November 4, 2008

Ex-felon casts his first vote

Michael Simpson, left, and Christopher Ward, right

Michael Simpson, of Racine, turned off ESPN to focus on CNN in recent months.

"I had CNN on all the time, no sports," he said. "I had to watch things close. I didn't want any slip ups."

Simpson, 35, voted for the first time in his life on Tuesday. It's the first time as an adult he's been off probation.

"I hope Obama wins by one and it's my vote that made the difference," he said.

Simpson was hanging out Tuesday in front of the Tyler-Domer Community Center with Christopher Ward, 28, who also voted for the first time.

Ward said the election brought him hope. "Maybe it will change," he said. "I never thought I'd see this happen."

"But to be honest," he added, "if Obama loses I'll probably never vote again. It'd be like my vote didn't even matter."

Talking about Obama, Ward made a distinction few in the media bother with. He pointed out Obama is biracial, which to Ward made his election even more signficant.

"It means a lot," he said. "He's making unity in this country. Maybe he can bring us together."

He added: "I feel he's somebody who relates to me and cares about the people where I live."

Ward said he already sees it in his little nephews, who asked him if he voted. "It's definitely changing things," he said.

"It shows that in America anyone can sit in the top chair in our country."

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  1. It shows that in America politicians can buy votes with other peoples money. Why not vote for someone who promises a free lunch.