May 4, 2009

Al Gore at Chrysler plant rally in Kenosha today?

A rally against closing Kenosha's Chrysler plant is planned for 5 p.m. today at UAW Headquarters Local 72, 3615 Washington Road in Kenosha.

An email from Racine's Community for Change organization suggested former Vice President Al Gore will be at the protest. We haven't been able to confirm Gore's appearance. No one answered calls to the UAW. An employee with the Racine/Kenosha Labor Paper couldn't confirm or deny if Gore would attend.

Chrysler filed for bankruptcy last week and all of the automaker's plants closed Monday while the company restructures. Kenosha's plant is one of eight expected to close by 2010. It employs about 800 people, including about 200 from Racine County.

Postscript: We still don't know where Community for Change got its information about Al Gore coming to the protest, but we do know when we first heard it: In an email Sunday night announcing the event from Jennifer Jackson, Kenosha County Supervisor from District 20. But her email said: "Humor has it Al Gore will be there." So take this with a grain of salt, folks -- at least until 5 p.m. when we see who walks out onto the speaker's platform.


  1. Paul Ryan should be there too. Let's bring both sides together and fight for these jobs!

    This isn't a partisan problem, it's a community problem and we should respond accordingly.

    Democrats, Republicans and Independents - let's do this. Put party aside for one day and join the fight.

  2. Chrysler is dead and gone no room for them under Obama Marxist agenda. After all he all ready owns
    Government Motors.
    What will be interesting to watch is UAW bargen with itself now that will own a large part of the auto companies. How can Ford compete agest the power of the US government and UAW?

  3. Colt -

    In the country I come from, people band together in tough times and pull through. Neighbor helping neighbor.

    Chrysler isn't dead and neither are those 800 jobs. Not yet.

    We cannot sit back and allow 200 of our fellow Racine county citizens and 600 Kenosha citizens lose their jobs without a fight.

    There are no politics, only people. What are you doing at 5:00 that is more important than helping out your fellow neighbor?

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  5. IF I thought we have a chance in hell vs pimping for Al Gore I would be there.
    The fix is in I think Obama has chosen Government Motors to live the rest to die.
    800 jobs lost is huge and will have a major impact. But was not the stumis package going to prevent this and the auto bail out? Whats the bill now a trillion?
    How much more debit will we get into before we cut the cord?

  6. I'll put on my tin foil hat and lay down now....

  7. Colt - so if George Bush was going would you show up?

  8. Dustin,

    Sorry for the delete above...

    C4C heard from Jen Jackson as well. As of this morning it remained a possibility according to her.

    Might be worth a drive down.

  9. "Paul Ryan should be there too."

    Yeah! He should give a shit about jobs in his district too. But he doesn't and he won't.

  10. Someone should take a poll and see how many of the non-UAW members who attend will arrive in a Chrysler product.
    Chrysler should be allowed to morph into some viable - like a small division of Fiat.

  11. Yes that will solve everything -

    FIAT - Friggin Italians Attempt Transportation