March 25, 2008

RacinePost on the radio Thursday morning

UPDATE: We defer to Greg Berg's scheduling, since it's his show! Listen to us on Thursday morning at 8:11 a.m. (or for the podcast. We'll post a direct link when possible.)

Podcast is HERE.

ORIGINAL POST (updated): RacinePost will be on 91.1 FM WGTD's morning show on Thursday morning. Greg Berg, the show's host, interviewed us about the site, including how it got started and what goes into it on a daily basis. The wonderfully eclectic Morning Show, focusing on regional issues and entertainment, airs daily from 8-9 a.m. on WGTD. We're the first half of Thursday's show.

Here's more about the Morning Show.

Many thanks to Greg for inviting us on!


  1. Great job. Keep it fair and balanced and you guy's will go places with Racine Post.

    I plan on listing to the radio show.

  2. Actually, guys, your interview airs on the Thursday morning show - not Wednesday. And I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure that your interview will air first, with the Journal Sentinel's Tom Kertscher to follow. So that's 8:11 (right after our 8:00 newscast) on FM 91.1. And if someone misses it and still wants to hear it, they should visit our website, , and seek out the morning show archive.

    Thanks for coming on the program, guys. It was great to talk with you. GREGORY BERG

  3. Just heard the interview with Greg. Very nice. I really have respect, and agree with, your philosophy on information! Thanks for some of the attention with the concerts and solo exhibits lately btw.

  4. Listening to it on the podcast right now. Nice segment.

    BTW, how did the community journalism class go? Sundays are rough for me.