November 3, 2008

Work finished on City Hall Annex's solar panels

Work is complete on City Hall Annex's photovoltaic solar panels. Magaw Electric Construction, Inc., of Sturtevant, completed the project for $341,934. Money for the project came from grants and existing funds in the city budget. The City Council unanimously approved the project on Nov. 6, 2007.


  1. " . . . and existing funds in the city budget."

    Do you have money left over to buy more salt? Snow plow driver overtime? Is there no more crime so no need for police or detectives - so you need a referendum at the polls?

    Do those solar panels work with graffiti painted over them or bullet holes in them?

    This city is a joke.

  2. Yes indeed, while the costs are high, the rewards are even higher. Very few other projects translate into money saved (and lives due to clean emissions)...Money that can be used for the unexpected salt shortages, the needed overtime for plow workers, an extra cop...
    As more people think like this, those $ and life savings will only increase, while production costs for the panels should decrease...It seems far too many use the internet as a way to complain. This city is forward thinking, at least in this respect.

  3. On $341,000 that we know about - when will a net gain be achieved on electricity saved, deducting of course for cleaning, maintenance and repair?

    Sorry that I think about city government in terms of services - protection of people and property and all that. Those things are just so un-sexy that we SHOULD be spending money on artist colonies, taer downs on MLK to build a home and give it to someone, etc.