Hopefully you don't go down that path. We've been there before and have no need to go back.

    Best of luck with your new organization. I hope you can make a positive impact in the community. And that is coming from a Liberal - go figure.

    Maybe one day we'll forget all the labels and go back to the only one that really matters - Americans.

    And btw I respect our returning soldiers. I have one in the family.

  42. Your pro-Jody arguments do not wash. Voters were confused so they didn't vote for you? The primary had low turnout, so you lost?

    The 12th District has the highest voter turnout in the city. It is also one of the nicer areas, on the whole, in the city. They are not confused. If they were, their turnout would have been down in the last election.

    Speaking of turnout, if you think it will be higher in a race for Alderman than a race for Mayor, you have not been paying attention.

    None of the comparisons to the other vote totals matter - she got 600 stinking votes when the two winners combined for almost 4500 votes. She only got 98 votes in her district in the mayoral primary and 87 in the general when turnout was higher.

    Jody will get creamed, crushed, defeated - she will lose.

    You guys are pumping a dry well.

  43. Jody ran her weak campaign on CNH company time. CNH should think about this when they reduce their headcount by 15%. If she has time to run her campaign on company time, do they really need her position?

  44. Harding for Alderwoman5/18/2009 1:07 PM

    All this Harding bashing it appears that the Wisnewski camp is either running scared or would like a free ride. Harding is gaining momentum!

  45. I doubt Wisneski's "camp" is running scared. Jody's spin machine is pretty good, though. At least they sound good. They really don't have much effect, apparently.

    I hope she runs. It will be fun to watch.

  46. Is Jody's campaign headquarters for alderperson going to be out of the CNH offices again - office hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm?

  47. Outside Observer5/18/2009 3:23 PM

    If Jody runs for council it would set her up nicely for a mayoral run. She would represent a high voting district, she would be a voice of reason on the council and as an outsider on the council there would be a stark contrast. Finally, it would raise her visibility. Jody did better than anyone thought and if she would have been able to get her message out via the forums and debates. Jody will give anyone of the current tax and spend aldermen a run for their money.

  48. Outside Observer5/18/2009 3:24 PM

    If Jody runs for council it would set her up nicely for a mayoral run. She would represent a high voting district, she would be a voice of reason on the council and as an outsider on the council there would be a stark contrast. Finally, it would raise her visibility. Jody did better than anyone thought and if she would have been able to get her message out via the forums and debates. Jody will give anyone of the current tax and spend aldermen a run for their money.

  49. Outside - you've got to be kidding. She didn't make it into the final two candidates for mayor and then she gets less than 1% of the total vote about.02%. She's not going anywhere except maybe to the unemployment line if CNH lets her go.

  50. From Denis Navratil's Free Racine blog defending the Libertea-baggers:

    "Let our opponents be the naysayers who will need to explain why they are opposed to liberty."

    This is the logic of the laziest and most disingenuous kind. If you're not with us-you're against us.

    Well I'm not with you Sir, but I am for liberty and I value it in all forms. For example: I would not be so hypocritical to own a retail shop that imports goods from a country like India and be smug enough to proclaim the demise of liberty. India as you know Denis has a thriving human-trafficking trade in which tens of thousands of woman and girls are sexually exploited. Lucky ones get to work in factories that make the goods you sell for slave wages. There are an estimated 60 to 115 children with the liberty to be forced to work in India often in horrible conditions and of course no unions to protect them, that would be anti-business.

    Thousands of Indian women are killed each year in honor-killings and widow burnings. No liberty for them either.

    See when Denis and the rest of his friends talk about liberty they are talking about their own freedom and they don't care about yours or anyone else. Especially not the freedom of the people who make the things they profit from.

  51. Sorry! that was 60 to 115 MILLION children forced to work in India.

    Does anyone else see the cognitive dissonance in profiting from the oppression of one people while lamenting the demise of your own imagined oppression?

