November 2, 2008

Republicans get their man!

Add crime-fighter and news photographer to the titles of Josh Kuehn, better known as co-chairman of the Racine County McCain-Palin campaign.

On Saturday night Kuehn spotted two political sign thieves, called the police, followed the thieves' car and then photographed the arrest of two men now accused of stealing McCain-Palin campaign signs in Burlington. Obama supporters, it must be acknowledged, if a bumper sticker on their vehicle is to be believed.

The press release from Bill Folk, chairman of the Racine County Republican Party, says:
On Saturday night ... Kuehn spotted someone in his front yard. As he watched, the man grabbed a McCain-Palin yard sign from his front yard. Kuehn noted a vehicle moving slowly down his street with its lights out. He shouted for the man with the sign to stop, but he ran off, and the vehicle drove off at a high rate of speed. Kuehn quickly called police and took off after the thieves. He quickly spotted the vehicle a block away, picking up his dismounted accomplice. Kuehn followed the vehicle until police arrived and arrested the two perpetrators.
More Kuehns are needed. Folk notes that "the Racine County Republican Party would like assistance in solving the thefts of hundreds of yard signs in the Racine, Mt. Pleasant, and Caledonia areas. Multiple victims have provided a description of a white, late model, full size, short-bed pickup truck driving suspiciously in the area around the time of the thefts. The Racine County Republican Party is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver of this vehicle."

Even at this late date, the Racine County GOP encourages those who have been victimized to pick up replacement signs at the Racine Victory Center, at 6500 Washington Ave. in Mt. Pleasant, or the Burlington Victory Center, at 248 North Pine St., Burlington.

Multiple allegiances: Presumed Obama supporter is also a
Packers and Badgers fan, a pro-unionist and cares about
endangered species. No idea what the skull represents.

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  1. Hundreds of Obama yard signs have also been stolen throughout the city. Let's just stay out of each other's yards, cars, and business.