April 15, 2009

Three mayoral forums confirmed

The mayoral forum situation continues to change. We've just received word (below) that Leadership Racine Alumni Association and Young Professionals of Racine have cancelled their previously scheduled mayoral forum, and will partner with Community for Change at that organization's forum, April 23, 6:30 p.m., at Gateway Technical College.

Furthermore, that "forum" is now being called a "debate." As in, "Let's get ready to rumble."

At the same time, we heard this morning from Bob Turner's office that he has agreed to participate in two other forums, one at CATI with RCEDC/RAMAC (April 20; the meeting begins at 7:30 a.m. with the forum scheduled for 8 a.m.; space is limited to 100 RCEDC members) and the other at the Veterans' Center (April 27 at 6 p.m., at 820 Main St.). We have asked John Dickert's organization for confirmation that he plans to be at those as well... UPDATE: Dickert has confirmed his appearance at both.

Here's the note from Leadership Racine and YPR:
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mayoral Forum originally scheduled for April 20 at Memorial Hall will no longer occur. Representatives from Leadership Racine Alumni Association (LRAA) and Young Professionals of Racine (YPR) feel that the best manner to serve the community is to move ahead in a different direction. Both campaigns have been contacted and YPR and LRAA wish them well in their endeavors.

In order to assure that the voices of the organizations are represented and heard, LRAA and YPR will be partnering with the Community for Change forum on Thursday, April 23. We will work together to establish a forum to best inform the Racine community.


  1. Why have they asked Dickert to confirm? He has been at all the forums.

  2. Because he has not confirmed yet!!! Duh!!

  3. Downtown Brown4/15/2009 1:40 PM

    Can the Write -in Candidate attend? So at least there will be something to talk about? I don't know why both of these guys need to attend..they won't have any, or many different answers!!

    I noticed that neither Turner nor Dickert was willing to participate in RealDebateWisconsin.blogspot.com Forum where Fred invited each candidate to contribute answers to some general questions.

  4. Community groups working together to bring one forum is smart thinking.

    Who ever is elected mayor will be expected to make public appearances. Is Turner going to be up for that? This doesn't make me a Dickert campaign worker. It is a logical question from someone who votes in EVERY election.

  5. Does anyone else find it ironic that Turner would set up a forum at CATI...in Sturtevant!!!!

    Sturtevant-that's not even in the City of Racine. I am suprised that Turner didn't ask Dickert to debate in Madison.

    Bring the forum to City Hall Chambers and let it be aired on Car 25. The City has a new policy so Turner should agree to it.

  6. Every time Turner opens his mouth he'll lose votes.

  7. Turner has my vote! He has years of community service, knows the inner workings of city hall, served his country in the military, is honest, and a very nice guy.

    Vote Turner!

  8. A vote for Turner is a vote for Keith Fair

  9. A vote for Dickert or Turner is a vote for Raising your own Taxes.. and Your childrens taxes. And NONE of the tax increases will go for Education! A vote for either of these guys is a vote to send jobs out of Racine. Businesses don't like to stay where taxes are high, and new businesses don't move to cities where taxes are high unless there is some other overriding reason to go to that City.

    Jody Harding is Running a Write in campaign and she will Stop Tax increases. Jody will attempt to freeze budgets, look for waste and duplicity and focus our energy on controlling crime, and getting back to the basic functions of City Govt.
    If You agree with me that KRM will eventually raise our Sales tax to Double digits, or our Property taxes and/ or cost of everything we buy will increase 25% or more.

    I urge you to Write-in Jody and STOP the KRM boon-doggle before it get's KRaMmed up our
    If 2-3000+ of us actually use our #2 Pencils to vote for Jody WE CAN WIN!! (the markers provided at the voting booths are also acceptable.

    JODY should be invited to these debates!! She is the only registered Write-in candidate!

  10. ok really jody? that makes me sick. there is a readon she didn't make it through the primary, RACINE DOES NOT WANT HER so everyone needs to let it go. she'll be as bad as turner basically shutting down the city and not letting anything good come in.

  11. Jody will bring fiscal responsibiltiy. I don't see that as not bringing anything good to the city. We cannot continue to opperate as if on a shopping spree. People are losing their homes because they cannot afford to live or shop here. When you are fiscally conservative there is no difference between Dickert or Turner. So Jody running as a write in will at least give me someone to vote for!

  12. Anon 4:03 Racine didn't want Jody?? Since only 13% of the eligible voters even bothered to vote apparently 87% didn't want any of them...We can find out 12 Days if maybe now that selection is more clearly defined, that maybe Jody will get a majority of the Votes. Writing in a name is easy. Connect the Arrow, and write in the name. it's the only thing on the ballot so it shouldn't be confusing.

    Considering 2 months ago virtually no one in the City knew who Jody was, or her positions, it was hard to break thru the noise. In the next week Jody will be featured on WRJN, Racine insider, Storm Racine, and will attend any forums or Debates she's invited to. Jody is the only Registered Write -in candidate so far on the ballot for May 5th.

    So there is a RIGHT choice for those of you in the city of Racine, you don't have to settle for whats....LEFT!

  13. It's easy to say a person will cut taxes - but where exactly will Jody cut taxes? Does she actually have any clue at all how the budget works at City Hall? What services will she eliminate or cut back on? Where will the changes be made? Will she eliminate employees?

    A candidate can't just claim they will reduce taxes without giving details!

    Downtowner - I'm assuming you must know that Racine Unified's taxes are seperate from the City's? And I'm assuming you know the mayor has no control at all over what Racine Unified does?

    Also, KRM isn't the decision of the Racine Mayor. Whether the new mayor is for or against it, it really doesn't matter. That issue is at a much higher level than our mayor.

    If Jody wants to spend more energy on reducing crime - that equates to more resources going to the Police Dept. Where is that money going to come from? If she does not want to increase taxes, it must be taken from somewhere else. Where? Has she produced any sort of plan?

  14. For the 10,000th time, more Racine police or more money for RPD will not reduce crime any more than more garbage men will reduce garbage. Racine police are a reactive force. They do not work to prevent crime and are not interested in doing so. Just ask; they are more than willing to explain this to you. Reducing crime would endanger their jobs.

  15. OK, let me sum up the debate tonight:

    Dickert: I have a 10 year plan, we need to be aggressive, except when it comes to delivering specifics of my plan, I mean summary.

    Turner: I have over 30 years experience, just trust me. I will have more meetings than anyone else in the history of Racine.

    Jody: Cut taxes.

    Why bother going?

  16. The forum from last week is showing on CAR25.

  17. Ask Bob Turner about the hijacking of the mayoral race. I heard of that Wisconsin Committee and now this advancing wisconsin?

    Who are these people? Where did they come from?

  18. What Rock did John's guys come from