  52. Anon, there are a few vacant buildings downtown. What an opportunity to be a shining example to the community. You can open a business and sell items made in a country that has no problems. Not sure which country that is but I'm sure you will figure it out. You can pay a living wage to your employees and offer first rate health insurance. The items you sell will all be made by unionized workers who also are paid a living wage with health benifits. You won't have to worry about that dirty word "profit".

    Or you could just stay home and anonymously swipe at others who are positive members of the community.

    So your version of liberty anon is to boycott items from the world's largest democracy?

    You need cognition to have cognitive dissonance anon. Try again.

  53. India! So that's where all of the intelligent people that left town according to Jody Harding must be. We know this of course since Darth Jody said all of the educated people left town to follow the jobs.

    The circle is complete. The student has become the master. Emperor Harding must be stopped. I fear she is the Dark Lord that the legends foretold.

    But there are always two, the master and the......wait. LiberTEA.

    Beware, the dark side of politics is upon us. Defeat them....we must. Do or do not. There is no try.

  54. TaxedTooMuch5/18/2009 8:29 PM

    It's amazing how some people only read into, or hear, what they want to. It has been made clear that the reason for boycotting GM and Chrysler is because THEY TOOK STIMULUS MONEY to KEEP AMERICAN'S WORKING, then ARE LAYING AMERICAN'S OFF to MOVE FACTORIES AND JOBS TO MEXICO. How would you like it if you loaned me money for a specific purpose and then I said screw you, I'm going to go do something else with it? Well, that's what GM and Chrysler have done. They took taxpayer dollars to keep American's working and then turned their backs on them by laying off even more people (Chrysler) and kill American jobs and move the factory to Mexico (GM). I'm sorry, but companies that do that I can not be loyal to.

  55. Mr. Navratil get's a little defensive doesn't he?

    I do own a business in Racine, pay a living wage with health care and always try to buy products that benefit union or American workers. It's not always easy and sometimes it's impossible.I don't think profit is a dirty word, in fact I'm grateful for everything I have and thankful I can give back even in the form of taxes. It's my duty and privilege to use those profits to enhance my community for everyone. If that makes me anti-liberty well, so be it.

    How does a man who sells imported items from a country that abuses it's workers, a country that possesses so many of our American jobs become the spokesperson for a quasi-Libertarian group?

  56. Jody, JOdy, JODy, JODY, JODYYY, JODYYY!!!

  57. LiberTEA Racine, some of us are smart enough to understand that you oppose OVER-regulation and the encroachment of government to continue to take away the liberties that are granted to us under the Constitution. We understand that many of the things voted on by the City Council are things that should have been voted on by the residents of Racine in referrendum. And many of us are interested to see just what issues you are going to select to support or oppose and how you are going to handle yourselves in the city's interest. Don't be discouraged by the liberal flak that's being spewed. These are people tto whom facts mean nothing. They don't think with their heads, they only act on what feels good to them at the moment. Don't confuse them with the facts, their minds are already made up. In fact, they are the type that argue for argument's sake and fear anything they don't understand.

    And, by the way, I know Jody, and she did not run her campaign on CNH time. She did most of it on her time off (lunch hours, evenings), weekends and vacation days which she had coming. This is yet another example of stupid people assuming something and shooting their mouth off about it before investigating it and knowing the facts. I hope she runs again in 2011 and kicks Dickert's butt!

  58. Sure anon 8:33. You own a business, pay great wages, health insurance, and you pay taxes with a big smile on your face. If you are such a great success, why not identify yourself. Perhaps your stellar record will attract investors, you could start more businesses, employ more people, pay more taxes and save the community. I am sure all the praise from adoring employees would get a little embarrassing. Anon, you are my hero.

  59. TaxedTooMuch

    GM and Chrysler didn't take the money to keep Americans working, they took the money to stay afloat. Big difference.

