December 15, 2008

Super School Star: Ian Morey

Case High School's Ian Morey is the latest Super School Star. He was nominated by Case Social Studies teacher Tammy Hayward. Here's what she wrote in Ian's nomination:
I would like to nominate Ian Morey who is in both my Theory of Knowledge and I.B. History classes. He is number 2 in the graduating class I believe, but is number one as far as participation in many events such Model O.A.S. and Model U. N. where he is a team leader and a big winner last year at the competition. Ian is also interned with much praise at the Obama headquarters here in town. He is involved with many other things such at N.H.S. and Key Club. Ian is wonderful!
Congratulations to Ian, and many thanks to Ms. Hayward.

Have someone you would like to nominate? Send us an email at: All you need is a paragraph introducing the person you feel is a Super School Star and a contact number so we can follow up with you. We'll write up a story about award winners, take their picture and give them a certificate. The more the better ... we hope to run them throughout the school year.


  1. Thanks RP for having a regular post about the good students in our community. It is great to know that the next generation is going to have strong, smart, capable leaders!

  2. Mrs. Hayward is perhaps one of the most amazing teachers in the world, I think there should also be a section for students to nominate know who has my vote!