November 2, 2008

Look at Santa and say, 'Liver Treats!'

Desiree Davis' dog, Joy, poses with Santa (Bill Infusino)

There was plenty of people food, imaginative doggie treats and vendors selling a host of toys, clothing and other delights, but the highlight of Proper Paws University's "Old Fashioned Holidays" for canines on Sunday definitely was the photo-op. Dogs lined up for the chance to have a professional photo taken -- for use on Christmas cards or whatever.

Santa was present both to assist the photographer, and to be in the picture for those dogs still young enough to believe. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Hope Safehouse.

My dog -- of whom we have far too many pictures already -- wanted me to tell you that the highlight of her visit was the ice cream treat: frozen yogurt, mixed with peanut butter and banana, frozen in a dixie cup with a doggie bone as the "stick." Come to think of it (except for the doggie bone part) it sounds pretty good. But Cally was enjoying it too much to ask her to share.

Santa distracts Gerry Salvek and Tim Bell's pets: Miles, Fluffy, TT and Schotzi

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  1. The first picture listed above, where it says, "Desiree Davis' dog, Joy, poses with Santa (Bill Infusino)" Joy is not Desiree Davis' dog. Joy is owned by a client of Proper Paws University.