May 6, 2009

City Council to consider firing public health administrator

The City Council voted Wednesday night to begin proceedings that could lead to the dismissal of Public Health Administrator Janelle Grammer.

The council voted to direct city staff to schedule a hearing on Grammer's job performance. The hearing, which is held in closed session unless Grammer requests otherwise, is the only way the city can fire an administrative manager.

The city cannot reveal its grounds for the hearing, said Scott Letteney, acting city administrator. Grammer is suspended without pay pending the outcome of the hearing.

Aldermen were mum on their vote to schedule the hearing, referring all questions to Letteny.

Administrative managers, like the public health administrator, are hired by the mayor and approved by the City Council. The mayor cannot fire an administrative manager; only a vote by the City Council can remove them from office.

No date has been scheduled for Grammer's hearing.


  1. Why did Ben Hughes resign so suddently right before the meeting where the aldermen were going to be discussing Janelle's case?

  2. Why is there not a grand jury looking into Ben Hughes/Becker and the trips etc.

  3. And Hughes is still unemployed. Who quits a job paying 6 figures in this economy?

  4. Anon 7:52 -

    You watch too much TV. Wisconsin does not have grand juries. The feds do, but what is there to look into? You have to have more than anonymous blogger inuendo.

  5. Ben Hughes evidently felt City Hall is so screwed up, he did not need any association with such a a disaster, even for a six-figure position. Mayor-elect Dickert needs to get his new house in order.

  6. Yeah right......Hughes must be so wealthy he doesn't need a job - right?? Let's not forget he didn't resign until AFTER Becker resigned.

    If City Hall was that "screwed up" he would have left BEFORE Becker's downfall, not after. Obviously, and let me repeat, OBVIOUSLY, Hughes left for other reasons.

    The fact he left so suddenly, and RIGHT BEFORE a meeting where the alderman were going to discuss the case against him has significant meaning. Even people from other cities where he is trying desperately to get a job believe so.

    To try to imply otherwise Anon poster 8:11 pm, you must think we are all complete fools.

  7. The city has already gotten rid of Hughes and Becker. What else does Dickert need to do to "get his house in order"?

  8. Anon 7:52 brought up a very valid point. The city administrator was supposed to run the city while the mayor was away..... Take a look at how many times Huges was WITH Becker out of town....

  9. Anon 7:52 brought up a very valid point. The city administrator was supposed to run the city while the mayor was away..... Take a look at how many times Huges was WITH Becker out of town....

  10. To clean house, Dickert would have to start basically from scratch with new aldermen who actually really give a crap (not saying all don't) but with the way this city has been run, the aldermen have been in a land called OZ

  11. I agree it would help to replace most of the aldermen, but unfortunately the mayor can't do that - it's up to us, the citizens of Racine.

    In many of the districts the current aldermen haven't even had opposition.

    Maybe there should be term limits for aldermen, seriously.

  12. The city really needs a Human Resources director. I mean, who did Ms. Grammer have to go for help and support in city hall when she started having problems? We've got Letteney who is the attorney fighting to get rid of her. Unless an employee hires their own attorney - where do they go if they feel they aren't being treated right and they are not in a union?

    Letteney is the person supposedly running Human Resources too. You can't go to him for help when he's the guy who's going to be working against you.

    Seems to me the lawsuits against the city started not only when Ben Hughes started, but when the Human Resources Director position was eliminated.

    I'm not so sure it is a good idea for one person (Letteney) to have so much power over employees. The city should at the very least bring back the Human Resource Director position.