April 16, 2009

Harding rejoins the mayoral race, as a write-in

UPDATE: Jody Harding made it "official" with a press release at 7:19 p.m. today: she will register as a “write-in” candidate in the mayoral election to be held May 5.

One of eleven candidates for mayor in the primary on April 7 -- she came in 7th with 6.5% of the vote -- Harding says she believes her message "got lost amid the noise of so many, predominantly liberal candidates."

“People were confused,” Harding says. “They were overloaded with information and given almost no time to sift through it. Many voters gave up and just marked the name they recognized, which is how we wound up with Dickert and Turner on the ballot. Politically, there is almost no difference between them, but they are both well known.”

The rest of her statement follows:
Harding believes that, with the primary over, voters will be able to see a clear difference between herself and the remaining candidates. “I am the only contestant,” she says, “who understands the damage over-taxation and over-regulation has done to this city. I am the only one with the qualifications to cut the waste from the budget, fight unnecessary regulation and make this a truly business-friendly town. I am the only one who sees that the KRM cannot possibly bring prosperity to a city where individuals and businesses leave every day because of our violent crime, poor schools and staggering tax burden.

“Finally,” she says, “I am the only candidate who brings a CPA’s skills and unassailable character to a position badly tarnished by ineptitude and scandal.”

Harding claims she is not trying to draw votes from either remaining candidate. “Many people don’t consider either candidate an acceptable choice for mayor. My goal is to give them a better option.”

As a registered write-in candidate, Harding says her supporters don’t even have to spell her name correctly. “The vote-counters will be on the lookout for any variation of ‘Jody Harding’ or just ‘Jody’,” she says. “They’ll know that’s me.”

Harding says she has been inspired to continue the fight by the dedication of taxpayers attending the TEA Parties being held across the country. She attended one of the rallies yesterday in Madison.

“The enthusiasm and conviction of the people at these events is amazing,” she says. “The taxpayers of this country, the backbone of America, aren’t ready to roll over and let Big Government take away our liberty, our prosperity and our children’s future. The silent majority is starting to make itself heard. I’m thrilled to be part of that movement.”

Harding suggests that anyone interested in more information about her stand on issues visit her website. Asked if she really believes a write-in candidate can upset two of the best-known names in Racine, Harding replied, “’Write in! Right on! Right now!’ People voted for Obama in 2008 because they wanted to be part of history. We can make history here in Racine on May 5th.”

Harding is a CPA and a member of the Racine Taxpayers’ Association. She will be speaking at the “Taxpayer Tea’d Off Party” being held Saturday, April 18, at noon at City Hall.
Harding added that if she is not invited to participate in RCEDC's members-only forum Monday at CATI in Sturtevant, then she will be on the steps at Memorial Hall, April 20, at 7:30 am, coffee in hand, and will welcome questions. "Watch the sun come up on Racine! It's time shed light on the office of Mayor!!!" she said.

Original post:

The Journal Times reports this afternoon that Jody Harding has declared herself a write-in candidate for mayor.

Declaring and filing, even as a write-in, are two different things, however. According to Assistant City Clerk Donna Deuster, nobody has yet filed the necessary paperwork, Campaign Registration Statement Form EB-1, to become an official write-in. But there is no deadline, so Harding can still file in plenty of time for the May 5 special election.

Harding, who more than a year ago announced her intention of running against then-mayor Gary Becker, came in 7th out of 11 candidates for mayor in the April 7 primary. She garnered 658 votes, out of 10,127 cast -- or 6.5%.

Since the primary, the blogosphere has been full of suggestions that she, or one of the other so-called conservatives on the non-partisan ballot -- Jaimie Charon or Greg Helding -- mount a write-in campaign to oppose John Dickert, who came in first in the primary, with 2,308 votes, and Bob Turner, who came in second, with 1,673.

Others have wondered whether Harding will be invited to participate in already scheduled candidate forums. Before her write-in candidacy was announced, we asked that question, as a hypothetical, of Kelly Gallaher of Community for Change. No, we were told, since anyone can declare themselves a write-in candidate.

Harding's message during the campaign was one of "cut spending, cut taxes, increase efficiency, do more with less." She is also an opponent of KRM.


  1. Wow, say hello to Turner as Mayor. Thanks Jody.

  2. there is a readon you didn't win in the first place Racine doesn't want you! If you join the debates try something new and let your script at home!!

