April 18, 2009

A peaceful morning for a peace rally

It wasn't a big rally, as anti-war rallies go, but it was ours.

A dozen protesters brought together by the Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice, brought their monthly peace message to Monument Square this morning, marching with home-made protest signs about war in general, health care, Gaza.

The group's usual venue for its monthly Stand for Peace has been the corner of Highway 20 and Route 31, but this month was moved to Monument Square -- for more intimate engagement with the public.

And indeed, people did stop to chat, cars on Main Street slowed down, often honking in support. And the dozen placards were carried around the Square for an hour, beneath the watchful gaze of our Civil War monument, as various conversations took place under sunny -- dare we say peaceful? -- skies.


  1. We are STILL sending America's children to fight in this ridiculous war. Thank you for not forgetting about them.

  2. Exactly. The war is a big sad joke. Bring home the troops.

    Gaza is a travesty. Isreal should be ashamed of themselves, they are doing exactly what was done to them.