May 6, 2009

District-by-district breakdown of the mayor's election

Here's a breakdown of the mayor's race by aldermanic district. (Jody Harding's write-in votes were not available through the City Clerk's website.) John Dickert won the election 55-45 percent over Turner. UPDATE: The City Clerk is now reporting that Jody Harding received 417 write-in votes.

District 1 (Alderman Jeff Coe) - Turner

This is roughly the downtown area. Turner won this district 313-218. He carried the district in the primary election, as well. Coe is a Dickert supporter.

District 2 (Alderman Bob Anderson) - Turner

This near south-side district (roughly the "Towerview District") was one of those "battleground" areas for the candidates. They split the district in the primary with Turner beating out Dickert by eight votes. But in the special election, Turner's advantage grew to 75 votes, 404-329. Turner beat Dickert 180-7 in the second district's Ward 4 (he won the same ward 99-8 over Dickert in the primary). It's a sign Dickert has some work to do to win the support of the minority community.

District 3 (Alderman Mike Shields) - Turner

The district includes Uptown and neighborhoods to the south. Turner won here 367-134, nearly doubling the total from the primary.

District 4 (Alderman Jim Kaplan) - Turner

This district jumps to the near northside, running from the Root River to English Street, with some lakefront property mixed in. Again, Dickert struggled in a predominantly minority ward. Our new mayor pulled just eight votes in Ward 11, compared to 94 for Turner.

District 5 (Alderman David Maack) - Dickert

This district includes the Racine Zoo on the city's northside. Dickert again carried this district easily, 519-287. As we'll see throughout the results, Turner didn't have much appeal outside of Racine's core.

District 6 (Alderman Sandy Weidner) - Dickert

Dickert won this northwest side district bounded by Rapids Drive, Northwestern Avenue and Eaton Avenue by 168 votes, 464-296.

District 7 (Alderman Ray DeHahn) - Dickert

Just like the primary, Dickert easily won this district on the northside near 3 Mile Road and Green Bay Road. He won the district 482-196.

District 8 (Alderman Q.A. Shakoor) - Turner

Turner owned this central city district, 320-54. Neither candidate was able to dent the other's core areas of support from the primary to general election. That was good news for Dickert, who won the primary election.

District 9 (Alderman Terry McCarthy) - Dickert

Dickert carried this West Racine district by 202 votes, 447-245. He ran strong here in the primary and carried that momentum into the special election. McCarthy, a Dickert supporter, seems in sync with the new mayor.

District 10 (Alderman Tom Friedel) - Dickert

Dickert extended his advantage over Turner in Mayor Tom Friedel's district from the primary to the special election. Dickert received 39 more votes than Turner in the primary, and 152 more on Tuesday. He won the district 544-392. Dickert seemed to pick up Kim Plache's supporters; Plache finished second here in the primary.

District 11 (Alderman Greg Helding) - Dickert

This Rubberville district was one of two close districts in the special election. Dickert won by 12 votes over Turner, 320-308. It was a nice pickup for Dickert, who finished fourth in this district in the primary election. Helding's endorsement likely helped him here.

District 12 (Alderman Aron Wisneski) - Dickert

If you're looking for a reason Dickert won, you can find it in the 12th District. Dickert dominated Turner here, 848-416. It's not a big surprise, Turner finished seventh in the district in the primary, but the 432-vote differential is roughly a third of Dickert's winning margin.

District 13 (Alderman Jim Spangenberg) - Dickert

Here's another sign that Dickert picked up Spangenberg's supporters. This West Racine district (Spangenberg's district) backed Dickert 381-255. Dickert had outpaced Turner here in the primary by just 17 votes.

District 14 (Alderman Ron Hart) - Turner

The other close district. Turner won this far west side district 347-317. Turner received nine more votes than Dickert in the primary, but wasn't able to extend that differential to remain competitive in the special election.

District 15 (Alderman Bob Mozol) - Dickert

Here's a good lesson for future mayoral candidates: You have to take the 15th District seriously. This north side district turns out to vote in force. The district gave Dickert a 463-vote margin over Turner, 793-330. Add that to Dickert's dominance in the 12th District, and it's clear Turner simply didn't do enough in these areas to sway voters. Or, quite possibly, Dickert's team did a great job of building huge advantages in its strongest areas.


  1. Thanks for the breakdown, I know it was alot of work and I find it extremely interesting, once again guys, great job!

  2. I noticed Dustin wrote "Coe is a Dickert supporter". Ok, how about the aldermen of other districts? Who did they support? Other aldermen were at Dickert's party. And other aldermen were at Turner's. Why aren't they mentioned?

    Seems to me Dustin is trying to start controversy and Dickert hasn't even warmed up the mayoral seat yet.

  3. Anon 12:54. This earlier story answers your question about other aldermen. Go pick fights somewhere else.

  4. Why bothering mentioning one single alderman in this story? What was the point in it? Dustin was being very selective don't you think?

  5. Shouldn't Shields be mentioned as a "Turner supporter" and so forth?

  6. I mentioned Helding and McCarthy in the breakdown, too. I'd also say Wisneski and Bob Anderson are Dickert supporters. Shields supported Turner.

    Not really sure where the others stood. They may have made endorsements, but I didn't follow them.

  7. I think it may be a problem for Shields that he publicly supported Turner since he's the Chair of the Racine Democrats. Considering there were 2 dems in the race I think he should have stayed out of it.

  8. Dustin I know you did a lot of work on the break down of districts and I appreciate that. However (don't you hate that's there's always a "however"?), what did the race look like in terms of voter turnout in the districts?
    Can we look them up by ward on the state elections site to see where the greatest percentage of voters actually turned out? Or are the wards referred to in the Nov. election different from the aldermanic districts?
    I think it would be interesting to see what areas were most motivated to get out and vote.

  9. Jukebox Hero5/07/2009 12:35 PM

    Jody is a loser! She should run for student council and join those other losers who think they can run this city into a hole.