  3. Somehow, I'm not surprised at this. Jody, the people didn't want you in the first place. Do you honestly believe you are going to win? I hardly think so. If you still want to run for Mayor, do it in 2011. Spoil-sport.

  4. Jody wants higher taxes. Why else would she assure Turner being mayor.

  5. It Makes no difference whether Turner or Dickert is elected..your taxes will go up. I have asked dozen's of people, and no one can tell me a difference. These 2 are so close even Kim Plache can't figure out who to endorse.

    Jody actually did very well considering her name awareness was zero 2 months ago. Also with so many names to choose from it was difficult for many voters to make a distinction.

    Dear Josh Turner doesn't have to win..Write in Jody and if we can get 3000 write ins Jody will win. Turner and Dickert got less than 45% of the vote..55% of a weak turnout actualy wanted "someone else" Well Jody is "Someone else".

    Jody say's if you have decided on the other 2 then thanks for the consideration..but Thousands of people are considering NOT voting at all because they realize there is not a difference in Taxes, or Spending or leadership between Bob or John.

    The momentum from the TEA party rally gives us an opportunity to show that a difference can be made.
    Write-IN Jody on May 5th.. The Difference is you!!

  6. is turner getting her to do this so she can split dickert's votes?

  7. The same 600 nutjobs that voted for her on the 7th will vote for her on the 5th - if it is even that many. Do you think the Plache voters would vote for Jody? How about Spangenberg's? Helding's? Karas'?

    This will be a sideshow, nothing more.

  8. Dowtowner, Jody is NOT "someone else," she was on the ballot. this will destroy her credibility in Racine.

  9. Dowtowner, Jody is NOT "someone else," she was on the ballot. this will destroy her credibility in Racine.

  10. All this will do is take some of the conservative votes that would more than likely go to Dickert (because I doubt any conservative would vote for Turner) and help Turner win.

    Any vote for Harding is a vote for Turner. This is an idiotic idea.

  11. J. Jackson Jr4/16/2009 5:48 PM

    I am willing to try it. To me both Turner and Little Becker are so much the same should they win we are well...

    Write in Harding

  12. Some of Jody's Team!4/16/2009 5:51 PM

    Actually "enough" Votes for Jody..is a vote for Jody!! And Jody is ready to govern and control spending on DAY 1

    Jody's team has NOT been contacted by Turners, or officially by Dickert's campaign, and we were open to serious overtures from Dickert to demonstrate that they would embrace even a small element of Conservatism or moderacy, and none came about.

    Jody isn't running to split the Lefty Vote..They'll split it themselves. Jody is running to reach all the people who have NOTHING to vote for with Dickert and Turner. Neither of them broke 3000 votes out of 10,000 cast. And with all the names in the mix, many of the voters were unsure of anyone's positions. Jody was an unknown name 2 months ago, now every voter can learn about her!!

    Now it's clear Dickert and Turner are the same, and Jody is completely different!! Lower Taxes, control of spending and Stopping the train in it's tracks..so we can look at other options.

    Jody should be offered to participate in the Debates..If not we will hold our own Forum Monday Morning on the Steps of Memorial Hall!

    BTW have you seen how CRAZY the Dickert and Turner "Anonymous" commenter's are over Jody's entry into the Race. They know that at least 40% of Racine Voters care still Moderate to Right leaning.. and if those voters show up Both of them lose! But the TaxPayer wins!!!

    Vote FOR something...Vote For JODY!


  13. We have two huge spenders as choices. I am thrilled Jody will give me someone for ME to vote for. Splitting Dickerts vote that is laughable. No true conservative would have even considered voting for Dickert. These two candidates are obvious big spenders. They couldn't cut costs to save their lives. The mud is being slung already about all of their questionable associations. Not so with Jody. Stop whining at least you don't have to count that huge mountain of write ins.

  14. Give it up girlfriend. Did you not understand the results of the mayoral primary. We do NOT want Jody as mayor. We do NOT believe Jody has what it takes to be mayor. Jody, go away. You are making a fool of yourself. Fact is - Dickert and Turner are not the same. Dickert actually has a conservative base on his side that will vote for him. I don't know for a fact if Turner has conservatives on his side. Do NOT write in Jody. Jody doesn't have a clue.

  15. Yippee!! Dickert will now lose!! Yippee!!! De-flate that head. Arrogant smirk/smile....Yucky!!

  16. Dickert doesn't have the conservative support, most of us were gonna stay home. Now we have someone to SUPPORT, So I'll Write in Jody. And Why is Jody not invited to the Debates?? And what is with the "Secret" debate?? on Monday Morning??


