March 24, 2008

Four school board candidates support referendum

Need more information about the candidates in the upcoming RUSD school board election?

The PTA of Jefferson Lighthouse School has surveyed the candidates on a range of issues and made their responses available.

This year's candidate information and responses can be found HERE.

You'll learn which candidate went to Prairie School, and has two daughters at St. Cat's; which has five kids who went through Unified schools; which has no kids but two cats.

And the answers to important questions like: What are the key challenges facing RUSD and what solutions do you propose? And, Do you believe that RUSD is meeting the needs of its students at every level of academic performance? Why or why not? And, In recent years, the school board has spent much time and effort studying redistricting, which also encompasses the issues of neighborhood schools versus desegregation, equity in access, and a possible grade reconfiguration. What are your positions on these subjects?

You'll also learn which four of the six candidates support the April 1 referendum, which does not support it but will vote for it "as the lesser of two evils...barely," and which one ducked the question.

1 comment:

  1. I do not notice any indication that the candidates hve visiited the schools, teachers, directors, classrooms, or the Director of Maintenance. Therefore with the excception of Dennis Wiser I percieve no personal understanding of the situation in RUSD. How do the candidates know what must be done if they donot know where we are. News reports are marginal sources of information a best.