May 6, 2009

Intrigue over Doyle executive order benefitting SC Johnson

An interesting story is brewing (or steeping, if you prefer tea) around this executive order Gov. Jim Doyle issued on Jan. 10, 2008. The order seems innocuous enough. It declares SC Johnson's Administration Building and Research Tower, both in Racine, historic landmarks.

But the award may come with more than a plaque. This state law suggests the designation could remove the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings from the property tax rolls. We offer that suggestion with a caveat: We're not property lawyers and we weren't able to track down the "manual" referenced in the state law.

But there's a lot of chatter about the executive order and possible benefits to SC Johnson. The JT is reportedly working on follow-up story tied to this story by Bridget Thoreson. SCJ is suing former employee Michael DeGuelle over confidential documents DeGuelle allegedly took from the company.

No one is alleging any impropriety by SCJ, but the situation has a lot of people talking.


  1. J-Wax has always been crooked.
    Enjoy the "Free" water!
    Party on!!!

    Oh, and their employees are as arrogant as you will find.....ANYWHERE!!!

    Insert your loony Pro-SCJ comments below.

  2. a company that treats their employees like family -- excellent childcare, outstanding benefits, work-out facilities, plus gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to community organizations..... hmmmm, yeah, bad company

  3. J-Wax we can thank them for the Grant Writer the City Adim. I believe they bought the land downtown for $1.00 use lots of temps. Back RUSD to the hilt (50% Grad rate) the Uptown Art Project and the DRC.
    If we had another company like it we would be dist in the wind.

  4. Dustin, when you say that the situation "has a lot of people talking", can you quantify that? What is the "intrigue" you speak of? One thing for sure, a story such as this always seems to get the venom flowing from some of your commenters.

  5. I won't argue J-wax's importance to this town but I do agree they have the most arrogant employees of any large corporation I've ever dealt with.

  6. I don't think the Tower or Administration Building are designated under the current historic designation. Check with the Landmarks Commission.

  7. who ever says that scj don't pay for water, you are nuts. sounds as though someone might be jealous. get over it as you know not what you are talking about. otherwise, prove it!

  8. Working Racine's attitude toward business has always been a puzzle. Resentment, ignorance, jealousy and a petty bitterness seem to override any sense that, without Case, SCJ and a few others, you might as well bulldoze this burg into the lake and advise its remaining population to try surviving as hunter-gatherers. It's all about the economy, and without big business we will sink into oblivion.

  9. SCJ has too much influence over Racine and now the state of Wisconsin. I don't agree with some of the direction they want to take but I don't have that kind of influence.

  10. 10:10 am - Who would you rather have 'influence'? WEAC, UAW, DemocRATS, the school board, RAMAC, InsiderNews, people on the public dole?
    Seems to me any thriving business, big or small, does a lot more than any of the groups I listed.

  11. 1:59 you mean buy off right? Then of course its the rest of us that has to pay for it.

  12. J-Wax sucks

    It is one huge Orgy, literally.

    Oh, and someone commented on the free water. I know it's not entirely free, but they get a GREAT deal on it seeing how 99% of their products contain water.

    This city could treat J-Wax like total crap and J-Wax wouldn't go anywhere!!

    Don't be fooled and think for one nano second that they would leave.....Idiots.

  13. IMHO J- Wax ownes Racine that is why RCEDC does little if anything to find real jobs to come to this area J-Wax does not to compete for labor.

  14. It's not surprising that the buildings were granted landmark status figuring in how old and unique those buildings are. SCJ puts in millions of dollars to renovate and revitalize the buildings, and they give free tours to schools and the general public every week. These buildings benefit the entire community, and not just SCJ's pocketbook.

    Also keep in mind that those are only two of the buildings that SCJ owns on that campus and throughout Racine county.

  15. For those of you so upset with Johnson companies think about how well it is going for Kenosha with Chrysler. We have a nationally recognized company that isn't sneaking out of town under the cover of bancruptcy and sending the work out of the US.

    The historical designation rules have been around for years. The rules don't only apply to buildings that the owner can't afford to be maintained any other way.

    These are landmark buildings. Enjoy them. Pick your battles, there are plenty fo really bad things coming out of Washington to be upset about.

  16. Johnson Co & the family have done so much for Racine - very hushed, but have been there every time that something has been needed to get done. They eighter get people envolved or give the $$ that is needed.
    When will people realize what a wonderful company it is to have in Racine!

  17. The Johnson company has a known history of discrimination. Employees in field sales are usually kicked out of the organization when they reach their early fifties, despite usually having given years of faithful service. In Racine they cultivate the happy family image, further afield where they are under less scrutiny they screw people every day.
    The happy we love you image is just a facade.
    An ex employee!