  17. I just noticed that dickert has 4 different "Becker" friends in his face book page.

    Doesn't he know that last name is tarnished in this city?

    I think I'm changing my vote now. I'm not taking any chances in this election.

    Just being honest.

  18. I have heard from a reliable source that the "Smith Camp" is going to try and paint John Dickert as a good buddy of Gary Becker's. It's obvious to me that this plan is true from reading these blogs. I'm sure we have Joyce Smith and her friends monitoring these blogs everyday and trying to plant seeds of crap against Dickert.

    The sad thing is, anyone in their right mind knows Jody doesn't have a chance in hell of winning, so a vote to her is being thrown away and will only ensure Turner gets elected. Don't fool yourselves.

  19. Fynn Mckool - actually John Dickert does have conservatives on his side that are voting for him. I didn't vote for John Dickert in the primaries, but since then, I've been trying to find out as much information as I can on both him and Robert Turner. First off, some of the people in these blogs don't know what they are talking about. They just want to smear someone's name and reputation. I won't take those cheap shots at the candidates. But I will say that as much right as Jody Harding (or anyone else for that matter) has to put their name down as a write-in candidate, it won't change the outcome of this election. I obviously won't know for sure who will be mayor until after the election, but I have a strong feeling who will win between John Dickert and Robert Turner. I'm basing this on talking with people in the community while working in various organizations and doing volunteer work in my church. Nothings a given, but I believe Jody Harding's time has come and gone.

  20. One more thing. It is a fact that John Dickert and Gary Becker had a falling out some time ago. John Dickert is NOT Gary Becker. If you don't want to vote for Dickert, then don't. But don't take cheap shots at him or Robert Turner. Use your brains and talk about the issues, deal with the facts - not smear campaigns by the opposing campaigns. We don't need that.

  21. Hey! I am officially announcing my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Racine by this comment on this blog post.

    Can I go to the debate now?

  22. Anonymous 7:26- A guy on my block named Carl Rifkin has a Turner sign in his yard. Doesn't Turner know that a Carl Rifkin killed 10 people in New York and the name is know tarnished.

    Doesn't he know that last name is tarnished in this city?

    I think I'm changing my vote now. I'm not taking any chances in this election.

    Just being honest.

  23. Jody Harding - The voters WERE NOT confused when they did not vote for you. You were barely in the running -- six hundred or so votes is hardly a mandate. The issues are far more complex than taxes. Your write-in attempt seems very narcissistic.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. A libertarian4/17/2009 12:08 AM

    The only question between Dickert and Turner, is which one will spend more money?

    Dickert has his own ideas on how to empty out taxpayers' bank accounts. Just listen to him. He has it all planned out for you. If you can't get a life of your own, don't worry about it. Dickert has one planned for you.

    Turner would just "profile" up on that chair while Friedel, Spangenberg and Helding run the show, like they do now. And those three are well versed in piling it on to taxpayers. Check the record. "Conservative" Spangenberg is the engineer of the ordinance doubling the pay for aldermen. Greg (Bulldozer) Helding wants to monitor our yard sales and shove subsidized housing down the throats of West Racine Businesses by paying those new landlords to put those apartments in.

    My wife asked me after the primaries, "Now who will we vote for?" Neither one of us would dream of voting for Mr. Spend More or Mr. Spend Even More Than That. We were planning on writing in someone anyway.

    Glad Jody decided to run as a write-in. It gives us both a real choice on El Cinco de Mayo.

    Go Jody!

  26. Jody is dillusional. I think having more than 10 votes went to her head. Seriously. People aren't going to waste their vote on her.

  27. Besides this, she is a royal pain in the tushie to work with. She will never, ever get along with anyone in city hall, Robbie Weber the attorney, the staff, the alderpersons. She is in it for some sort of glory. I put her in the same looney bin as Jane S. from the Taxpayer's Association.

    Long on wind, short on smarts.

  28. "People were confused"

    Politics 101 - Don't start out your campaign by insulting voters - unless they are the voters whose right to vote you support taking away.

  29. "She will never, ever get along with anyone in city hall, Robbie Weber the attorney, the staff, the alderpersons. "
    Great! Another reason to write her in Go Jody GO!
    Break the back of the Good Old Boys!
    Turner = Tax Tax Tax
    John = Becker
    Harding = A chance

  30. The Turner Camp wants desperately to tie Becker and Dickert together as best buds, but the truth is, they are NOT and have not been friends for years. They did not see eye-to-eye ever since Becker was elected.

