April 13, 2009

Feuding departments convince committee to settle $20,000 claim

Two departments fighting over the cause of a sinkhole convinced a committee to settle a claim against the city for $20,000.

The city's water utility and public works department disagree over which is responsible for the collapse. The sinkhole caused a backup in the home at 3019 Chatham St., resulting in $28,500 in damages.

Usually the city would deny the claim and settle the case in court. But this time interim City Administrator Scott Letteney recommended the city settle the case rather than pay for lawyers to defend the water utility and the public works department.

The committee agreed after Letteney said the city would probably end up settling the case anyway. Members voted unanimously to settle the claim.


  1. Didn't Becker live on that street. I wonder if this person is a friend of the people on the counsel and therefore gets special treatment.

  2. I just checked and this house is next door to Gary Becker's house. I smell a rat!!!

  3. Doesn't the "Assistant" City Atty live right next door to Becker's house on Chatham?? I seriously smell some fishy crap. Dustin, Pete, you need to dig further on this. When will the madness end in this city?

  4. I meant to say THE City Atty.

  5. This house is owned by Susan Schwabb, according to the city website.