December 15, 2008

Unified notifies parents of bomb threat at Park High

Park High School sent a letter to parents Monday about a threat that the school would "blow up on Tuesday." The district says it takes all bomb threats seriously and felt it was important to notify families. Below is the letter.

One question: Has there ever, in U.S. history, been a bomb when someone calls in a bomb threat?

Here's the letter:

Dear Park Families:

This letter is to inform you of a threat to the security of Park High School. Park, like other high schools in the country, has experienced the frustration of anonymous written threats made against our school’s safety. Our most recent threat was discovered on today and indicated that the school would blow up on Tuesday, December 16.

We take each threat seriously, and additional security measures and procedures will be implemented to keep Park High School safe. We are working with the Racine Police Department to identify the person responsible for the threat and increase security in and around the building. The school and district have decided to err on the side of caution, and we have taken extra precautions to ensure all students and staff will be safe. Some of these precautions may be an inconvenience to students and/or parents, and we ask that you be patient and understanding.

The only doors that students will be allowed to enter or exit will be the main doors on 12th Street. Students will also not be allowed to leave for lunch on Tuesday, therefore, please send your student prepared to eat lunch on campus.

If you decide to keep your student home for the day, they will be excused, as long as you call in your student to the attendance line. The phone numbers for each sub-school’s attendance line are:
Blue 619-4407
Orange 619-4413
White 619-4420

All after school activities will proceed as scheduled. Please note that according to WIAA rules, if a student is not in attendance during the school day, the student cannot participate in WIAA athletic events.

We will continue our investigation; however, if the situation changes, we will inform you. Our number one priority is providing a safe learning environment for our students. I greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding to this safety concern. Please feel free to call me or any of the sub-school principals if you have any questions or concerns.


Daniel J. Thielen

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