    Joyce Smith, I know you want your friend Bob Turner to win, but stop spreading information that isn't true. I'm quite sure you don't know how to run a clean campaign if your life depended on it.

    Bob Turner, if you want to keep your campaign clean, take the Smiths off it.

    I'll be interested to see just how low the Turner camp goes in the following weeks.

  31. You know, this foolishness of trying to pin Becker to Dickert's coat tails is rather amusing. Most if not all voters can see through that campaign ruse. It's old. The fact is, Becker got alot of votes, he also was unopposed. You can't take that back. Someone supported him - us.

    It's like trying to fit Obama with paling around with terrorists. Foolish campaign techniques and you see who was elected.

    Jody's write in is foolishness.

  32. 8;10

    Obama with paling around with terrorists.

    He did and still does unless your not going to count the Weathermen group that killed how many?

  33. What's wrong with Jody Harding running for mayor? Why can't I have someone to vote for? I want to vote for someone who will cut back on the unbridled spending going on at City Hall, not someone dreaming up new ways to spend my money. Why should I want someone who will join in on the good old boy network down at city hall?

    If only Dickert and Turner are the options, what am I supposed to do? Stay home?

    Thanks, Mrs. Harding. I don't have to waste my vote now.

  34. A vote for Jody is also a vote for her 3-ring binder.

  35. Unbridled spending? Sorry, I don't see City Hall nor the aldermen exercising unbridled spending.

    If Jody thinks she can come in and campaign on spending, good god, the city of Racine has been tightening their belt for years. Jody can't work with others and that is NOT a good thing.

  36. Jody can't work with others and that is NOT a good thing.

    No that's a GREAT thing! End the rein of the Becker Good Old boys.
    Only Harding allows us to do that
    stop the Becker wannabes.

  37. you know what's funny. no one wanted jody but apparently everyone in this blog loves her! You guys are so stupid if rigging the blogs is all you thing you can do for her campaign then why even try?! No one wants her and she will kill Racine....no wait racine is already dead...she will kill all hope for racine coming back alive!!

    If Turner or her wins i can not wait to move out of racine and start my family else where!!
    And everyone calling Dickert a "big spender" have you even taken the time to talk to him to see how he plans on paying for all this or are you just lazy and instead of doing your research on things just blab out false facts or even better believe what is on the internet? Dickert is the only one that i've seen who even has a plan to pick Racine up dust of off and polish it up to what it use to be!

    Turner is a joke and if getting outside support and money to be able to run his campaign is the only way he can win tell you how much he is not supported LOCALY?!

    This town makes me sick get your heads out of your butts and start looking at what is going on NOW and stop looking at the past!!

  38. The Analyzer4/17/2009 10:45 AM

    I am not sure that Jody Harding was refuted in the primary election. She and Jaimie Charon were the only two unknowns in race among 11 candidates. All the others held or are holding one or more public offices. (Dickert was a congressional aide.)

    Mrs. Harding did very well as a newcomer, vastly out drawing the other newcomer, Mr. Charon. She also drew more votes than a sitting alderman/county board supervisor and two past county board supervisors. She had two months to actually campaign to get her name and qualifications known. That is far less time than any of the other candidates (save Charon) to find support. She finished not far behind the press’ favorite, Green Party Candidate Pete Karas. All considering, her finish was admirable.

    Add to that, the top two vote getters are Democrats, well known for their penchant for increasing taxes. Mr. Dickert narrowly lost to Mr. Turner in the 2002 Assembly race as Democrats in the 61st District.

    Downtowner thinks Mrs. Harding can win. As the only fiscal conservative left in the race, she certainly has a theoretical chance. Why she should draw from either candidate more than the other isn’t supported by any statistical analysis or philosophical comparisons. The issues, KRM, City Administrator, reducing spending, increasing city government involvement in the private sector, particularly real estate, all find liberals Dickert and Turner on one side and Mrs. Harding on the other.

    Why shouldn’t she run? She won’t make a difference in the liberal match up. She will give the community’s conservative contingency a viable option. And if the two liberal candidates were to split a 60% liberal majority vote, Mrs. Harding could steal the election with a 40% conservative minority vote.

    That may seem unfair to liberals. But the conservatives would certainly enjoy the breather from 36 years of liberal dominance in City Hall.

