March 25, 2008

Henzl's appointment to stadium board moves onward

Apparently we jumped the gun on March 14 when we reported that Robert Henzl had been named to the Miller Park stadium district board by Gov. Jim Doyle. All that was true, of course, but such appointments need to get Senate approval. Baby steps, like the following, are part of the process:
Madison - The Senate Economic Development Committee today voted unanimously to confirm Governor Doyle’s appointment of Robert Henzl of Racine as a member of the Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Board.

State Senator John Lehman, who serves on the committee, said he looks forward to working with Mr. Henzl to ensure the stadium is paid off and tax imposed on Racine County is sunset as soon as possible.

A Senate insider tells us that most appointments by the governor are "generally either approved or simply not voted on but nominees have (on rare occasion) been voted down." So this still has to go through the full Senate. Ah, if only the budget had it so easy.

Henzl, from what we hear, is not only president of the Racine law firm Hostak, Henzl & Bichler, S.C., and a Democratic Party contributor, but also a long-time baseball fan. But, of course, all we, his Racine County constituents, want is an end to the odious 0.1% stadium tax, by 2014 at the latest. Not 2017; 2014! Got that?

(The Brewers' first-ever World Series title would be nice, too, if Henzl has any pull with Bud Selig and the gods of Cooperstown.)

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