April 18, 2009

RCEDC opens its mayoral forum to public, press

This just in: RCEDC is inviting public and press into their previously members-only mayoral forum Monday morning. The organization sent out the following notice shortly after 5 p.m.:
To Whom It May Concern:

The Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) mayoral forum to be held on Monday, April 20, at 8 a.m. will be open to the public overall and the press.

The meeting will be at the CATI building in the Renaissance Business Park.

Gordy Kacala
Executive Director
Racine County Economic Development Corporation
Kacala told us, "The community has asked us to do this, so we will. There was never any intent to do it clandestinely." The auditorium at CATI holds just 110; so far, 55 RCEDC and RAMAC members have said they will attend.

Far be it for me to assume that Dustin's editorial had anything to do with this change of heart, but, hey, nobody else was asking them to make the change and let the public in.

No decision has been made by RCEDC about whether Jody Harding, Racine's new write-in candidate for mayor, will be invited to participate. The candidate said Friday that if she is not invited, she will hold her own event on the steps of Memorial Hall at 7:30 a.m., and take questions from anyone.


  1. RCEDC just got PWNED by Dustin "all up and down your" Block like they were noobs or something.

    Major pwnage

  2. Can someone ask RCEDC to name something they have done to bring business into Racine Not the no bid web page contacts RCEDC gives out nor the try to bring slums to West Racine but real business

  3. Colt...

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Did you forget the lesson you supported today at City Hall? What brings business to Racine is....wait for it.....TAX CUTS!

    Why would you even care what RCEDC does at this point? It doesn't matter! Until we have tax cuts there is nothing they could even possibly do.

    You better brush up on your conservative manual, Chapter 1, Tax cuts for everyone except you followed by Chapter 2, aren't you glad you supported that...rich yet?

  4. TaxedTooMuch4/18/2009 8:02 PM

    Tells me something about RAMAC and RCEDC..., they don't have the people of Racine's interest at heart. So ok, they open this, now forum (no longer debate), to the public and the press. Their initial actions tell me that they will find some other way to hold clandestine meetings with the two mayoral contenders. They've already show me what their spots are, and we all know about how leapords change their spots. RAMAC and RCEDC should be disbanded. They no longer hold any credibility.

  5. Can someone tell me what Anon 7:05's code is for PWNED and pwnage? Can't you just say what you mean?

  6. Really Disappinted4/18/2009 8:11 PM

    "The community has asked us to do this, so we will. There was never any intent to do it clandestinely." "Far be it for me to assume that Dustin's editorial had anything to do with this change of heart, but, hey, nobody else was asking them to make the change and let the public in."

    What a load of horsehockey! If it was never intended, why did you do it? And then to lie about the impact of Dustin's editorial and the response from his readers having no effect! Yep, your credibility is shot. Oh, one more thing, here's a citizen requesting that you move this "open and honest forum" to Racine, where it belonged in the first place! These candidates didn't earn anything in Sturtevant!

  7. Anon 8:04: Here's the definition of pwned from the Urban Dictionary:

    A corruption of the word "Owned." This originated in an online game called Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled "owned." When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say, so-and-so "has been owned."

    Instead, it said, so-and-so "has been pwned."

    It basically means "to own" or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.

    Wiki has a similar definition with some more information.

  8. pwned or pwnge is a multi player computer game term meaning complete victory or conversely embarrassing defeat, aka "owned". Story has it in the early days of online gaming the "p" key (for some reason or another) was used instead of the "O".

  9. Ah, beat me to it but I didn't have to look it up.

  10. Who is Gordy's boss anyway? He needs to go!

    Hot Rods and Volley ball will not save this dieing town.

  11. Dustin = Chuck Norris

    w00t! what? w00t!

    Dustin said to RCEDC "open, saysame or I will roundhouse blog you."

  12. Didn't QA Shakor say how they would save the world; in all the forums?

  13. He did, and now they take orders from Dustin Block.

  14. I am glad to see them open it up. That is all we were asking. Thank goodness for watchdog groups like CAMP, RTA, and Racine Post. The traditional media outlets have turned a blind eye for so long, they have evolved like the blind cave fish.

  15. Could the JT be any less relevant at this point?

    I'm trying to imagine their meetings over there discussing the news of the day.

    "Hey, we've got this mayor forum by these two important business groups. They're only letting in members and they are closing it off to the public and media. I don't know, do you think we should investigate or at least invest 30 seconds into a phone call?"

    "Don't waste my time Steve, that's not news! Have you seen the public? They don't want those losers there. So what if it looks terrible, corrupt, and inappropriate given their stature. What matters is that the people don't care. Besides, we're members!"

  16. and...

    "we better not say anything. someone on RCEDC may cancel their subscription...."

  17. shhhhhhh!

    You're not supposed to talk during a cover up!

    Quick - post a story on JT saying we totally asked about this in the beginning even though we didn't publicly come out against it. We can take the credit.

    Sweet, What about the public?

    They're stupid and will never know. We're totally heroes! High Five!

  18. Rees Roberts4/19/2009 10:39 PM

    I have to hand it to Dustin. At least he believes in wanting to keep Racine fully informed. Another high five. May Racine Post live long and prosper.

    Rees Roberts

  19. Too much credit is being given to Dustin and Pete wants to give credibility to this site. How arrogant!!!! What is needed is that Dustin be transparent about who is endorsing and quit trying to play objective games with the community. Dustin you are so spineless!!

  20. Oh great, another MENSA post probably from some whiner at the Journal Sometimes (as in when we feel like reporting it).

    "Too much credit is being given to Dustin"

    Yeah, credit should more appropriately be given to....um, ah, well, hmmm, I can't come up with anyone because Dustin was the only one to publicly come out and denounce it while the Journal Sometimes was shining up their RAMAC membership badges and reserving a seat at the closed forum.

    But Dustin is the spineless one. That's great. Taking a stand against two powerful groups and a newspaper is now spineless in America. Me, I'd rather be a jellyfish then.

    And then the pointless transition not backed up by anything yet implying bias.

    "What is needed is that Dustin be transparent about who is endorsing and quit trying to play objective games with the community."

    Now there's a true coward. Let's call out someone alleging something based on nothing and not supported by anything. You should go apply for a job at the Journal Sometimes you patriot you.

  21. No matter what people say. RacinePost has brought another avenue to Racine County to find out what is going on in our communities. It is healthy to have many voices discussing issues and offering news items. Journaltimes is okay but it could be better and with other news engines providing additional news such as Racinepost, Citizens Association of Mt. Pleasant (CAMP) and even the many blogs, it gives JT some competition to try to be better. Just like citizen groups such as the ones in Caledonia and in Mt. Pleasant. It is healthy to have an eye on your government and on the newspapers. Helps to keep them honest.
    It is okay to be proactive. Keep up the good work RacinePost, CAMP and even with some major improvements, The JournalTimes can be included in this group but the latter has to begin reporting the hard hitting news and currently it is not.

  22. Thanks Dustin for putting pressure on these tax payer supported groups to do the right thing. We may not be members. But they don't have that nice high tech building without us.