  39. Not being a union employee I had no one to vote for. I would have had to write in someone. I am glad I can give my vote to Jody.

    What is all the uproar about? Now we have more choices. Let them prove who will be best. Let the best candidate win. No one will accidently vote for Jody. It will take some thought to actually spell it out.

  40. what is jody's plan to get you a job? At Least Dickert has a plan!

  41. Well Well Well!!!! For allyou Becker I mean Dickert supporters. It is so easy to throw mama from the train. It goes to show how Dickert, Monte, and big contract Herbby Katz are such tree branches. It would be nice if a condition of the Becker deal that he has to expose all the cdrruption in the city. Then we would see that Dickert is a dishonorable man. Wake up people!!! This discussion is only the tip of the Iceberg ???? How did Herb Katz get so many contracts on the Becker watch. Birds of a feather flock together.

  42. ok again turner people stop with the negativity.

  43. Urban Pioneer4/17/2009 12:58 PM

    Great post Anna!!

    As for Anon 11:09. The Mayors job isn't to get anyone a job in particular. The Mayors jobs is to make the tax climate, create safer city, and encourage business to invest in our community. Increasing taxes or increasing Govt. Jobs doesn't make a City more Business friendly, it makes it less!

  44. Urban Pioneer4/17/2009 1:01 PM

    Sorry addendum to my Anna Comment..I think you have it just a bit backwards though, Anna the Mayor can affect who comes and goes, I just think Jody is the Candidate that will make Racine a Lower taxed island nd will thus Attract business long term..

  45. Come downtown to see Jody teabagging tomorrow.

  46. I don't get it, just what is Jody going to cut, she hasn't a clue. How many employees are you going to cut. Benefits, come on folks. some of the senior retirees have had their pension checks cut by 40% a month, if their benefits are eroded, they will lose their houses, be on assistance and on the tax roles. What a rotten and dishonorable way to treat the retirees who worked for the city. Some can't afford the medicine and health services even now. So you take a retiree who was in the variable program. Losses can be as much as 1,000.00 a month, even more. Those cuts are coming next month. These people are already cutting their pills in half and swallowing their pride and going to food banks. A plain ol retired public employee who worked faithfully for over 30 years, never got a bonus, never got a big raise, someone who took benefits instead of the big raises that other people got in the private sector now becomes a whipping dog for this campaign. I don't know what Jody is going to cut but I do know that retirees are going to be active in this race, their very lives depends on it.

  47. Bob Turner, please take the Smiths off your campaign.

    And, why do people keep putting Dickert and Becker in the same basket? They weren't friends, haven't been for a long time.

    I keep hearing the Turner camp wants people to believe those two are great buddies. So far we've got Joyce Smith on the blogs, what's next? Smith's usual style is to write letters-to-the-editor for people to sign their name to.

    Really, is that your best campaign strategy Bob? Spreading rumors that aren't even true to try and smear your opponent? How about trying to win on your own merit?

  48. Is Jody OK with my voting for her if I don't own property?

  49. Lil' Becker4/17/2009 5:20 PM

    Dickert and Becker are still friends. Let's set the record straight here.

  50. John 8:53 PM -

    Show some evidence that a guy named Carl Rifkin (a) Killed ten people in New York, and (b) Has a Turner yard sign in his yard.

    If you can do this, I will understand your comments. If you can't, shut up.

    I can prove Dickert has 4 different "Becker" friends in his facebook that he has to "accept" as friends on his Facebook accou nt.

    I have proof, you do not at this point.

    If this is the sarcasm/arrogant attitude of the Dickert camp, I will vote Turner or Harding.

    Put up or shut up.

  51. WHO cares who has "friends" on facebook. WOW, that is pathetic. I am having a hard decision between Turner and Dickert but this pettiness of who is who on facebook is such a joke.

  52. No, Becker and Dickert aren't friends. They weren't prior to the child porn mess so I highly doubt they've become friends since then.

  53. :but Thousands of people are considering NOT voting at all because they realize there is not a difference in Taxes, or Spending or leadership between Bob or John."

    O what an exaggeration is that. Have you personally spoke to the thousands of people who are not going to vote. I must talk to 50-60 seniors a day and believe me, they are going to vote. If you think "jody" is going to get the senior vote, you are so wrong. Seniors support senior issues. They have had enough cuts, staff cuts, retirement cuts, service cuts. I think seniors will decide this election, they vote.