    When business whithers away to nothing, you can't remain at full staff. That just doesn't make any sense. The goal of the money was to keep them solvent so they could recover.

    It bought Chrysler enough time to work out a deal with Fiat. That was the only way they were going to make it, otherwise the doors would have been closed.....forever. How many thousands of jobs do you think that saved? Make no mistake, this could have been far, far worse.

    Should they have relocated a factory to Mexico? I don't think so and it sends the wrong message in my opinion. But that is the free market capitalism you're so in love with. The uncomfortable truth is that in that system if a company can produce their product somewhere else at a lower cost, then they have the "liberty" to do so.....even if the playing field isn't even and they get paid pennies in those countries.

    But to change that would require regulations, which you would go after as killing business.

    You can't have it both ways. Regulate and stifle business or unregulate and lose jobs to other countries that will do the work much cheaper.

    Pick your poison. There are pluses and minuses to both approaches, but one thing for certain is that you can't have it both ways. Your complaining and fake outrage is way off base.

  60. Denis would sell LiberTEA to the Chinese if he thought he could make a buck.

    I like how these clowns are suddenly all for the American worker....but only if stimulus money was involved. How selfish. They only care when it's their money. What a bunch of tools.

    Don't worry fellas, once this is over you can go back to hating the unions and blame them for everything that is going wrong in this country. Won't it feel good to hate the American worker again?

    Ah, the sweet air of LiberTEA.

  61. Does activism sound If you answered yes, then try LiberTEA - the brand new flavor from the makers of LiberWHINE.

    One taste of LiberTEA and you'll be blogging to all of your friends about how if you weren't so lazy you'd actually do something about Racine's problems.

    Join today and be the talk of 3 members in the town.

    Worried about Global Warming - no problem! With LiberTEA you don't need to go outside! LiberTEA is chalked full of anti-oxygens that will keep you going through those lonely blogging nights.

    Problems with the city? Watch those problems melt away with LiberTEA because nothing says I love this city like hating it.

    But if you act now, we'll double the offer! Just pay shipping and handling and we'll send you Jody Harding!

  62. Jody was responding to posts on the JT's website during work hours. Apparently she does not have enough to do at CNH that she was able to respond to mayoral issues during work time. Is that the type of city representative you want? Not me, plus she is scary looking.

  63. Anon 8:33
    You sir or Madam are exercising your Liberty by determining who you hire, how much you pay them and where the products are produced.

    I exercise the same "Liberty" in my business, As does Mr. Navratil. After we make our profits we can freely spend those profits as we wish, on causes or products of our choosing, and taxes of course where pertinent.

    Now on occasion others will interfere in our ability to make, or restrict those choices. For instance the City Council will decide that NO one shall be allowed to sell a Fifth of Vodka in the Downtown region, and while were at it were going to reduce the number of venues which offer Class A liquor by 10%, just because...Now I have no "right" to buy Vodka, nor can I force you or Denis to sell it...But if Denis saw a market for Kentucky Bourbon, (not made in India, and probably with fair US wages), our City Council has decided that Denis MAY not sell that Legal, legitmate product, (infringing on his Liberty), and I can't buy it, (infringing on mine). And if we want to discuss the subject over a Smoke, we can't do that in either of our stores. (Neither of us smokes).

    This is just one example of Liberty restrictions. We decide to reduce the liquor licenses by 10%, Racine's population is down by about 15% from it's high..can we soon expect a reduction in Teachers and Staff in Unified?? or City Govt.? If we did it would lower the cost of Government, leaving more money in the pockets of Anon 8:33, and Denis to spend as they see fit.

    And Anon 8;33 if we get your taxes lower over time, and you somehow feel that's unfair to YOU..feel free to exercise your LIBERTY and just send it into the Govt. and tell them to spend it on whatever they want! They are always so responsible!

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  67. We are an issue driven, active and non-partisan organization focusing on local issues that concern our liberties.