December 16, 2008

Cory Mason leads in 'best Christmas card' contest

No Santa, no snow, no Christmas tree.

Still, we're nominating this as the season's best Christmas card, sent by State Rep. Cory Mason and his wife, Rebecca. If you have to ask who the other guy is, trust us, you're just getting coal in your stocking this year.

(Got a Racine card you'd like to nominate? Send it to me.)


  1. Don't you mean best "holiday" greeting card.
    Here are three people that would probably love to make the 'state' the only religion.

  2. Nice card. Cory just doesn't look good with that beard though, he reminds me of a gnome!

  3. I'd like an explanation of why this qualifies as a Christmas card. It's nothing more than a card with a political bragging he met the President-elect! Wow, some real Christmas spirit there!

  4. This is the worst card I've seen from a politician to date! It says "Look At ME, I know Obama and you don't."
    Why don't you show the inside? Where it turns out to be another "all about how wonderful we are" statement.
    Or better yet, show the back where it states it was paid for by his campaign fund. Yep, that's right, this gets filed as campaign literature in his records. It isn't even a holiday card at all, just another piece of campaign lit sent to many, many doors. They didn't even use recycled paper and he's supposed to be all about getting the environment cleaned up?