December 15, 2008

No paper today? You're not alone...

No Journal Times in your driveway this morning?

Some kinda trouble at the Journal Times, not any (announced) experiment with cost-cutting. Whatever the cause -- cold, ice, poor driving conditions? -- there were a lot of missed papers today.

Here's what we were told when we spoke to a harried customer service rep shortly after 9 a.m.:

"We've had over 400 calls this morning. He's not going to be able to deliver you a paper."

Oh, sure; we'll get a credit on our bill. But what about today's Sudoku and Horoscope? And what do I tell the puppy?


  1. My trusty carrier had my J-T at my doorstep at 6:15 as usual. The J-T distribution process must have 'slipped up' in certain parts of the city.

    I would recommend a visit to Wal Mart, etc. for handle your puppy's 'reading' of the J-T. Each of you may benefit from blank paper.

  2. I received my paper - early!
    My carrier is pretty swell. A few late deliveries, but overall above average.