March 25, 2008

Kaboom: Price for cannon bases up to $13,870

The cost is going up to display to Civil War-era cannons on Monument Square.

Donnie Snow, head of the city's parks and recreation department, said this week that bases for the two cannons will cost $13,870 - up from the $10,000 price quoted last week.

The increase comes because planners were comparing the cannons to the ones outside of Memorial Hall. The Civil War cannons are much larger and will require a larger base.

Here's an email from Snow laying out the change:
Ladies and Gentlemen:

The purpose of this email is to keep you informed on the cannon restoration for their eventual return to Monument Square (MS). I appeared before the Finance and Personnel Committee, last evening, Tuesday, March 24th to inform the committee of the cost and alternatives for restoring and returning the cannons to the square.

I am writing to inform you that the cost is higher than I first reported to you in my March 19th email. The cost for each cannon base will cost $6, 935.00 each or $13,870.00 for the two bases, instead of the initial report of $4,700-$4,900.00 each or $10,000 for two. This change is because initially Osterman Granite were basing their price on the cannon bases located at Memorial Hall which are a lot smaller than the ones for the MS. To get the right base size and design for these much larger cannons I took Mr. Osterman to the storage site to see the original cannon bases in proportion to the Memorial Hall. The color will be Mesabi Black with a thermal type diamond 10 finish and will match the seat wall, art pedestals and game board pieces.

The Finance and Personnel Committee did vote to recommend allocation of these funds from the remaining funds in the Monument Square Project account with stipulations that an account be established with the Finance Department to receive donations to recover and replenish this account.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions contact me at your convenience.



  1. Bill the DRC since that group had them moved in the first place!

  2. concrete katie3/25/2008 8:27 PM

    I heard Monte Osterman on the radio this morning saying that the original bases (limestone) are damaged because of cleaning acid. So grind down the surface and reuse them.

  3. Mayor Becker showed no leadership and the city council caved in to a few crackpots refusing permanent loan of the civil war cannons to the wonderful Civil War Museum in Kenosha. Thousands of visitors would have seen the cannons with plaques acknowledging the loans by neighbor Racine. They are out of place on the new square and will be targets of vandalism within weeks of installation.

  4. concrete katie3/27/2008 9:23 AM

    It was the public that overwhelmingly wanted the return of the cannons to accent the monument for which Monument Square is named. I am for restoration of the bases. That makes the most sense. Limestone is just as grand as granite or marble if one has to be grand. It's the cannons, not the base that is important and the respect for civil rights and Racine's proud heritage in the underground railroad.

  5. Has the mayor indicated what anticipated annual maintenance costs will be required to be added to the City budget for the cannons?