December 20, 2008

Lumpkin elected president of Racine Interfaith Coalition

Former County Board Supervisor Ken Lumpkin was elected president of the Racine Interfaith Coalition on Dec. 11.

Lumpkin and RIC are working on an aggressive program called "Violence No More," which they'll roll out this summer. The faith-based action is meant to answer Racine Police Chief Kurt Wahlen's call for churches to take a leadership role in curbing violence in Racine.

"Early this year the Racine community was asked by the police chief, 'Where is the faith based community?'" Lumpkin said. "RIC is stepping up to plate with it's diverse church membership in an attempt to make a different."

The city granted RIC $12,600 to start the "Violence No More" project.

Here's a link to RIC's board members.


  1. Let's see if there is any progress at all with Lumpkin in charge. It seems that a few of the more prominent "blacks" keep trading positions around and absolutely no one, a young more enthusiastic person is allowed to even compete or be encouraged. This is why these things go nowhere. There is no fresh legs in these organizations including the dem party.

  2. Might someone want to give full discloser here?

  3. Lumpkin serves on the city committee that just doled out the $12,600. The day before he was named RIC's President, he voted to give the group money.

  4. Anon 9:15

    That seams to be a conflict of interest. As well as Dustin not reporting his working for Lumpkin.