  54. Becker is a very common name. There are lots of Beckers in Racine. Why would anyone care if people by the last name of Becker would support John Dickert?

    Let's take former Mayor Becker's own brother for instance, John Becker. Great guy, and nothing like his brother Gary. Would having his support be wrong somehow?

    I have a bigger problem with the friendship between former Mayor Smith and Bob Turner then that.

  55. Jody is the one that is CONFUSED!

  56. My main problem with Jody is that she can't say a single word without reading it off a notecard. That fact in and of itself shows that she has absolutely zero knowledge of what is involved with being mayor of a city.
    By the way, as someone mentioned earlier, Becker is a common name. For instance, the Beckers that are on the Facebook site are all involved with the 6th Street Theater downtown (which John Dickert was a Board Member of) and are not related to Gary Becker at all.

  57. Setting the record straight...

    I am one of the Becker's on Facebook. (My wife is another one) My last name happens to be Becker and I am not related to our scum-bag ex-mayor. My father was an only child.

    I am supporting Dickert and so are some of my family members because he actually has a plan and is not playing dirty.

    Keep it clean Turner supporters...

    Stick to the issues!

  58. Ya, ok Anon 8:18

    I will NOT be voting for Lil' Becker!

  59. I am another Becker who is not related to Gary.

    I'm slightly offended by the assumption that anyone with the last name Becker is bad.

  60. Talk to gary about that Anon 8:31, maybe you can work something out.

  61. Anon 8:18

    What EXACTLY is Dickert's plan seeing how you claim he has one. So far, he hasn't been able to articulate ANY plan, at least publicly, other than to say he has one. This "plan" platform is getting stale. All sizzle, no sausage. Thanks, I'll be waiting to hear specifics about the plan. Then, he may get my vote.

  62. anon 8:31, I'm sure taxpayers in this city will lose a ton of sleep knowing you're slightly offended by the "assumption that anyone having the last name of Becker is bad." I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I'm going to enlarge & print that quote and hang it up at the office. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

  63. Sounds like you have a lot of time on your hands "at the office." With the high unemployment, you should concentrate on earning your pay.

  64. After reading ALL of the comments posted above, it's obvious there is only one choice for mayor.

    Everyone keeps railing about Dickert and Becker being close buddies. Didn't Becker distance himself from Dickert when Dickert got fired from a real estate sales position for ethics violations? And do I want a mayor that has a 10 year plan? Is it going to take 10 years to straighen things out? Or is it a plan to keep him in office for 10 years?

    Considering Turner as mayor is just as stupid. Here's a man that admittedly doens't even know what most of the issues are, and whenever you talk to him privately about being mayor, all he can talk about is holding 2 political offices at once, drawing 2 incomes, drawing 2 pensions, and what he's going to do with all that money when he retires. Turner is only in it for the money. He doesn't give rip about the people of Racine.

    Jody Harding, at least, has the pockebooks of Racine's citizens at heart. I've talked with her at the forums and on the street and she DOES have the senior's at heart. She believes they are being taxed right out of their homes and wants to put a stop to it. If you're a senior why not contact her directly through her website (www.jodyformayor.com), or have someone do it for you, and ask her what she thinks instead of listening to the liberal half-wits voicing opinions here when they don't what they're talking about.

    And Jody, if you're reading this, you keep on jotting down your ideas and responses on note cards and reading from them. At least we'll know you're consistant and will keep your word.

  65. Dear Anon 12:11.

    It was so great to see so many people at the TEA Party today. And thanks for mention a refute to the "Seniors" complaint that were posted an a few blogs. Nothing like "Scaring the Seniors" when the Conservatives offer an alternative.

    Conservatives are as pro Seniors are we are Pro Juniors!! Obama, Doyle and the Fed and State Legislators are Stealing money from the JUNIORS by spending money we don't have, and promising things we don't need and can't afford! In ten Years when Taxes are forced up and we are trying to pay ut Soc Security and Medicare and other thing that "seniors" need THERE WILL BE NO MONEY!!! and the "juniors" will so overburdened, they won't be able, or encouraged enough to go out and keep working. Because there will no incentive to succeed when 60-90% of your earnings go to pay for TAXES!

    So controlling Spending now will pay off over the next few years. We can't stop Doyle and Obama just yet..But we can try to take control at City Hall. And then just watch the momentum!
    The TEA Party is the beginning!! Keep it Rolling!

  66. Anonymous 5:26-


    See how silly this is.