November 4, 2008

Local results: Vos, Ryan, incumbents win; Police lose

Karen and Fred Kelroy celebrate Obama's victory at Buckets Pub

Here are the final Racine County totals for locally-contested races. The county's vote summary tables are here for all races, and the precinct-by-precinct details are here.

In all, the county had 80% turnout: 101,110 votes cast out of 126,228 registered voters.

Democrats Barack Obama and his running-mate Joe Biden won Racine County by a commanding margin, 52.79% to 45.41%. They received 53,405 votes, to the 45,941 given to Republicans John McCain and his running-mate Sarah Palin.

Of seven minor parties with candidates for President, Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez did the best, garnering 496 votes in the county, or .49%

Congress, 1st District
Republican Paul Ryan won a sixth term in Congress by a bigger margin than even he had enjoyed in past non-contests. In Racine County, he defeated Democrat Marge Krupp, receiving 59,656 votes in the county, to her 36,305; 58.98% to 35.89%. Libertarian Joseph Kexel received 1,038 votes, or 1.03%. In Kenosha County, Ryan got 43,638 votes, or 51.95%, to Krupp's 31,365, or 37.34% and Kexel's 1,372, 1.63%. The most complete unofficial total we've seen encompassing the entire Congressional District, with 303 precincts out of 304 counted, shows Ryan with 225,563 votes, or 65%, to Krupp's 122,437 votes, or 35%.

General Assembly
Three incumbents made easy work of their challengers.

In the 61st District, Democrat Robert Turner received 16,267, or 70.05% of the votes cast, while his opponent, George Meyers received 2,242 votes, or 9.65%. Some 4,674 voters, or 20.13%, didn't bother picking any candidate in the race.

In the 62nd District, Democrat Cory Mason received 17,891 votes, or 62.5%, to his opponent Keith Deschler's 3,214, or 11.23%. Some 7,448 voters, 26.02%, didn't bother choosing anyone.

In the more hotly contested 63rd District, incumbent Republican Robin Vos received 20,170 votes, or 59.19%, compared to Democrat Linda Flashinski's 12,608, or 37%.

County Clerk
In a real squeaker, Republican Wendy Christensen received 47,515 votes, 4699%, to defeat Democrat Theresa Cotton-Kendrick, who received 46,350, or 45.84%. If only some of the 7,152 voters who skipped this election had picked a favorite, the result might not be so tight.

Police Overtime Referendum
There'll be no extra $400,000 for police overtime in Racine. The referendum was defeated. It received 16,331 no votes, but only 12,922 in favor, losing 46.02% to 36.41%

No smoking in Kenosha
Kenosha's advisory referendum on banning smoking in all workplaces -- strenuously fought by the city's taverns -- was defeated. It received 22,240 no votes, 50.28%, and 20,542, 46.44%, yes votes.


  1. Wow, now even more of us will get mugged while walking to the store!

  2. Great deal of fun to come. Reading Atlas Shrugged followed by the Monkey Wrench Gang.

  3. Where can we find the breakdown by district or voting area of the local races. I am interested in the breakdown of the voting districts.

  4. The county's precinct-by-precinct detailed results are -- or will be --
    HERE .

  5. The police didn't "lose" - the voters made it clear that we want more police but that they need to be paid out of the magical kitty that has funding for solar panels, the "buy a car for the disenfranchised" program, the "send all kids to college for free" program), the multiple KRM consulting/lobbying "projects", uptown artist building buys/rehab program, MLK Drive house buys/teardowns/reconstruction/give the house to the needy programs - maybe I missed a few (bunch?).

  6. The photo of everyone at Bucket's Pub brings a tear to my eye Pete. Nice "politically correct" photo.