March 27, 2008

Wisconsin second in health care quality rankings

Health care quality, compared to all states
(Black arrow, 2006; blue arrow, 2007)

How's your health?

Hopefully, it's good. You're living in the second-healthiest state, according to rankings by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (Last year, we were healthiest, but we fell slightly behind Minnesota this year.)

The AHRQ distills statistics from the national Health Care Quality report to measure states' health based on types of care -- preventive measures, acute care measures, chronic care measures; care settings -- hospital, ambulatory, nursing home and home health care measures; and care by specific disease -- cancer, diabetes, heart disease, maternal and child care, and respiratory disease measures.

Although Wisconsin is no longer No. 1, the overall health rating the state received improved year-over year. Wisconsin received 65.76 points in 2006, and 66.04 in 2007.

Specific information and scores for all of the measures cited above can be found HERE, simply by clicking on any of the dashboard icons.

The AHRQ's explanation of its State Snapshots is HERE.

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