May 7, 2009

National Prayer Day outside of City Hall

Bill Schalk said he knew when it rained Wednesday night it'd be a beautiful day on Thursday. As he stood on the City Hall steps for National Prayer Day, a gorgeous blue sky proved him right.

Schalk led a prayer for a crowd of about 100 people as part of the annual event, which took place in cities across the country.

Cheryl McCrary organized Racine's National Prayer Day and sang patriotic and religious songs for the audience. Here are photos from the event:

Cheryl McCrary singing, "God Bless the USA"

The audience sang along to McCrary's songs.

Several servicemen and women attended.

McCrary outside of City Hall.

Bill Schalk

Alderman Jim Kaplan reading a proclamation declaring Thursday National Prayer Day.

City Hall flag

Some in the audience


  1. Are you sure that's not Sarah Palin?

  2. somehow i feel like "national prayer day" is obnoxiously exclusive. im sure they wouldn't welcome any pagan prayer at their gathering.

  3. This event is only for the Holier than Thou "Christians" like Jim Kaplan. He loves all of us - unless we are gay, or democrat, or anything else he judges to be wrong. I can't believe that pompous jerk is one of our elected officials.

  4. Yes, those awful Christians - did you see all the signs saying "so and so not allowed here", the fights and shouting matches, the numerous police calls to the scene, loud noise and tear gas? When will we rise up and get rid of these self-centered, hating Christians?

  5. At the risk of retribution by the Christian haters, I will remain anonymous. I was at the National Day of Prayer event and the prayers included protection for the unborn and military, as well as revival of Christian principles in our nation. The trouble with many is that they refuse to admit that they do anything immoral and do not like their actions to be questioned or vilified. Our country as a whole has been weakened because of the "anything goes" mentality. You'd better be accepting or society judges you as "judgmental" or "holier than thou." If you don't agree with what Christians believe, that's your choice; don't attend the rally. No one is going to judge your heart but God.

  6. "If you don't agree with what Christians believe, that's your choice; don't attend the rally."

    I didn't, so please return the favor by staying out of my life too and then we'll all be cool.