December 16, 2008

Update: Park High will reopen Wednesday; No bomb found

Update: Park will reopen on Wednesday. No bomb was found during a sweep of the school Tuesday. Here's the announcement from Unified:
Park High School Resumes Classes on Wednesday

Park High School will be in session on Wednesday, December 17. The school closed early today after additional information was received by school staff regarding a written bomb threat that was discovered at the school on Monday. In cooperation with the Racine Police Department and the Racine Fire Department, additional security sweeps of the school and investigation were conducted after students were dismissed. The security sweeps of the school and investigation found no indication of explosive devices or any suspicious items. The school will have additional security measures in place for the remainder of the week and all events and activities will continue as scheduled.

Principal Dan Thielen stated on Tuesday afternoon, “After the comprehensive search and thorough investigation, I am confident that our school is safe for students and staff to return tomorrow. The decision to close school today was made in the best interest of our students and staff.” Thielen continued, “Parents should feel confident that we take threats to security seriously and would not resume school if we were not confident that the school was safe.”

Any information regarding the bomb threats should be directed to the Racine Crime Stoppers 636-9330.
Park High School was dismissed early today, as the investigation into yesterday's bomb threat continued.

Police said the investigation included the Racine Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team, which is checking storage areas in the school to ensure that no chemicals or other materials are "missing or altered and posing a threat."

No further information is being released. School officials sent a letter home with students Monday after the bomb threat was discovered in the second-floor boys' restroom by a teacher.

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